Monday, February 13, 2017

Scalia, Saami, History of India, VICE!!!

My memory flashed that today 13th Feb is first death anniversary of Antonin Scalia!! I was right! (We folks from Pre Google /Calendar era and has to work on memory to survive) Event with 13 you usually remember!! One year on, the stalemate in #SCOTUS continues! Justice Scalia known for following the law to the spirit and see what is past to indicate the future!! Also his interaction with Justice Ginsburg is a classic example of how people with extremely opposite views can get along for a common cause and keep their relationship intact with mutual admiration and respect! Lesson to be learned! 

Here is a Tamil post from my classmate Thirumalai Rajan on Dr Subramania Sami. Like he mentioned, I too support Stupid III Class politicians only on issue based aspect. (only 3 people I blindly support are all dead last 35 years)  So in the TN situation Dr SS talking favorably of Sashikala in totally unacceptable and best he stays away from issue! While I read and don't believe that money changed in crores for him to speak favourably and to exert influence, as there are plenty of fake news (Reminds me more of Almighty -Irving Wallace) it goes to show some times PVNR way is best way!!
I am also aware that TN politics is like other states in India is a stench and best is to leave it to god to sort as the country is beyond god's help!

Yesterday, I had gone through 14 episodes of VICE! Season 2 and 3 done dusted! Astonishing research in to various world events in depth! Take a bow Shane Smith!! (Thankfully You can play now You tube videos also 2X speed to speed up things as well as text available to read thro fast!) 

This podcast on Historical India gives a very good overview! Great listen for weekend long walk! The gentleman has devoted great time and effort (He has full time job and other personal commitments) I have gone through 4/10 podcasts and gave lot of new insights in to what our history as well as Mythological views!!! A good listen!! 

Have a great day! Take it easy take care! Stay safe, God Bless.
13/2/17 0900Hrs. 
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