Sunday, October 24, 2010

Google, Friends, Food.

IYou would assume that Google is well used all over the world, well,my experience in the USA last week,was that there are some people still who dont google to find out things that are beyond LA to NY( That they call World series!!!).

1) A friend asked me if Budhism is the biggest religion in Pakistan? (He has double master's degree). He had been to this part of the world!!...
2) 2 folks from Latin America had no clue where Bangalore, (I was too embarassed to ask if they know where India is!!) is and what is it's commercial signifiance? I too struggled to explain them, thinking it is obivious!!....
3) There was also confusion/ hesitancy in many people I met to know whether I am a MUSLIM? (My beard didnt help). Yes, I guess the Pakistan work association must have paid off for this Madarasi, Indian Brahman!!!!...

So the world has lot of catchup to do??? What intelligent software/ implant would do this!?

So this visit also helped me to do some important things.

1) Met my first working boss, Dr M V Patel ( 1986-1991, Unique group, Ankleshwar) at Chicago after 19 years, did lot of catching up over  Gujarati dinner at his place in West Chicago. It was great to meet his family too. 

2) Met Wayne Turmel, the Host of Cranky Middle Manager podcast show, over dinner at a Sea food restaurant. 2 hrs just flew by. I always felt that great people always squeeze out time from their busy schdeule to interact with people. Wayne is no exception. Thank you very much for your time Wayne. We appreciate what you do over CMM.

3) Sat behind a wheel of a car( Toy Car) at GO KARTING at Lanciano, Italy at a team event. This was my first experience behind wheel after 10 years, as Bangalore traffic is hazardous to self driving and leave it to professionals. Some initial nerves, things worked out.

Dr Patel

Go karting

 It was sheer delight to be back at the CASTELO DI SEPTE,hotel in Mozzagrogna. The hotel is in my best hotel list. It looks a castle and rooms are standard with basic amnities. Wireless internet (Free) is bonus add on since my last visit in 2008. The food in the resturant is amazing.
We had been to a restaurant (more like a Agri tourism farm house), the Italian food was amazing!!. (more than 3 course dinner and we finshed at 1am!!)....

One of the other learning on the trip was the airline food has shrunk in long distance flights, the food they serve is simply not enough. I learned the lesson quickly and started picking up food from counters as an addon to the served flight food to prevent going hungry for hours. Yes as usual, the baggage didnt make it during the short flight to Chicago. (4th time!!)So rushed to Walmart to get some clothes, (My relatives helped for the trip for 2 mile drive, if you cant drive you are in trouble over distances in USA!!)

I was also very very much disappointed at absence of paid lounges in TERMINAL 5 at Heathrow during the 6 hrs transit. (I lost my BA Silver status due to lack of inernational travel for some time!!)The absence of Shower facility is an insult to the clean traveler like me (Who shower minimum twice a day come rain or shine, (I even did at -15 deg cel at Salt Lake city). I hope some one listens and do something to install some showers (Paid one also would do!!).......

By the way finished reading Frederick Forsyth's COBRA. A must read to know the intricacies of COCAINE Trade. Master story.

Until next week,take it easy and take care; Live Consciously.


iPad posting

I am posting this blogpost from the Ipad. The Ipad was an impulse purchase last week when I was in Chicago. I had been to the Apple store at woodfeld mall for an ipod for Lalitha. So impressed was I with the Ipad features that I picked up 16gb wifi version. My friend Clyde Roe ( ex-Monsanto) helped me for the shopping trip.

Yes, the good news for my son is that the ownership of the Iphone3GS is now 100% his. I used to pick it up once a while.

I will post the Europe/ US travel experiences soon.

Take it easy and take care, live consciously.


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