Tuesday, February 28, 2017

5G, Oscar, Jail Break, Erica Roe !!!!!

Lalitha has worked her promotional video for IGCSE Mathematics Coaching X grade. She decided to reach out to this segment as support system is fairly poor to students who are struggling a lot. Lalitha likes a challenge!  Here is video. Contact details at end of Video.

It was interesting to read the launch of 5G in Barcelone Telecon Expo. With 20Gbps data speed, wonder what kind of interaction would require that kind of speed!! Oh yes who would have thought of 1Tb hard drive! when 1Mb data looked like a year's data back in 1990!! Also good to see NOKIA 3310 relaunch. My kind of phone like Brick! 

Great team/great nation/great people learn from one mistake and never repeat.(நல்ல மாட்டுக்கு ஒரு சூடு , நல்ல மனுஷனுக்கு ஒரு வார்த்தை_) is the famous Tamil Saying. So it is extremely irritating/frustrating to see the fiasco that happened at OSCARS yesterday! Amazing, no checks /recheck was there!! They had incidents in 2000, 2015, still no lessons learned to improve systems! Goes to show when Heart is not aligned with mind these things become common place or too much casual approach to what you do? I wonder?? 
Australia win at PUNE would be the biggest Jail Break in Cricket history! I don't recollect ever in my 45 yrs of Cricket following that Goliath vs David, G Slayed so easily! Perhaps, 1989 Ashes was close. England at least dominated /were in the game, until day 5 lunch of 1st test and went down hill all the way!!! Win or lose, Aussies have pricked the arrogance of Current Indian Cricket establishment/players and above all Abusive Fans!! (பொருக்கி,காட்டு மிராண்டி may be the word) the hype they have around their team hahahahah!(Not won a series in Australia/South Africa in 84 years, not expected for another 84!!)

February means 6 Nations, I always follow it over last 25 years, more so in recent past, few of my British colleagues were ardent Rugby fan! They say Rugby is a rogue game played by Gentlemen, Football Gentlemen played by Goons and Cricket a Lazy game played by Rogues!! hahaah!!! 

 Ofcourse, Rugby means Erica Roe!! Boy!What 36 Years?? heheheheh!!!! 

Good day, take it easy, take care, GOD BLESS

28/2/17 (Man FEB GONE!!)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Dementia,Child Migrants,FUC**** Jargon Bullshit at office!!! More Happy?Be Duped!!

1) Podcast addict is a good Android APP for Podcatcher. This also has speed variation for playback ( MY default is 2.5) and displays time elapsed in that mode. I convered mine from FreeApp to Paid APP!!

If you think more sleep is good,here is bad news, Research shows that People who had slept more than 9 Hours a day have greater probability of having / getting "DEMENTIA"!! so sleep less! I was just checking mine !? Around 7hrs on average and 8 Max and never could stick bed beyond that unless Sick!

I was saddened /horrified to read the condition of Migrants from Africa/ Middle East put in camps in Greece as transit point. Condition is very bad with Europe turning their backs. What has not come out more,which this article/podcast covers is plight of 1000s of Teenage children who have moved alone as refugees (Parents dead /killed in war or by Taliban etc) and undergoing pathetic trauma of living in inhumane condition or exploited for Child abuse. Makes you wonder, what's world up to??? I am more puzzled as word Child Abuse came in my Dictionary when my Overseas colleague mentioned as possible situation to children in their country in 2000! (When I was 37!!)......

Haahhahah! I was listening to Whatron podcast yesterday afternoon about new book on Jargon and its horror!! I cant help think Lucy covering this few years back!(2007!!! hahah) Boy Killer!! I loathe all that bullshit of "Going Forward" "Pl Ping" "DrillDown" "We will connect in Real World" etc etc..... Shit man I tell you!

Here is a great list !! BOY !!

Watch out??? If you are more happy and express it so! Chances are that you would be perceived NAIVE or be a victim of Duping!! heheheh! No wonder, I am always Grumpy/Grouse!!! hahahahh!!!!
Have a great week, Take care. God Bless

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Woman coach Football, Rape & Reconciliation, Diana, 30Bn Bees Fly!

