Sunday, March 26, 2017

SIRI, Women, Puzo + Don Corleone 45 Yrs on!! Chinaman!

1) I have spruced up the blog page with new theme. U can also now subscribe to my blog in Email (See widget by the side). If you subscribe, I would send out great collection of books,articles,I have treasured over last 20 years,say once in 3 months, so that you don't feel I spam you!! This morning I had sent out such to my Safety BLOG subscribers!.
2) People wonder, why I use this color of text in my posts, (I also use this for all my default email communication). While I keep beard, modelling my boss 86-88, this font is picked up from my another Indian boss to whom I was administratively reporting. I felt this font/colour gives the impact!! So stuck to it over the last 15+++ years or so!!

OK, Man Technology going awesome, 4 year boy calls emergency saves mom's life. I have also read Amazon Echo being used for murder investigation. It was interesting to read that SIRI voice was a person
Karen, Jon, Susan (R) is voice many hears!! 
who failed singing audition and was told to read documents for hours!! 

Here is Susan, speaking about her SIRI experience,

It has been 57, years since the first woman leader took office!! Ever since it has been a uphill struggle for them. I was listening to BOSS FILES last night and it was mentioned that value women create at work is equal to GDP of CHINA!! Amazing stat that!! I also wonder is woman gender equality going anywhere??? I wonder where India stands?? 

This week Marks the 45th Year of the GODFATHER having arrived big time!!
 Can't believe can you?? so much impact! I was glad I read the book first back in 1979, before watching the movie in my teens to appreciate the movie! Mario Puzo, what an author to dish out such a class and Marlon Brando /Al Pacino/Robert Dual fit superb, to create flesh to the character!!

My best and ever lasting scene is from PART-II Robert De Nero- RENT Scene!! below, ahahahahhahhahahh! வெளு !!!! Having Italian American colleagues, the story they tell of real events just stuns you!!! Puzo didn't write FICTION!!! 

hahahah!! Many Indian cricket followers would have heard CHINAMAN first time yesterday!! Such a shallow following, I am seeing 10s of articles on what/ who / How Chinaman type of Bowling over the hoopla some kid in town!!(கேன பயலுவ) I go back 45 Years!

Here is the famous Delivery from Sir Gary!

Incidentally,25 years back today, Pakistan won the world cup! what a lucky jail escape at Adelaide and then won !! for me the world cup was this delivery memorable

Like Lee CHILD in 2002,
where I stumbled on Reacher, I found another great author in TOM WOOD!! English authors' fiction is pure Class! Tom's works around an Assassin called Victor,I am in to #1 halfway I find it very intriguing and a page turner with so many finer details of military intelligence! I am told so far 8 books are out or so!! 

Take care, stay safe, god bless! Subscribe to my blog.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shame, Hotel Rwanda,WMD, 60Years!!

Housekeeping:- Lalitha is getting calls from friends and relatives on my lull in Face book and Twitter!! hahahah!!! I am off 100 days. Back in April in Twitter and June in FB! I post my blog link and would respond to any professional posts (Safety etc in Face book) Glad to know people bother about me!!Makes feel good!! Thanks.

It is beyond shock to read that a Marati MP has trashed the Air India duty officer at Delhi airport!! No surprise in a larger sense! This comes at the same time as Tobias Ellwood,British MP, who is a war veteran, tried to save the life of Police constable stabbed by the terrorist! No wonder Churchill said, Indians cant govern and crooks of first order!! What a shame, disgrace to have such folks governing us!! God save this country! I am glad that the Airlines have taken a tough stand!!! (Bloody hell, Ted Kennedy was on no fly list!! so this idiot MP should be grounded for life) I hope they stick it it and don't yield!

Hotel Rwanda was a grim tragedy!!I am now glad a new chapter is worked with Cricket taking up the healing and reconciliation in this tribal strife torn country. Paul Kagame is a leader who has better plans for the country. I hope it works out......

hahahha! WMD = NO not Weapons of mass destruction!! Give a listen Awesome! Some women don't get recognised!! intriguing!! (WMD widespread, mysterious and destructive algorithms) 

I am astonished at the pessimistic outlook of Indian think tank over future of Europe! I agree BREXIT was jerk out of blue! But I am sure, the course correction has begun with expected course in Holland, (No one knew who was Dutch PM- Mark Rutte is until Geert Wilders came to limelight) I am very positive with all scandals breaking out over Russian meddling in US elections. France and Germany would use common sense and keep out the LePens and Deutsch, Right wing AfD away. I am positive Merkel would get 4th term like her mentor, Helmut Kohl did.

