Monday, February 06, 2017

48,000$, 308, 5, 0, 50 !!!!

It is no surprise that people have taken to streets for 6th night running in subzero temperature on the streets of Bucharest and other Romanian cities! This is more astonishing, that very people who elected the government just weeks back have poured out in Millions to demand roll back of 48,000$ corruption law which indicates that any bribe below that amount is not a jailable offence!! Government says it is to decongest prisons!! Having been to Romania, my personal interpretation was the country is as similar to our's with intellect people, passion and corruption no less!! (Indeed most Eastern Europe amongst equal with us in many aspects) Now people want this government to go as extreme dissatisfaction!! hahah! One way India is different, Indians thick skinned folks tolerate everything bastards Politician throw at us for over 70 years be it Congoon or Assholes BJP!!! We get the government we deserves!!! 

I am listening to great BBC Podcast #INCARNATION of 50 Indians that reshaped India over centuries!! Many names in that list like Malik Ambar (The Ethiopian Slave, Birsa Munda) the name heard for the first time. Some of the narratives too far different than what we assumed or told!! A must listen! I have gone thro 31 as of this morning..... BBC dishes out awesome stuff!!!

Intriguing to hear BBC Panorama that 1999 there was 0 yes 0 reported Type II diabetics in UK! Today the number is 4 Million cases with amputations as common as London Double Decker Bus on streets!! Many so amongst South Asian communities!! It was sad to see John Jameson the famous cricketer of Warwickshire/ENG 1971 in that list, undergoing Kidney ailment due to same!! Jameson  Run out (Bowler touching ball that gone to hit wkts at non striker end)  turned tide for India to win Oval test first time 1971!!

Willpower is often a topic that brings lot of debate! 5 aspects to work the same is well explained in this lecture by Kelly McGonigal and this animation !! Worth a listen! I agree feeling bad or guilt makes you do the same aspects more!! (smoking, craving sin etc etc)!!!! 1)Energy, 2)Sleep, 3)Good Nutritious Food, 4)Pre Frontal Cortex management and 5) Let Go attitude,are an essential aspects to sustain Willpower!! I agree!!

Astonishing, this week, back in 1975, Lance Gibbs Broke Fred Truman Record of 308 Wickets!! I recollect hearing on Radio 6th Test Melbourne!! Today at 800 wickets that record longgg longg way off!! But Cricket was class apart then!! Gibbs, Truman would be talked about 100 years down the lane than the successors!!! Incidentally it was to Lance Gibbs that a then a 21 yr man called Brian Lara said, one day I would break Gary Sobers Record of 365!! Boy Didn't he do TWICE??!!! hahahahh!!!
Take it easy,take care,stay Healthy GOD BLESS!!

6.2.17 0830am! 
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