Sunday, April 16, 2017

118, Elevator, Turkey, 8 yr boy!!!!

1) When you are really hungry and look out for lot of good food, no better place than "RAJDHANI" Awesome dinner last night!! Boy wasn't I hungry, it was a loooooong day!! 

I wrote about the 117 year old woman yesterday in my blog! Today, the world's oldest person born in the 19th century died in the 21st century! Emmar Morano of Italy born 1899, died this week. What a life!! What a blessing?? 

I was listening during the morning walk on 50 Things that changed the world and made the modern economy as what it is! Today the topic was on elevators!! What a change it has brought about! Intriguing to hear China requires 360,000 Elevators every year!!! Here is the man who made all sky scrappers possible 1845 through safety catch device for elevators thus making it safe!

Elisha Otis

Today is referendum on constitutional change in Turkey. A crucial vote is taking place now with results expected by late night. Like, Modi, Orban, Putin, Recep Tyyap Erdogan, who started governance of AKP few years back, on a lot of promise is now marching Turkey towards Dictatorial and Islamic regime which can give sweeping power to the president and destroy the 97 year old secular Republic AttaTurk built! I hope Turks many of whom I have interacted in my business days, vote sensibly and defeat his ideas. Would they? 

I leave you with an awesome news of 8 yr boy driving car for 4 yr old sister to MacD!! No Traffic rules broken! Guy learnt driving from youtube!!  ahahha!!

Take care, stay safe, God bless

16/4/17 1145am.
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