Take care, stay safe, god bless
26/3/17 1550 Hrs.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Man whose plot almost Assassinated Maggie????????!!!!

Just heard the passing away of Martin McGuinness! His life a picture of violent beginning from IRA  and embraced peace through First Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland!What a swift end,weeks back he was diagnosed a rare condition of Cancer of Vital Organs and game over Phew!!!!!

The man who was accused of blood in hand for the Brighton bombing,1984,(33 years,Man???)which almost knocked Maggie and the assassination of Lord Mountbatten 1979, few years earlier, embraced Peace and worked Good Friday Peace agreement with Tony Blair few decades later!! How much life changes??? hmmmmm!!! 
Queen with Martin McGuinness, IRA was responsible for murdering her Cousin Lord Mountbatten! 
His death has sparked mixed reactions as usual in Britain..... Love Britts to speak so frank!! I recollect celebrations when Maggie died!!Can't blame people for wearing heart at sleeve?? Can you????

Rest in peace.

21/3/17 1640 Hrs. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

+ve Intelligence, Head Winds Tail Winds, ஒப்பாரி, Satya Nadella's Redmond!!

One of those days where I woke up at 3am!! (I was Hungry perhaps!!) Wonder why!! So all things done, so time to post the blog Monday..

I stumbled on PERISCOPE a good Mobile tool to post live events. I need to have practised situations and go live in coming weeks. 

I recommend my Twitter follower @karikadaiboy blog post for sports updates besides generic coverage like I do !! Guy does super dissection of events! This is power of SM! I interact with him! But no idea who he is what he does! (except he is in Madras in his 30s I assume, and hates Garlic as much I love love like Tons I can have in 1 sitting hahaahh)

During morning walk, I was listening to Stanford Lecture on +ve Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine and found very interesting on Saboteurs that hide within us for success. So I took my profile and no surprise at least at things that influence me!!! ahhahah! No wonder I can't put GOOJA Jaalraa!!!! Say F**K off easily like breathing!!!  ahhahhhahh!!!! 
Freaknomics discussions cover on headwinds tailwinds!! People always crib headwinds to failures, do they credit  success to tailwinds? Also they are always ungrateful & unhappy?? I agree!! I consider luck plays a huge part as Tailwind and must be given credit. I was indicating the same to a client Saturday over lunch. My success 80% great leaders /organisations to nurture me,mold me to trajectory,18% my Prespiration, 2% luck to be at the right place at right time!! Gratitude takes you a lot further!!! May you appreciate the wind when it’s at your back – and when it’s not, deal with it a little less resentfully.”

I was astounded last night when I heard this! Wailing woman of Ireland! Similar to our ladies at TN!! ஒப்பாரி Amazing cultures are so similar so far far away!!! 
And funny side to OPPARI!!!

I close with the Redmond Resurgence and finding path! Microsoft going ahead with open culture innovation, moving from Windows & Office to Cloud!! Would they go all the way! I would think so!! I always have soft corner for them ever since my visit to their facility in 2001 as well as Gate's gesture to give away wealth to charities and work on Malaria, drinking water etc!!!  It is another matter, I post this blog from my MAC!! hahahahh!!
Ok, Take care, stay safe, God bless!
20/3/17 0900 Hrs.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Johnny B. Goode - Back to the Future -----> RIP CHUCK BERRY!!!!

What a  passing of a legend, to wake up to!! Kickstarter of Rock and Roll???? Chuck the maverick!!!


Bachellor Bastards PM F** Country????, Pappal, Romania, Marion for President!!

I got an email link from an Indian American friend on Modi's performance!! It got me worked up!! hahahh! I share my thoughts.
"Modi can do what he want!! As I wrote in my FB POST below, South India will not even allow 10% seats! Tamil Nadu and Kerala BJP cant even win deposit in 1 of 234 in TN and 130 in Kerala next 50 years let along win a seat! South more intelligent to "me my own" rather than allowing cultural invasion which is what they see in BJP of North and core Hindu values which well never sell. As famous national poet Subramanya Bharati wrote in 1900s, "There may be 1000 castes but who are outsiders to interfere!! Modi & cronies, would always be seen an outsiders here"

Modi a very good CM no doubt given limitation of Gujarat  but as PM long long long way to go!! As Saying goes, "if the road to Delhi wont go through Madras, such journey would never succeed". Sad reality again! As we personally joke in family circles, if BJP and gang had got freedom for us in 1947,first thing they would have imbibed to us is dont eat through mouth (use other hole) and schools would have taught us drink urine! Chant god name 108 times when body temperature is 104F (Angels and Demons) !!! Such a nomadic thinking clan! Corrupt, they no less!!! What better example to see in our Karnatka, 3 Cheif Minister in 5 years!! hmmmmmm! I can go on and on! I would bet anything even with Majority in both houses, this government would go nowhere on reforms!! (Governance is a Trait)!!! 

