Tuesday, February 28, 2017

5G, Oscar, Jail Break, Erica Roe !!!!!

Lalitha has worked her promotional video for IGCSE Mathematics Coaching X grade. She decided to reach out to this segment as support system is fairly poor to students who are struggling a lot. Lalitha likes a challenge!  Here is video. Contact details at end of Video.

It was interesting to read the launch of 5G in Barcelone Telecon Expo. With 20Gbps data speed, wonder what kind of interaction would require that kind of speed!! Oh yes who would have thought of 1Tb hard drive! when 1Mb data looked like a year's data back in 1990!! Also good to see NOKIA 3310 relaunch. My kind of phone like Brick! 

Great team/great nation/great people learn from one mistake and never repeat.(நல்ல மாட்டுக்கு ஒரு சூடு , நல்ல மனுஷனுக்கு ஒரு வார்த்தை_) is the famous Tamil Saying. So it is extremely irritating/frustrating to see the fiasco that happened at OSCARS yesterday! Amazing, no checks /recheck was there!! They had incidents in 2000, 2015, still no lessons learned to improve systems! Goes to show when Heart is not aligned with mind these things become common place or too much casual approach to what you do? I wonder?? 
Australia win at PUNE would be the biggest Jail Break in Cricket history! I don't recollect ever in my 45 yrs of Cricket following that Goliath vs David, G Slayed so easily! Perhaps, 1989 Ashes was close. England at least dominated /were in the game, until day 5 lunch of 1st test and went down hill all the way!!! Win or lose, Aussies have pricked the arrogance of Current Indian Cricket establishment/players and above all Abusive Fans!! (பொருக்கி,காட்டு மிராண்டி may be the word) the hype they have around their team hahahahah!(Not won a series in Australia/South Africa in 84 years, not expected for another 84!!)

February means 6 Nations, I always follow it over last 25 years, more so in recent past, few of my British colleagues were ardent Rugby fan! They say Rugby is a rogue game played by Gentlemen, Football Gentlemen played by Goons and Cricket a Lazy game played by Rogues!! hahaah!!! 

 Ofcourse, Rugby means Erica Roe!! Boy!What 36 Years?? heheheheh!!!! 

Good day, take it easy, take care, GOD BLESS

28/2/17 (Man FEB GONE!!)
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