I am making this post Vanila Version:-

1) Try Noom walk excellent App for counting steps!! Hahhah! Today with Leg stiffness Lalitha cautioned me no walk!(கால ஓடசுப்புடுவேன்!!!! and for a change I listened to her!!!  hehehehheheh) so Early post!!

2) I like this interface for Daily Alarm!! COOL!! But I have issue with Snooze when alarm goes on! Got to go to app and disable rather than volume or other keys?? Wonder why??

Her Team Lost 7-0, Winning team coached by Legend Scholari!! So it is very tough to get hog lime light and get all good coverage!! Well that is what exactly Chan Yuen-ting got. The First Female Coach of a Football team which lead her team to Championship title at home in Hong Kong, and take the almighty Chinese Club in Continental Cup match at Gangzhou. Woman making inroads like Ghenggis Khan. I recollect a flash of Female Refree in EPL last night!!

It was a very touching gripping TED Talk!! Rape & Reconciliation! Watch this to know more!!! Astonishing saga lasting 19 years or so!!!! 

2017 is also 20th Year of Diana, the princess of Wales, Death, lot of special programs are being organised this year! What a lady!! what a reach out??

Harry with Mom! I think this guy is her mirror Image in his thinking & action!! God Bless!!! 

I was not around when Kennedy died( I was just 150 Hours late) but I could imagine the shock the world went through!! My Special moment in her funeral is this!!

30Bn Bees FLY to California Very Intriguing!!! Give a listen!! 

U Crib about Traffic Jams in your City!! Read this list???? hahahahhah!!! I was not amused, when Taxi Driver in Istanbul told passenger (BBC reporter) to drive the car as he had uncontrolled urge to use the Toilet!! When he came back, the lady passenger had just driven 2 Meters!! ehhehehhehh!!!!

Ok, Take care, Have a great day! GOD BLESS
26/2/17!! 0815am

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Penny Wise Pound Foolish-Gujarat!; Blood Diamond??? Oscars! Don is Dead!!!!

1) Evernote! I almost forgotten Evernote! I am avid user since 2009 or so and used it to save notes on thoughts that came. (More a digital Post-it) to cross refer ideas between my Laptop and Web when I am on the move.(Apps were not much known then). I rememembered Smartphone version few days back and downloaded to work notes as I do morning walk!!! Technology going leaps and bounds and I am still not that comfortable APPS version and to use smartphone to type!!  
2) My Saturday Morning devotional Playlist on youtube!! hehehheheh!! See How secular & open I am despite Srirangam Hater!!!!!!!!! Plays almost 3 hours! 

I was astounded a Facebook post and posted my comment! I was thinking this and pondering over sleep last night!
I somehow felt Gujarat and its people while have a golden heart, never worked a balance between Work-Life. It was always work work and Money is seen as only means to a better life. (More so when you see /interact with Brits, Aussies who work a superb balance) In my interactions, during my career there, I was always asked at work,how much they would be paid more, if job is finished say 2 hrs early than actual time planned. While I would have let it go as way of life and get sunk, and accepted as way of life, but for my Job interview in 1996 when I wanted to shift to South India giving priority to children's education. Mr KRP Shenoy my boss who did job interview,sold me in the offer,the non tangential benefit of 5 day week(Gujarat was 6 days week work& far far less paid /public Holidays,in fact 4 in in 1980s;lowest in India; logic was,more you work, more you earn, man I tell you)
Marslow need model-Money-Comfort-Love-Respect-EGO Needs! Is Gujarat always Money? I ponder????
     (Lowest form of need and never moving up) 
I still wonder if Gujarat has moved away?? I guess probably not? I was thinking more about it I was listening to Podcast on how Japan is making people move on Last Friday of the month to leave early to spend quality time with Family etc this morning thus the post. I remember the plant manager at my Kodama Facility,back in 2000s made sure every Wednesday all Lights are off by Sunset and folks,all gone Home. (Dream by Japanese standards of staying at work till very very late evening and back 8am as routine) That's where good companies set example.

