Sunday, October 28, 2007

20 BLGOS that I track Daily.(Almost)

Before I commence, the blog this week, Just wanted to explain the photo. This wordings touched me when I visited the local hospital in Atessa, Italy in February this year. I had been to the hospital with my Colleague, Vincenzo Colasante, for some business reason and this plaque at the hospital reception just left a deep impression in me. I guess abandoning the child is fast catching up as a practice in India, more so if the child is Female. I hope, this inhuman practice ends soon.

Ok, on to Subject, the 20 Blogs/ websites that I track every day. I hope they are useful to you. I use the Google Home page RSS feed to subscribe to the respective RSS feed and get to read from my Mozilla Firfox under multiple Tab. Its ages since I stopped using IE. I got grudgingly use it for some official work which Doesn't support Firefox. This list is a random order and no preferences.

  1. Zen Habit.
  2. Make it Great
  3. Bing BLOG
  4. The Engaging Brand.
  5. Business Week Online
  6. Newyork times Webpage
  7. Search Blog John Battelle.
  8. Fast Company Blog
  9. Kevin's Blog
  10. Tom Peters Blog
  11. 800 CEO Read Blog
  12. Management Craft.
  13. Career Journal from Wallstreet Journal
  14. Inspirational Quotes from Nagesh.
  15. Fortune Magazine website. (Ask Annie)
  16. Legal Point Blog on Indian Legal issues
  17. Presentation ZEN
  18. Slacker Manager
  19. The Simple Dollor
  20. Bagavad Gita.
This week has a state Holiday on Thursday, the state formation day Nov 1st. I am also looking forward to my parents visit this week. Plan to spend some quality time with them.
Until next week take it easy and take care, Live consciously.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Evan Almighty, George Bush Job Interview, funny videos

So the Daserra festival went well, the nine nights celebrations were not as Splashy as the Dandia festivals of Gujarat which I used to venture out in the 1990s during my stay there. I remember the "GOLU" we used to have at our home in Karaikudy, it was fun. Over the last 2 days the food was also too much, Cant blame the wife for cooking good food can you!!!!).

I watched the movie "Evan Almighty" As a sequel to the "Bruce Almighty" starring Jim Carey. The movie is a must watch, being a "conservative right wing person", I enjoyed the movie. Act of God, thats what life is all about, great!!. I especially liked the Phrase" ARK- Act of Random Kindness. What a word!!!!!. I also watched the movie Die Hard IV, a cyber terrorism act during independence day weekend. You got to kill 11Hrs of flying time one way, so no better way than movie and Economist.

Ok, I just thought I would share some of the amusing videos I had seen over my search in Google. You need good speed connection to watch this.

South Carolina Gaffe.

Frustrating job Interview
George Bush Job Interview
Bad Job Interview
Amusing Job Interview
Castro's Funeral: I was not amused, to portray a living person dead. Bad.

So, My prediction of Australia Vs South Africa RUGBY final was partially right, with England taking Australia's place. I am also glad that the Springboks overcame the title of chokers and won the world cup outside their country. I guess this could be a defining moment in their sports history. With world cup football going over there in 2010, it could be interesting.

Till next week, Take it easy and take care. Live consciously.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rome, Jack Reacher, Jason, Eid.

I am just back from Rome on a week visit. This was the second trip to the Historical place this year.

For the second time this year, the baggage didn't reach Rome and it got missed out in London on the BA Flight, coincidentally, this was the trip, I was confident that the baggage would come through as the transit time was more than 2 Hrs and so I did not pack any backup cloth or stuff in the hand baggage.So it was a struggle, anyway this also gave me a chance to reflect on things, how we take things for granted or how we are addicted to habits and can live without. The 3 days with the same cloth, reminded me of the Jack Reacher, the main character in Lee Childs novel. Jack Reacher just travels with one set of cloth with no spares.

The flight BA 118 which I took was kind of unique, during the 11 Hr flight from Bangalore- London, the fasten seat belt sign didn't come on even once. (Except Landing), it was kind of experience as we could move around inside the aircraft. Wonder how many would experience that!!.

