Thursday, February 16, 2017

StatsData & Hans Rosling!!! Corrupt BJP! Same side goal!!

I recollect Reading Eric Schmidt many years back quoting this in his book.

"It reminds us of our favourite quote from Jim Barksdale, erstwhile CEO of Netscape: “If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine."

I always worked this in my career, if I don't have data -I don't decide PERIOD. A poor /proxy data is better than NO DATA!! Worked super for me at work, career,Job change etc!!! I am big fan of "What gets measured Gets done and data are foundation to measurement" 

So it was very sad to read passing away of Hans Rosling, Swedish Statistician last week! Hans jokingly says, Swedish students knows statistically less in interpreting data than Chimpanzee!!  

I keep saying BJP (Big JOOTA PARTY-Party of Liars) is full of crooks, thugs, goons, scoundrels, Wolves clad in sheep clothing!
Dr SS the original case filed in 1995, hurdle put by BJP Goons in Karnataka Govt and center!! hahah! MODI a Thugh!!! Bugger congratulated JJ as soon as Not guilty verdict in 2014!!! Moron!!! 
My opinion of these Saffron clad scoundrels has never changed in last 30 years! PM MODI greatest manipulator goon of all !!! They loot, plunder engage in deceit much more than other political parties but pretend they do good society. Listen to this conversation leaked about how a cabinet minister and ex-CM, talks about paying bribe to party in #Bangalore. 

Hahhahah! No explanation for this tweet!! hahhahah! Original Tweet saying Mayawati would pull a Trump in UP elections!!! NOW GUULLL!! He should have stuck to his opinion and say F**** off to வழுகை மண்டை மூதேவி பொருக்கி Amit Shah, Bugger!! hehehehh!!! 

Astonishing to read US intelligence community not handing over sensitive documents to President Trump! So much distrust!! How is he going to go about it??  I tweeted yesterday in my list Sean Spicer tops list in folks to be kicked out by Trump and wont last long??? Looks my hunch is right and too much infighting in WH!Trump has big struggle on hand!! God bless him!!! 

Take care, stay safe, have a good day.

16/2/17 0910am! 

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