hahhahah! An Average American plans to spend 2 months Salary as cost to pay his Engagement Diamond Ring. Girls plan and dream their Engagement Ring before even falling love with a boy!!! hehehehe!!! Very Intriguing in depth article. I recollect hearing about Artifical diamonds podcast few months back 1% now fast catching up.I also recollect our work on Blood (Conflict) Minerals management which all stemed from Blood Diamond. Of course, is this the famous dupe?is this? hehehhehe! 
Of course, Blood Diamond,means Leonardo Dicaprio, I always felt he deserved Oscar's more for Blood Diamond than the one he actually Won. Also Departed for which he was never nominated!! 
My First Oscar memory was 1983,when Gandhi Swept the awards. I watched,Star Wars at Bombay,Sterling,1979 (a magical experience for a15 year kid!before that)but never connected to Oscars! This weekend I think La-La Land expected to sweep. Let's see?? I recollect 2007 Oscars, When I was just miles away at Redando Beach, busy with Meetings while Oscar was in full swing!! Not that I would have got an invite to go watch?!! 
I am reading that Netflix is investing 100Mn$ for Martin Scorsese movie!! He is a sure shot winner? So next Oscars could be from Netflix or Amazon or Google(Youtube) movies!Move over 20th Century Fox etc & Universal or Colombia !!! 

My last post!!! No words!! Today 2001,"THE DON IS DEAD"at 91 What a legend?? 
Real DON????? 
hahhahh! Anthony Quinn!!! What a Performance as Andrea !! really brought Maclean book to life!!!!
Ok Take care, stay Safe, God Bless!!

25/2/17. 0915am.

Friday, February 24, 2017

LeanIN?? Planets, Robot Taxes, Putin super duper of TV vs Fridge


1)Summer is coming here with Bang, Man I tell you! Woolen blankets gone out of window 2 days back! 6am walk, by 7am u cant take the sun! Wonder If we need to push clock ahead by atleast 30 min to take advantage? Governance about all these things?? hmm! I recollect reading Delhi reeling already in Summer mode! Bangalore would face worst water shortage. UV Index always a nightmare here!!! 

2) So many things to write about, I am thinking of going Audio mode through a formal Podcast of 15-20 Min on various aspects. I discussed with Son about it yesterday and he agrees for broader reach. Would work plan in days to come.

OK here we go!!!

1) Lean In was Sheryl Sandberg Book on woman empowerment! Woman still have a long way to go to break the ceiling! While South Asia has done better in terms of top leaders the gap is still long way off in middle as Economist wonder? But I always felt,it is woman who prevents another woman from coming to the top? When you heard 2 woman agree on anything? I haven't? Have you? 

2) I always have a feeling there is a mirror image of us somewhere else!
So no surprise that earth like planets are found! Hold on!They are 700,000 Years of travel away! Hope this blog is read then??? 

Intriguing to read to Bill Gates, talking about Robot Taxes for jobs that are taken away! AI really hitting hard in every sense! I recollect reading hardly 10% jobs would go away in worst case! But u never know?

For Second time in weeks, I keep hearing Vladimir Putin is a Manipulator. Gary Kasparov did last night as was Alexi Nevallny few weeks back! Both say Putin gives a perception that he tolerates dissent! When he can't handle beyond a point, He would eliminate them! Also read this class interview on VOX on PUTIN-TRUMP relation from a Russian perspective. As Economist Russian Correspondent, Arkady says,Putin knows super/duper to manage TV not the Fridge! 

A Russian newspaper editor explains how Putin made Trump his puppet

“They consider him a stupid, unstrategic politician.”

Have a great day, God bless!! Stay Safe
24/2/17 0830am

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hen Pecked Husband, +ve thoughts, Negro to african american,Dalida, Indivisible

I am delighted to let you know that I am given new title "HEN PECKED HUSBAND" hahahhaha! The title was conferred by my darling daughter Radhu
as I have now started waging war against her & joining her mother's side in crusade to see that we find a potential alliance for her and pack her off to far off land. I have already titles of "முரடன்(Brute)given by my late grandfather, ஓட்டைவாயன் (Sieve mouthed- No secrets can be kept) by my Sister and "Arrogant" by my close Pakistani Friends!! hahhhaahhah!!! What's coming next????? heheheh!! The term Henpeck Husband is dad's favourite term to tease people who listen to their wife a lot!!! (Hahhahaha! Mom must be wondering if he ever listened to her, போடி,அறிவு கெட்டவளே -Dad worse than me in shooting first and asking questions later!!! ஹஹஹஹ்ஹ்ஹ !!) 

