Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shame, Hotel Rwanda,WMD, 60Years!!

Housekeeping:- Lalitha is getting calls from friends and relatives on my lull in Face book and Twitter!! hahahah!!! I am off 100 days. Back in April in Twitter and June in FB! I post my blog link and would respond to any professional posts (Safety etc in Face book) Glad to know people bother about me!!Makes feel good!! Thanks.

It is beyond shock to read that a Marati MP has trashed the Air India duty officer at Delhi airport!! No surprise in a larger sense! This comes at the same time as Tobias Ellwood,British MP, who is a war veteran, tried to save the life of Police constable stabbed by the terrorist! No wonder Churchill said, Indians cant govern and crooks of first order!! What a shame, disgrace to have such folks governing us!! God save this country! I am glad that the Airlines have taken a tough stand!!! (Bloody hell, Ted Kennedy was on no fly list!! so this idiot MP should be grounded for life) I hope they stick it it and don't yield!

Hotel Rwanda was a grim tragedy!!I am now glad a new chapter is worked with Cricket taking up the healing and reconciliation in this tribal strife torn country. Paul Kagame is a leader who has better plans for the country. I hope it works out......

hahahha! WMD = NO not Weapons of mass destruction!! Give a listen Awesome! Some women don't get recognised!! intriguing!! (WMD widespread, mysterious and destructive algorithms) 

I am astonished at the pessimistic outlook of Indian think tank over future of Europe! I agree BREXIT was jerk out of blue! But I am sure, the course correction has begun with expected course in Holland, (No one knew who was Dutch PM- Mark Rutte is until Geert Wilders came to limelight) I am very positive with all scandals breaking out over Russian meddling in US elections. France and Germany would use common sense and keep out the LePens and Deutsch, Right wing AfD away. I am positive Merkel would get 4th term like her mentor, Helmut Kohl did.

Take care, stay safe, god bless
26/3/17 1550 Hrs.

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