I had chance to take a walking tour of the ROME CITY. The guide, Jason, an American now conducts an amazing tour, which is just takes back to you to historic time. He had come to study Theology in Italy some time back and has now decided to conduct full time tour. His Knowledge of the Rome history is amazing, so are some of his anecdotes surrounding history. Not only that, he gives you a good free information on the good restaurants and shops to do value for money. Jason's trip is worth participating if you visit Rome. He can be reached on email at : Jason was found by Mike Csedrik, my colleague during his previous visit on the tour of Vatican. I haven't had the time to visit Vatican, I have planned it for the next visit.

So the rugby world cup is proving great and memorable for Jonny Wilkinson and English fans, what a dream run he is having. My guess is that If England wins the World cup, Jonny would surely be on the Knighthood list next year. Great nerve wrecking stuff last night. I am sure tonight's match would be a thriller and we have a strong possibility of Falklands war settled on a RUGBY field. My Boss Anthony is following it live on the Field in France, here is to Wish Anthony a great time out in France.

Came across this interesting website on Leadership Gurus. I haven't heard of John Maxwell before, But his Maximum Impact approach looks straight forward no nonsense as well as he brings the teachings of GOD in a very subtle, secular way.

So the festive seasons has began, so its fun for the next 3 weeks with Navaratri and Diwali round the corner. Have fun. My Pakistan friends would be enjoying Eid al Fitr now. Here is to wish all the great festive times.

Till next week, take it easy and take care, Live Consciously. BTW, good to see Steve Pavlina back on podcasts.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Back up candidate.

So this week has all been going tight with lot of deadlines on Projects. It was after some time that I felt that 24 Hrs were not enough to manage things on home, work and personal fronts. Yeah it is good to have this pressure once in a while.

Last week, one of my very very close childhood friend had a strange experience of series of interview for a international position from overseas consultant. While he was fully settled and had no plans to move out of India given the Wellness of Indian economy, as well as appreciating rupee as well as wanting to be close to home as a typical Indian worker do. This would make all the movement out of India a redundant. His Personality profile clearly indicates that he would work for a a good and understanding boss and this has been the case for the past 20 years in the organizations where he worked. He accepted to be interviewed over phone for a simple reason for knowing new people as well as the consultant being " the top notch International recruiter" so its good to know people and this company also is so called leader in the field.

So with the Phone line being as disturbing it was and you need to strain to hear what was said, and there were some hypothetical questions which didn't make sense to him. It reminded us of a tamil movie of 1960s in which two unemployed graduates discuss about the recent job interview in which they were asked questions about sports tactics in a clerical job interview. (Kalyana Parisu)

What shocked us both was that the feedback that came from the company that he needed to improve his leadership skills and that they found wanting. Some excuse for not they not making it for him. We just wondered whether the discussion was for a CEO position giving Jack Welch or Bob Shaphiro a run for the money. More so with we both reading lot of Drucker and Podcasts. I look up to him for advice and suggestion on Management and best practices as well we exchange all the best practices in Management.

Some euphemistic way, I guess. Anyway, he also shared with me a hunch feeling that he was a backup candidate to turn in to should some things don't work with the first candidate. After listening to him with less transparency when the deal is happening. Anyway, it would have made no difference, but just thought of sharing this incident as how things can go in this competitive environment. I guess you cant find out if you are the backup candidate, but as things progress, you can foresee the end, I guess.
So you can say it was hell of an interview. We both wondered if an Indian candidate was used as a scapegoat to project the other guys better.!!!!. I have read such techniques as norm in my MBA paper, so could see the real example.

Incidentally, I had posted my query on sharing the Manager tools podcast for our Indian friends who don't have access to Internet in India. Mike and Mark are pondering over this.

So, as usual the Wallabies found Jonny too much to handle in the quarter final. I think the English rugby is alive and kicking. I had referred Jonny in earlies posts as one of the great sports personality and he proved it again yesterday. It was also sad to see all blacks loosing to France. This goes to show the uncertainties of the game.

I am glad Aussies are teaching Indians lesson in Cricket, reminds me of Clive Lloyd handing out Humiliation to India after the fluke of 1983. Teams like India have long long long way to go to catch up on international cricket. One tree doesn't make a forest. Such victories can only bring some pocket filling. To reach world class levels to be even a number 2 team I don't see happening in my lifetime. This is confirmed by a news of a talented cricketer committing suicide, which I just saw as news in CNN IBN.

Till next week, take it easy and take care, Live consciously.


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