Modi may win elections again and again! But he can never win people hearts to be a national leader cherished by people like Mrs Gandhi who was the "Only Male in cabinet". (Only PM ever in Indian history to win a war) For that to happen, he need to let go fundamental elements, work a cabinet that is inclusive (Trump doing a great job) unfortunately his ego and stubborness and an absence of woman to guide him (What a curse, all 3 BJP PMs, all bachellor Bastards as I say!!) wont happen. As I type, I see a Hindu MONK made CM??? Can you Imagine???? hmmmmmm!!! Another sad aspect is the clapping going gagaa on these ass hole leaders would be done by those who never lived in India and faces day to day harassment, corruption, traffic like the Wharton & other by so so called Elites who wont know ground reality here! (Lalitha and I heard choicest abuse on MODI yesterday by an Auto Driver, Kannada Guy, who took us evening shopping!! he says If Modi is corrupt crony ok the diary entries not valid, but not Siddaramaiah name in diary makes him corrupt !! hahahhah!!!!

​hahhahah! F**K Modi, Fu** politician Bastrodic Ass holes, Thats how I call all these Vermins!!! move on!!

I have always had a Soft Corner for Non Western Cardinals who became Pope. Karol Jozef Wjotyla from Krakow, (who our stupid Hindu Indians would blame as father of conversion of Hindus!!How stupid logic, u convert for your wants, needs and when denied self respect and dignity which Hindu Saffron Goonics never understood and blame an outsider!!) and Jorge Mario Bergoglio  No wonder, the Italian / western cronies are fighting tooth and nail to the liberal order that Pope Francis is trying to bring in! Add the Notorious Steve Banon in to it!! haah!! Disaster on hand!! How many Saffron Scoundrels of saints would visit a high tech exhibiting to work the SM, tech update to religious aspects!! that triggered this peice! 

It is sad state of affairs for our Indian Lorry Drivers who go length and breadth of this vast country and in these days of ever increasing costs and inflation, they have no other option but to cook their own food, live in shanty places in transit and paid meagre wages. I was thinking these must be condition only of Indian /Subcontinent folks, until I came across that most of Romanian/Eastern European drivers, who live in a similar harsh condition and go through a kind of hell!! What a sad way things are going downhill! 

Remember my Post on Prof Kelly last week !! ahhahahhaha!!!! Going next step!! MARION FOR PRESIDENT!! heheheh!!! As a man who has strong opinion on Female leaders do a super job than dumb male idiots!! (Especially lousy bachelor bastards) ! why NOT???

Little star: Marion (centre) with her father Robert Kelly, mother Jung-a Kim and brother James

In case u missed:- hahahhahhah!!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God Bless!
19/3/17 0915am.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Amazing!! Good folks exist!

I had a busy day today on business travel so would post detailed blog Sunday!

Last month, I purchased my medicines from Ganesh Medicals, they inadvertently billed me an excess amount of Rs. 600. It was never my habit to check bills /tally; just pay out! (Lalitha was away from Bangalore that time) She found that the excess amount when she checked the bill couple of days back.
Today when we reached out during Shopping visit,we explained the situation. Raja,the owner of shop who just walked in, just didn't blink an eye and reimbursed the amount! Ofcourse,we have been buying medicines from the shop since 2009 every month,when we moved from Diamond District. It was not the amount that mattered, but his instant decision to trust our word made us feel so good!!! 

Good folks do exist, good to see such act.
Ganesh Medicals! I got my monthly List of Medicines today (4/4/17) Update so took a picture!! 


PS: We didnt want the cash back,so picked Cadbury Silk!! hahah! Radhu loves it!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Test Cricket 140 Years- Post #2

Tuesday night during walk, my mobile phone slipped from my hand and crashed on to concrete floor resulting in screen getting pulped and phone froze. So for 24 hours there was no phone and morning walk gave me plenty to ponder on test cricket. (Phone set right around 6pm Wed).

1) MY all time favourite XI. My selection considers players who stood and delivered and never failed when mattered unlike big names who are all gas !!

