Sunday, March 26, 2017

SIRI, Women, Puzo + Don Corleone 45 Yrs on!! Chinaman!

1) I have spruced up the blog page with new theme. U can also now subscribe to my blog in Email (See widget by the side). If you subscribe, I would send out great collection of books,articles,I have treasured over last 20 years,say once in 3 months, so that you don't feel I spam you!! This morning I had sent out such to my Safety BLOG subscribers!.
2) People wonder, why I use this color of text in my posts, (I also use this for all my default email communication). While I keep beard, modelling my boss 86-88, this font is picked up from my another Indian boss to whom I was administratively reporting. I felt this font/colour gives the impact!! So stuck to it over the last 15+++ years or so!!

OK, Man Technology going awesome, 4 year boy calls emergency saves mom's life. I have also read Amazon Echo being used for murder investigation. It was interesting to read that SIRI voice was a person
Karen, Jon, Susan (R) is voice many hears!! 
who failed singing audition and was told to read documents for hours!! 

Here is Susan, speaking about her SIRI experience,

It has been 57, years since the first woman leader took office!! Ever since it has been a uphill struggle for them. I was listening to BOSS FILES last night and it was mentioned that value women create at work is equal to GDP of CHINA!! Amazing stat that!! I also wonder is woman gender equality going anywhere??? I wonder where India stands?? 

This week Marks the 45th Year of the GODFATHER having arrived big time!!
 Can't believe can you?? so much impact! I was glad I read the book first back in 1979, before watching the movie in my teens to appreciate the movie! Mario Puzo, what an author to dish out such a class and Marlon Brando /Al Pacino/Robert Dual fit superb, to create flesh to the character!!

My best and ever lasting scene is from PART-II Robert De Nero- RENT Scene!! below, ahahahahhahhahahh! வெளு !!!! Having Italian American colleagues, the story they tell of real events just stuns you!!! Puzo didn't write FICTION!!! 

hahahah!! Many Indian cricket followers would have heard CHINAMAN first time yesterday!! Such a shallow following, I am seeing 10s of articles on what/ who / How Chinaman type of Bowling over the hoopla some kid in town!!(கேன பயலுவ) I go back 45 Years!

Here is the famous Delivery from Sir Gary!

Incidentally,25 years back today, Pakistan won the world cup! what a lucky jail escape at Adelaide and then won !! for me the world cup was this delivery memorable

Like Lee CHILD in 2002,
where I stumbled on Reacher, I found another great author in TOM WOOD!! English authors' fiction is pure Class! Tom's works around an Assassin called Victor,I am in to #1 halfway I find it very intriguing and a page turner with so many finer details of military intelligence! I am told so far 8 books are out or so!! 

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