I was looking back at +ve thinking, how it shapes things around you!!Ever since 1989,When I read "THINK AND GROW RICH" by Napoleon Hill (I gifted to Kids)
 and Power of Positive Thinking by Dr Norman Vincent Peale in my 20s
I had always seen life as Positive and only best things happen as well as see glass as always half full.I was talking to Lalitha, how I felt it was given, she would be a great wife and we would accommodate each other or that I would have a Son and Daughter!!
At no stage even thoughts flashed even a micro second in those days that our marriage would hit difficulty or that I would have a 2 sons or 2 daughters!!! Makes you believe"Earl Nightingale 
saying which I came across in late 90s, "YOU BECOME- WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT" As was in my work career, failure is not an option as indicated in APPOLO -13 of Gene Kranz worked with Intelligent Risk Taking.
Apollo 13- Failure is not an Option!!! 
I am now reading, JHC "Fast Buck"set in 1951, I am amazed to read how the word "NEGRO" is used so frequently in that book as a common phrase. I recollect John Grisham Book (Summons?? Can't recollect now) set in 1930s the father of lawyer in his age 70s calling the Black servant, using the N-Word in a far worse context!! Now a days African American is the norm used.... Wor(l)d evolution happens??? Wonder why the word Black is seen always a negative context- Black magic, Black mail, Black Money etc etc aligned to very negative context!!

Yesterday BBC Documentary had an Intriguing program on Dalida. I recollect her singing performance/star in 80s, but didn't track her life as I moved to job and so it was shocked to come to know of her death in 87 (My hectic year at work) by suicide. More so 3 of men in her life committed Suicide! What a tragedy!! 

I leave you with today with the interesting thought expressed by a caller on to "INDIVISIBLE"
Call in program yesterday!! "Would Trump change the Presidency or Presidency would change Trump"!! What a thought? What do you think? I would bet for latter! He would mend mellow in time with the great team. Today's call will have Gary Kasparov and his views on Trump/Putin! I look to hear it this afternoon! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Modi Fiasco, (Jumla Pictures) 100th Birthday, Egypt, Migration Deaths! Dwight Yorke!!!!

Today is 33 days of Trump Presidency! Trump has managed to shake the world, take it by Scruff of the neck far far greater way than Tea Seller Modi has done in 33 Months. While Trump may not have his way in all the aspects he touched upon, (Naturally the US System is designed so that Executive, Legislature, Judiciary are independent of each other -founding fathers kept checks and balances in place) one cant or wont blame Trump for having not given his best shot to keep up his campaign promises! Modi in his 33 months has not even made an iota of an attempt to move the needle. Land reforms, Black Money, Weeding out corruption, Ram Mandir, GST Mess, Crony capitalism, 0 Job Growth, favouring the few in all aspects nothing indicates that he has put his heart to make even an attempt to thrash the issue. Data indicates as well as I see in MP, GUJ the corruption& loot have reached monumental levels.  Dr Swamy's latest Jibe is another addition that even bureaucrats don't do what they are suppose to do!  

Ok, lets move to some happy good things! Delighted to read a veteran in Australia celebrated his 100th Birthday with 100 Women! Good women found time!! hehehehe!! He made that commitment during II WW while serving in India!!!!! 

While I was listening to History of World in 100 Objects Podcasts, few months back,
I was astounded to hear that almost 20-30 objects listed came from either Egyptian civilisation or Iraq(Sumerian Civilisation).
It was painful to read this week so many articles on mess that is happening in Egypt over medicine shortage, food shortage as well as violent suppression of human rights! So a silver lining was the Egyptian Desert farming, which saves 90% water to produce lettuce, tomato etc. With potential III WW being fought over water,this is great move. 

It is rather depressing to read morning news that 70 Bodies of refugees have washed ashore in Libiya coastal city. These were migrants to tried to move to Europe for better prospects! What was more shocking was around 5000 People drowned last year and bodies may never found! Goes to show how blessed we are to have routine life and take things for granted!! Question is how long would this last??? I would assume God's Will shall prevail.

I hope Dwigh Yorke plight was fake news?? May be not?? Man Trump !! Paranoia is it?? I tell you!!

Take care, Have a great day.
22/2/17 0910am.

John McCain.

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