Saturday, April 15, 2017

117, Dare to Die, Bernie Madoff,Freebees curse!

1) I am back in Twitter after 100 days absence, I was amazed to see in the 100 days I was away Twitter has added many features which filters info and keeps you away from trolls. While this is 7 years late, it is better late than never.

2) Radhu did a super job of setting things for the Tamil new year, Friday. She puts her mind, it is marvel! 

It was amazing to hear the experience of 117 year old lady! (She is same age as my late grandfather) World was very different. She says she used to see 1 car in entire district back then and she is puzzled by the traffic jams at Nairobi! 

Move Over Russian Roulette the art of taking one life!! Extreme selfie norms to take risk and be lose it is the norm in Russia!! 

Angela Nikolau, the Russian Daredevil Girl Who Climbs Most Dangerous Places to Take a Selfie

I am a huge Robert De Niro watcher, but my movie watching has taken a back seat with fewer than movie a year at most over the last dozen years( I think, 6 in 17 perhaps!). However, I am booking my time to watch the "WIZARD OF LIES" RDN, playing the role of Bernie Madoff! Got to watch how a man can manipulate 50BN$....?? 

I am leaving with Image that came in whatsapp, Freebees are making lazy as well as becoming expectations..... Sad part is this getting across the country!
Take it easy, take care, Stay Safe God bless!!!
15/4/17 0920am
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