Monday, April 04, 2022

Karaikudi Visit (31/3- 3/4)

I wanted to carry out some rituals post mother passing away here at Bangalore, (Which are monthly, quaterly etc) at Karaikudi. However, due to covid and other situation, I could never make it to the place, (Gayathri Niwas) where parents spent good 55 years. 

With Covid out of everyone's radar (Thanks mainly to Vladimir Putin), we decided to work a trip to be present on Friday, 1st April 2022, (The first anniversary). We worked a plan to carry out reciting Vedic Hymn as well as carrying out few homams for Peace and propserity to all the dear/near and the Humankind in these tough/ unpredictable situation. Our family priest Kannan Vaddhiyar arranged everything as requested and there were 5 additional vedic scholars who recited the hymn for good 4 hours besides carrying out about 6 Homams. The event lasted about 4 hours in total. 

We organised breakfast and lunch which gave us an opportunity to meet people who had interacted with parents over the past 45 years or so. 

We also took this visit to clean up the house to dispose items which we organised to give away to Old age home and to people who had helped/supported parents over the past 25 years. Infact these people had kept the house Spick and span despite house being locked for the past 14 months. 

After visiting our native deity @KARISULNTHAMANGLAM temples, on 2nd April,(Near Tirunelveli on River Thamirabhrani banks) we reached Bangalore Sunday late evening. 




Saturday, March 26, 2022

Cherishing Mother's life through a memorial Service at KARAIKUDI. (1/4/2022).

 It will be one year on Friday, 1st April 2022; that day in 2021, my mother Mrs VIJAYA Balasubramaniyam (Wife of Late Dr TMB, CECRI, Karaikudi) passed away here in Bangalore. Due to Covid and other situations, we have not been to Karaikudi during the past 14 months and could not do any rituals.......

We have now decided to be present on FRIDAY 1st APRIL 2022, at our residence GAYATHRI NIWAS, Sekkalai, (Opp Mena Hall) Pillayar Koil street, at KARAIKUDI and cherish her life on the 1st Anniversary. We plan to organise vedic chants and events, which she very much liked. 

While I am trying to reach out to people, the fact that I left Karaikudi about 40+ years ago in my teens and hardly spent time out there, makes it difficult to know whom all mother reached out..... If you had interacted with her, please feel free to reach out that day FRIDAY, 1st April 2022  all day any time that works for you. I shall be present all day at Karaikudi.  

1/4/2022 (வெள்ளி ) அம்மா (Mrs Vijaya Balasubramaniyam,) அம்மாவின் 1வது நினைவு நாள்,  காயத்திரி நிவாஸ், மேனா ஹால் எதிரில், செக்காலை. ஹோமம் செய்யப்படும். 1/4/2022 Friday 6am to 10am.
கணபதி பூஜை,  நவகிரஹ ஹோமாம் , ம்ருதுஞ்சாயா ஹோமம் ,சுதர்ஷனன் ஹோமம் ,ஆயுஷ்  ஹோமம் ,தன்வந்தரி ஹோமம்
காலை 6மணி முதல் 10 மணி வரை! 

நாங்கள் வீட்டில் காலை உணவு (காலை 8 மணி) மதிய உணவை மதியம் 12 மணிக்கு ஏற்பாடு செய்துள்ளோம். உங்களைப் பார்க்க நாங்கள் காத்திருக்கிறோம்.  (அம்மா 1/4/2021 பெங்களூரில் காலமானார். பெங்களூரில், மார்ச் 20-22, 2022, முதலாவதான ஷ்ரார்த்தம் சடங்குகளைச் செய்தோம்.) கார்த்திக் மற்றும் லலிதா. (Bangalore). 

Thanks and Regards


Bangalore 26th March, 2022. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Mother's first year rituals completed!!


Today, with the blessings of mother’s soul, we have completed the 3 days rituals of her first year Abhdeeham. We were greatly guided in this effort by Sri Swaminathan Sastrigal, a 92 year old priest on first day rituals. Yesterday we completed the devasam (Which guides mother's soul -one year journey to heaven) which took about 3 hrs with all devasam rituals etc.  Seetharaman, the main priest did a fabulous job which mother would have approved. (He was also one to lead us for all the 13 days of rituals including the cremation, as well as monthly rituals in coordination with our family priest Mr Ramamurthy).

Today, we performed, subhasreeharam with Navagraha, Ayush homam. 6 priests were present. So from tomorrow it is back to business as usual after 355 days or so with all rituals, celebrations in order. 

We plan to visit Karaikudi / Karisulthamangalam (Tinnaveli) next week. 

PL find few photos taken today. Gayathri, Anand, Chinna (Mom’s brother) was present all 3 days. 

We are thankful to everyone for their support in terms of words, resources, logistics, rituals, cooking food... It is deeply appreciated. I am sure mother would have seen everything from up there and would have approved of it! 