 1) Roy Fredricks.
2) Dennis Amiss
3) Zaheer Abbas
4) Martin Crowe.
5) David Gower
6) Clive Lloyd (Captain)
7) Sir Ian Botham
8) Alan Knott (WK)
9) Joel Garner
10) Geoff Dymock
11) Erapalli Prasanna.

12) Augustine Logie.



APE Knott

Roy Fredricks 

Erappali Prasanna 

Gus Logie 12th Man

Clive Lloyd (Captain) 

Sir Ian Botham 

Graham Yallop 

Zaheer Abbas 

My top 10 Memorable test matches not in order of  liking.

1) NZ vs Eng 1973,Chasing 480 to win NZ made 440.
2) Centenary Test 1977, Aus won by 45 Runs.
3) WI 175 in 26 overs,won India,Kingston 1983.
4) McDermott C Jr Murray B Walsh,won1 run, Adelaide 1993
5) Series down 1-0,6 wickets in 90 min,chased 240 in 5 hours Adelaide 1983.1-1 
6) Australia Regain the Ashes. Sydney 1975.
7) 305/3 Chasing 380,Sarfraz 7/1,310 All out! MCG
8) Greatest Jail break,Wasim Bari,Wasim Raja 10th Wicket& 68 Extras!WI drew 24 hrs later skin of teeth.
9) Heroic Oval 1979 Chase, India shot 9runs draw! Horrible English umpiring! (May be first & Last time)
10) South Africa sensational win Sydney 1994. Fanie Show!! 

Icing on CAKE!! Of course!! 344/1!! Hunted 4 days! Hunter in 270 Min! Lords 1984!! Greenidge,Gomes SHOW!!! Will never be matched! next 100 years.

The place I stood and listened all 5 hrs at home BBC BUSH Baron Transistor 1984,!! 

Hhahahh! Dad would scream!! Do you have no other work???? hahahahh! ( I was in final year Masters!!) Who cared study!? It would take care of itself! those were the days! Attend Professor classes, Drag on cigarettes night before exam all will be recollected and etched in brain to download on paper!! far different life then!!!! 

Take care, god bless! Good day
16/3/17 0910 Hrs.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Test Cricket 140 years Old Today!!!

140 years ago first test match played today at MCG!!! 2253 Tests later, Test Cricket health, is it good??? I wonder??? 

Except #ASHES, many rivalries have become stale or meaningless!! Tests going in to 5th day is now a rare event...

My first active test series followed was 1971 Tony Lewis tour of India. India won 2-1!! Spin magic, Tony Grieg cradling Vishy at Bombay!!

100 years on 1877, centenary test 1977 at MCG cracker, Rick McCosker Broken jaw Innings, Derek Randall played almost match winning 174!!! Same margin of loss 45 runs 100 years later!!

Test Cricket in my time not complete without mentioning Clive Lloyd the great leader!! Did they sledge, indulge in verbal duel etc? Just went on delivering results!!!! That's how the game is played!! 

Test Cricket grace not complete without mentioning, David Gower, Lawrence Rowe, Kim Hughes, Martin Crowe!! What an entertainers!! Bowlers who terrorised batsman like, Holding, Croft, Lilee... Who can forget Imran, Kapil the fighters from ever underdogs of Asia. Also great commentators who described the game in Radio, Alan McGilvray, Tony Cozier, Jim Maxwell, CMJ, Johnners, Suresh Saraiya, V Ramamurthy IAS, etc!! It was a pleasure!! 

I hope test cricket does turn around for good and health is better when 150 years of celebration is done! One thing I am sure even then is over hyped INDIA wouldn't have won a test series in Australia for sure (84 years and counting) and possibly not also in South Africa.

15/3/17 0800am.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bottled Water, Chaebol, Prof.Kelly, Andreas Lubiz!!

1) Came across this useful article on 6 tools that you should carry if you are on the move all the time. Amazing that some of the things have become a necessity/must! 10 years back, when you were on move like mad,nothing of this mattered?World still worked! 
2) Google Playbook,lets you download/transfer books to your phone,so you can read on the move in a compact device like phone! I was not using this known inbuilt feature for a while (I prefer Larger IPAD) but yesterday when I was on my way to pedicure, tried it as first option and found it convenient.

Astonishing to hear that bottled water consumption is more than Soda in USA! Contamination issue (??) of tap water in some area have made people beeline for same! Contrast that with 1 Billion people in world, don't even have access to clean drinking water! 

