Saturday, March 11, 2017

40 Years ON??? Tokyo& Madrid, Sonique/Napster! 50 days Trump!

1) Goodreads is a great website to check for books people in your network have been reading. You can update yours too. I stumbled on this few days back while checking widgets to my Professional SAFETY BLOG initiated last week. 

2)Social Media is established to have your social print in various areas, (Personal, Social, Political, Professional, Business) as working domain and each is customised by users for specifics. I am therefore deeply disappointed with LINKEDIN becoming Naked Man in a coat/suit with total Identity crisis. It has now become neither personal nor business. I now don't even post professional comments there for the past year or so. Far cry from 2007 days.

The forthcoming week concludes 40 years, 16th March 1977 was elections to Lokshaba in which Mrs Gandhi was defeated after emergency.(She still won 200 seats, sweep in South India) Needless to say, idiots who came to govern,fought among themselves and she was back as PM 30 Months later. Goes to show how Non Congress parties, then, as of now, are பொருக்கி, பிச்சைக்காரன்,அயோக்கியன்ஸ்,முளை கெட்ட மூதேவிஸ் when governing at centre! Every Non Congress government has a curse and failed to meet people expectations and are tale of horror, incompetence, Impotence(!!!!! given all bachellor Bastards govern(ed) as PM!) I wonder we need constitutional amendment that only Married men/women should become PM! I am reminded of past jokes that my Pakistan Friends say of Benazir/Zardari. (Benazir is atleast doing to country what she gets at bed!! hahahahh) I am not pro Congress but traits to govern missing in Non CONG folks. PERIOD! Would next generation of 30+ have it? Let's see? 

Today (11th March) marks the anniversaries of 1)Japan Earthquake, Tsunami,Fukuchima-Daaichi Disaster 2) Madrid Train Bombings for which initially ETA was wrongly blamed. While lessons have been learnt and progress made these events have left a deep impact that when unforeseen/ unplanned events happen,you require good fortune and count your blessings not to have significant impact on you/your dear/near.

How much Technology has moved on, now #1 song on music is not by album sales but by streaming. Every 150 stream is counted as 1 sale. Album count is largely determined by that factor too decide Charts Ranking. I recollect fondly the SONIQUE my 1st digital music player (1998) 

and Napster (2004?) for songs!!

I wont be surprised, if in few years, streaming alone wins a Grammy for a top song?? In this context, it is interesting to hear how Ed Sheeran new album making waves! (Would I give a listen? I have my doubts, my music stopped in late 80s, may be 1 or 2 songs perhaps)

Ed Sheeran has 16 songs in the Top 20 – and it's a sign of how sick the charts are

Today marks 50 days of #POTUS Trump!! Man what a ripper, gripping, entertaining, chaotic, comical, confusing, charade!! World loves it? Wonder What Americans feel? But in the end, Trump team would pull him though!! God bless!! hahah! 

Its 9am I haven't given 2 hoot on election 5 state results! Shows how much governance, politics, is F*cked up in this country by BASTORDIC Assholes!!

Take care,stay safe, God Bless.
11/3/17 905am.
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