Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Baggage Tag, Superbowl!!

This is short post as I am at Airport on way for Business Travel.

Baggage tag is back!! hahahahh! I am told it didnt work after weeks of trial!! hahahah! I tell you!! Cunning like Chinese, Crooked like Indians! looks like folks tried circumvent!! hehehe !! Security staff says no risk!!

One thing I never understood in America! Superbowl!! Sat thro one in TV at Salt Lake City few years back with my Friend Bob at  a bar!! Never got the game!! So Trump got one right!! His 8 point prediction close than 6 the final outcome! I think NEW ENGLAND Patriots lost when I watched!! (2008 I think)

Take care, stay safe

7/2/17, 0735am!!!
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