Saturday, February 11, 2017

Accident Proneness!!! Seat Belts!! It's all Happening!! DJT!!!

As a Safety Professional, I dont belive in people being Accident Prone, despite evidence being contrary many times that same people injure or expose themselves to an unsafe environment and pay a price!! But when it happens at home you wonder!! Son has sprained his knee cap badly yesterday, while playing football at company Event(!!!!!!) and now his knee is strapped for 3 weeks!!!! 
This is his 3rd major injury (Fracture, fall from bike are previous incidents) in 9 years where the consequence was very high but recoverable! (me none not one so far in 54 years was I less exposed???? !!)  hahahahah! I didn't help him soothe his pain by comparing his injury proneness to unpredictability of Trump Presidency!

I was puzzled when car driver at Cochin said to me that there is no need for me to buckle my seat belt !! This too was at front seat! Goes to show how people take vehicle safety very lightly and are ignorant of High risk that high speed driving pose!!! I choose MERU Cabs for all my trip for very purpose that their vehicles seat belt working conidition is 100% in my 8 years ride to and fro for Bangalore Airport. Having seen 2 vehicle fatalities at work and worked a global level program to reduce road fatalities due to driving over last 20 years, I find intriguing that nothing has changed in people attitude!! I was reminded to post also when Lalitha sent this video over whatsapp a couple of days back!

Today is 80th Birthday of all time great Bill Lawry!!
Greig, Taylor, Richie, Ian Chappal, Bill Lawry what a team !!! pleasure!!! 
What a complete Cricketer cum TV commentator! Pleasure to hear him "It's all Happening" Lawry was the last captain to win a series in India 1969, until Gilchrist did in 2003!!! not again so far!! Happy Birthday to a great Victorian!!! 

3 weeks in to Presidency, a statue for Donald Trump? Coming up in Italy!! Cant believe??? heheh!! 

I also believe that if it doesn't get printed in WSJ or Economist, means it doesn't matter or not worth knowing!! So When Economist mentions TN political mess, means it is a serious happening to take note!!!!!!!! 

I leave with funny news that tourism ads in Lithuania shows places that are not in the country and fake !! I think our Indian crooks would be no different!!! ehehhehe!
Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless!


11/2/17 0850am! 
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