Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Man whose plot almost Assassinated Maggie????????!!!!

Just heard the passing away of Martin McGuinness! His life a picture of violent beginning from IRA  and embraced peace through First Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland!What a swift end,weeks back he was diagnosed a rare condition of Cancer of Vital Organs and game over Phew!!!!!

The man who was accused of blood in hand for the Brighton bombing,1984,(33 years,Man???)which almost knocked Maggie and the assassination of Lord Mountbatten 1979, few years earlier, embraced Peace and worked Good Friday Peace agreement with Tony Blair few decades later!! How much life changes??? hmmmmm!!! 
Queen with Martin McGuinness, IRA was responsible for murdering her Cousin Lord Mountbatten! 
His death has sparked mixed reactions as usual in Britain..... Love Britts to speak so frank!! I recollect celebrations when Maggie died!!Can't blame people for wearing heart at sleeve?? Can you????

Rest in peace.

21/3/17 1640 Hrs. 
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