My visits to Seoul have always made me wonder the leap and growth South Korea have made in the last 30 years. More visible in my visits and talk to folks, were passion within folks about disgruntlement, corruption in their system. So it is no surprise that things have become so rotten that their President is impeached, Riots on streets (over Sat/Sun -India Learn???) as well as major corporation (Chaebol) heads who were crony to the government for Quid-pro-quo are facing potential jail sentences for the first time! Such acts on political hunting, Corporate cronyism ending unthinkable in India (President a bootlicker of large corporation,PM Employee #420, of Ambai/Adani) even after 150 years!! South Korea progressed leap and bounds and truly arrived!

 It was hilarious to watch this video! I leave it to you to watch and enjoy! This has gone viral!

It is 2 years now!! so it was interesting to see this caption at entrance of cockpit I took a snap! Hopefully never another Andreas Lubiz!

OK, take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless.
12/3/17 0905am! 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

40 Years ON??? Tokyo& Madrid, Sonique/Napster! 50 days Trump!

1) Goodreads is a great website to check for books people in your network have been reading. You can update yours too. I stumbled on this few days back while checking widgets to my Professional SAFETY BLOG initiated last week. 

2)Social Media is established to have your social print in various areas, (Personal, Social, Political, Professional, Business) as working domain and each is customised by users for specifics. I am therefore deeply disappointed with LINKEDIN becoming Naked Man in a coat/suit with total Identity crisis. It has now become neither personal nor business. I now don't even post professional comments there for the past year or so. Far cry from 2007 days.

The forthcoming week concludes 40 years, 16th March 1977 was elections to Lokshaba in which Mrs Gandhi was defeated after emergency.(She still won 200 seats, sweep in South India) Needless to say, idiots who came to govern,fought among themselves and she was back as PM 30 Months later. Goes to show how Non Congress parties, then, as of now, are பொருக்கி, பிச்சைக்காரன்,அயோக்கியன்ஸ்,முளை கெட்ட மூதேவிஸ் when governing at centre! Every Non Congress government has a curse and failed to meet people expectations and are tale of horror, incompetence, Impotence(!!!!! given all bachellor Bastards govern(ed) as PM!) I wonder we need constitutional amendment that only Married men/women should become PM! I am reminded of past jokes that my Pakistan Friends say of Benazir/Zardari. (Benazir is atleast doing to country what she gets at bed!! hahahahh) I am not pro Congress but traits to govern missing in Non CONG folks. PERIOD! Would next generation of 30+ have it? Let's see? 

Today (11th March) marks the anniversaries of 1)Japan Earthquake, Tsunami,Fukuchima-Daaichi Disaster 2) Madrid Train Bombings for which initially ETA was wrongly blamed. While lessons have been learnt and progress made these events have left a deep impact that when unforeseen/ unplanned events happen,you require good fortune and count your blessings not to have significant impact on you/your dear/near.

How much Technology has moved on, now #1 song on music is not by album sales but by streaming. Every 150 stream is counted as 1 sale. Album count is largely determined by that factor too decide Charts Ranking. I recollect fondly the SONIQUE my 1st digital music player (1998) 

and Napster (2004?) for songs!!

I wont be surprised, if in few years, streaming alone wins a Grammy for a top song?? In this context, it is interesting to hear how Ed Sheeran new album making waves! (Would I give a listen? I have my doubts, my music stopped in late 80s, may be 1 or 2 songs perhaps)

Ed Sheeran has 16 songs in the Top 20 – and it's a sign of how sick the charts are

Today marks 50 days of #POTUS Trump!! Man what a ripper, gripping, entertaining, chaotic, comical, confusing, charade!! World loves it? Wonder What Americans feel? But in the end, Trump team would pull him though!! God bless!! hahah! 

Its 9am I haven't given 2 hoot on election 5 state results! Shows how much governance, politics, is F*cked up in this country by BASTORDIC Assholes!!

Take care,stay safe, God Bless.
11/3/17 905am.

Monday, March 06, 2017


I would be back on Weekends to update / post my BLOGS!! Time flies I tell you!!!! 
6th March 0850am! 

First FB POST!!! 


GMAIL BACK THEN WAS INVITE ONLY! So INvite!! hahahahhah!!! 2005!!!

Twitter 2007!!! Changed for worse!! No wonder no growth!! Sad! Great product poor application, so many Dumb Trolls pulling down!! 

John McCain.

#329 Very sad to wake up to the news of passing away of Senator John McCain aged 81 (4 days short of his 82nd Birthday).  He was a true ...