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Last Picture of MOM! (20/3/21)

20th March is my sister Gayathri's birthday. (We named our home at Karaikudi after her when she was born when house was under construction)! 

Gayathri was here that week, on 20th March 2021 to see Mother, as it was apparent that mother was in her final stretch. 

I clicked a picture of me, mom, Gayathri,  Veni, (Right to left) along with Lalitha before Gayathri and Veni left for Airport. That was final picture of Mom. She passed away on 1st April 145am. 

Mother's First Annual Rituals (Varushabdhikam)

From tomorrow (Sunday, 20th March) for the next 3 days we shall be performing the First Annual rituals for our mother (Mrs. Vijaya Balasubramanyam, w/o. Late Dr TMB CECRI Karaikudi) here at Amritkala, Bangalore. The 3rd day event on Tuesday, 22nd, is to celebrate her life and restore normal order. 

Anand and Gayathri shall be reaching Bangalore, in joining me for the rituals. Veni wouldn't be able to make it due to some commitment. 

On 1st April 2022, (The date of departed) I plan to be in Gayathri Niwas,Karaikudi, (With Lalitha) and celebrate her life with people there (She spent almost 60 years there 1963-2021) as well as perform some rituals to restore order there for the house was locked out for 14 months. I also have plans to visit a few temples around seeking athmaa shanthi. (Which she loved, but couldn't make it on many occasions!). 

We still can not believe that she is not around, as my colleague, Clyde Roe, said when my father passed away, that "It would take you some time for you to refer your father in past tense and you always feel is he is around" One year on, it is always that kind of feeling that she is around, only to realise that she is not there with us anymore and reality hits you!.

19th March 2022

Monday, September 13, 2021

ABBA is BACK!! What a moment!!!

All of last week, I was violently sick with various symptoms! Covid test was negative, as were blood tests for Dengue, etc etc.... It was hell of a week for me and more so for the family who have to endure the emotions of some strange blood, urine tests and visits almost every day to the panel of doctors (sometimes 10miles one way!!).......I am slowly recovering, but consultations /diagnosis are half way. I hope to conclude the way forward in the next 10days as doctors are waiting for the effects of antibiotics to set in for a further week and decide the course of action! The week could not have been worse!!

Come, 10am Sunday Morning, Radha says, Dad did you notice? ABBA Has come with 2 new Songs, and they are planning to tour, and the new Album release is on NOV 5th!!! Boy!! OH BOY!! My whole perspective changed that instant!!! Gone were the crushing body pain, Fatigue,  & Excruciating knock on feeling on the groin!! Makes you wonder, if your sickness is in mind!! 

Ever since, I have listened to both the new songs, no less than 10 times in 24 hrs!! As a person who grew up with the music of Karen Carpenter, ABBA (Esply "Frida") and Benjamin Orr (The Cars) who are legends (Benny and Karen Gone to be in a better place!!) in my college/ Hostel days, with their songs playing on your cassette player / Shortwave radio, to keep you company along with endless cigarettes and cups of tea to carry you through your studies/ examination!!!  I always felt with no hope ABBA Return, the music of my time is over, done & Dusted! So the feeling now that they are back is just indescribable!! The last time I checked chart toppers I think was in 1986 or so and then the interest in music just faded away!! 

I am pretty sure both the songs which are already in the chart top notch (#8, 14) in the UK and Album presale orders are historic will be rewriting Music history!! The number of views on youtube is close to 30 Million in 8 days!! I also strongly feel that people who are below 45 in age, would now know what real music is all about, as ABBA last #1 was in 1980!! I am certain, "VOYAGE" will leave as much of an impression as "WATERLOO" did almost 50 years ago, which brought ABBA to the world through the EuroVision Winning entry!!

I can't wait to grab the album. The 2 songs trigger the fond memories of so many ABBA hits!! 

DON'T SHUT ME DOWN  (This is just a masterpiece!)!!! 

Of course, It all began, 


Frida at 76!! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Radha Vaccination!

 After so much near miss, chaos, non availability of slots, Radha today managed to get her first round of Vaccination done. Covishield was administered at Vikram Hospital through walk in process! Her colleague who lives near the hospital noted the event happening and informed her to get the vaccination done! Radha's 2nd dose shall be after 15th Aug 2021.

Meanwhile Lalitha's 2nd dose is now pushed back due to new Government directive to around 29th June 2021. 

I am hearing cases of people passing away even after 2 rounds of vaccination.  We lost our relative this week, aged 74 due to such situation. (Google Breakthrough infection!).... So all of you take care, keep distance, avoid crowds, and stay safe!! 


25th May 2021. 

Karaikudi Visit (31/3- 3/4)

I wanted to carry out some rituals post mother passing away here at Bangalore, (Which are monthly, quaterly etc) at Karaikudi. However, due ...