Sunday, April 02, 2017

Ram Mandir gayah बाढ़ mein!! Rich to drain Swamp, Ben Frencz! Dog Sniffs breast cancer, Hindu Goons???

1) Lalitha has updated her professional LINKEDIN profile to hit steam on her Math coaching. Please feel free to invite her to connect your professional network if you are a fellow teacher, Coach,parent looking for coaching etc.
2) My Next post would be 250th BLOG POST commissioned in NOV 2005,it has been dozen years. I plan to mark the magical number with the top pick of post I shared. I might work this out soon. World has even changed a lot in these dozen years, the 45 I remember just mind boggling.
3) My Professional HSE BLOG is taking great shape.It gives me good to chance to think and apply practical aspects of safety. Nearing 2000 Hits! So a shout out here for propagation. 

Looks like the only issue which the solution seem to have been arrived in spite of inept, inefficient, incompetent Modi government has found road block. I am not surprised that RAM MANDIR case is gone on go slow mode as it appears now. This was one of a very few hope/ reason I voted MODI government but knowing BJP buggers,I should have known better!! Their lobbying to influence thinking is next to nothing!! As Lalitha has a favourite saying" மேல் மாடி காலி" No Indian news media covered this!! Now the state government in UP more focused on baning mutton, chicken and who elopes with whom, u can forget development there too!! 
Hahhahah! COOL MEME !!! The lovers on bike in YOGI UP was super!!! 

It was interesting to see Richness of Trump Cabinet? Amazing to see a Man who ran campaign on draining the Washington swamp, has selected people whose net worth would beat top 50 poor countries!? I wonder how poor/Average /middle class Americans who voted Trump would feel? 

Stunning to hear a 98 year old gentleman speaking to BBC about his experience of being the public prosecutor at Nuremberg trials that hunted NAZI Killers!! I cant even comprehend how 22 Einsatzgruppen killing 1 Million people. What was also interesting was he played major part in rescue efforts in WW II and later took to law to hunt the criminals.
Ben Ferencz, Left! 

It was intriguing to say the least to read this article that Dogs can sniff Breast Cancer! Correlations going ballistic?? 

With just six months of training, a pair of German Shepherds became 100-percent accurate in their new role as breast cancer spotters, the Kdog team said. The technique is simple, non-invasive and cheap, and may revolutionise cancer detection
I leave you with the top most dangerous cities! Thankfully ASIA at low scale! Like Sanjayaa we are safe. Also count our lucky star,that, 7 years of Middle east Arab Spring uprising, with all hell holes created, we are in far far safer better place! Thank Almighty! But challenge is would this sustain,may be ok in our life time!! With Hindu fundamentalism on the rise, I am not sure my grandson who would be born, say 2022, wd feel so?? (I am strong believer that if a party like BJP goons got us freedom in 1947,the buggers would have terrozied us (like IS, AQ do now) to shove food through our anus and defecate thro mouth; -bastards)  Remember the secular open outlook Afghan,Iraq 45 years back that even I remember???

Ok, Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless!
2/4/17. 0900 Hrs. 
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