Monday, April 03, 2017

#250, My Top ten Pick out of 249!!! First amongst Equals!

Housekeeping:- 1) CamScan a cool scanner app, Son showed me how to work that!!
                         2) Smart device cooler good phone app to reset overused background apps and cool phone.
As Indicated, this is my 250th BLOG POST. I started blogging NOV 2005 and was practically done with for good 4 years. I thought with Face book, Twitter peaking, that blog posts would vanish! How wrong I was? With lot of abuse, Hijacking by Political goons and their monkey followers, many sane people feel Blog posts are the way to go and is a right way to express without abusive trolls. 

So in this post, I look back at my 249 posts and choose the top 10. I am sure that I put the time, effort,dig deep to post each one of them so all posts are equally favorite. But these 10, I can say are first amongst Equals.
  1. Family First, F**K the rest, always my core philosophy, works superb 45+ years! Rare business visit, Lalitha and Kids accompanied me. November 2005. Amritkala JUL 2009! 
  2. Exit Monsanto, Enter Honeywell, Aug 2006. Great 12 year International HSE corporate career & Global exposure. Pleasure to work with such team,colleagues.I can not think of a single instance, where my colleagues, team or my boss let down each other or failed on deliverable..... 
  3. All my overseas trips  were special in the 20 years,this one extra special hitting 190Km speed on drive between Frankfurt to Hamburg 2006. 
  4. My first flight,was at age of 30,(Long after marriage) and overseas visit at 32!hahha!Radhu managed her visits, a lot lot early at 14. Her US scholarship visit a key highlight and changed her outlook of life...... 
  5. Aug 2007, Baby India at 60, my 44 thoughts, ( I was 44 then), for me 1971 war greatest memory to cherish and carry.Would I even care to post adding 10 more, come Aug 2017, No chance!! Country has gone to dogs, especially in the last 3 years,beyond redemption!!
  6.  I rightly predicted OBAMA would land as POTUS , Jan 2008! His presidency mediocre, but Trump circus makes you feel he did a super job! 
  7. Spousal Jealousy; jealous of working spouse!! interesting!! 2009! I am aghast at people carrying relationship beyond workplace!! How the hell they do that, Man u got to be kidding ??? 
  8. 2010, Global Economic Crisis, my FURLOUGH days!! Man I tell you! That gave me the confidence to go my own! Its been tough sail, but OK! 
  9.  2011 Steve Jobs Death!! What an Impact!! My addiction to internet 1999, 10 years post in 2009!! 
  10. My 100th Post, Knowing my nature of not sticking to things other than Indian Wife, 50,100,150, 200, now 250!! some achivement!!! I plan and promise to post #500 before 2020!! 
I leave you with the picture that captivated me!! hahah!!! So true!! ( I have posted this in BLOG can't seem to find the link in 249!!) 

And the Video, that I almost died laughing even after 12 years!!! Those days  2005 when this floated, no BLOG to link videos!! Now I can!!!  hahahahhahahahhahahahhah!!!!HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! BOY!!!  #Deepavali_Petronas_Tamil !!!! 

Take care, stay Safe, GOD BLESS!
3/4/17. 1230pm! 
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