Sunday, February 19, 2017

ASSE, Roe vs Wade, Watchman to Mr President, Boss FILES!!! அடி வெட்டு குத்து கொல்லு

I am delighted to see that the "American Society of Safety Engineers"(ASSE) Event at Hyderabad over last 2 days went very well. Folks indicated that there were lot of learning sessions for Safety professionals. I did feel bad missing out on my presentation sessions on PROCESS SAFETY at the event due to a personal situation. ASSE India does a great job in conducting value add sessions on various topics across India and ably supported by American Folks! While ESH involvement, Engagement stems a lot from Leadership and commitment, which is sadly not the way I see now with Costs / Price tag alone coming as deciding factor in everything vs Value add event to business as was case even 15 years back! As I read Schumpeter this morning, Short termism has ruined everything ??? Blame CEO's taking excuse on Shareholder value ??? 

Know this face and Name?? Well she passed away today at the age of 69! As a conservative, I am against Abortion of pregnancy, except as done to protect woman's life or determined based on medical condition. I still feel helpless when Lalitha had to undergo termination of her first pregnancy before Radhu,due to medical complication,(One of major decision for us to quit Gujarat due very poor health care;of course not the only one!!)thankfully the system exist here in India to work that out an easy way,unlike paying heavy price in some Catholic nations like Ireland etc. Termination is thankfully a non issue here!!My view is abortions / terminations are bad /dangerous than complete delivery on Woman's physical, emotional, mental well being and least done is better!!! It was interesting that the staunch abortionist (Pro choice) rights, this lady turned against Abortion to become Pro Life in her campaign!! Life always teach lesson and turn around!!! Freakonomics had intersting take on Roe vs Wade that crimes reduced due to this historic SCOTUS Judgement!!!

Tea Seller(s) became leaders with மோ(ச)டி Modi, OPS dishing out horrible, inept performance! Now a Security Gaurd, Watchman becomes President and let's hope he is different to work his country through! Welcome to the Rock, Mr Adama Barrow, who was doing that job in London few years back! Goes to show when things work you can do wonders!! Gambia is a classic case when you have neighbours who care for fair process,dictators can't stick around! I wish him all luck!  

Boss Files is an excellent Business Podcast with Leaders on issues, success, challenges from Leadership perspective. I have listened to 5 out of 13 so far !! Discussion with Abby Wambach as Episode 1 is apt one to start the series!! The last name is an Epic lawyer in the 90s serial Picket Fences, so I decided to listen and was not disappointed!! 
US World cup Winning Soocer team at WH with Abby Wambach 
Late Fyuvesh Finkel as Lawyer DOUGLAS WAMBACH in Picket Fences  90s serial with his Emmy Award!!! 

I leave with Shameful Images of TN yesterday in Assembly! Picture is worth 1000 words! Do we deserve democracy???? hahahhahahah!!! Disgrace! 

Have a great Sunday, God Bless!! Stay Safe!
19/2/17 0910am! 
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