Saturday, April 22, 2017

When Idiots Govern us?, Science Tech is Scarry?? Anxiety?? Emmanuel Macron!

1) I would be on Business Travel, Sunday-Thursday, in Madras and Chandigarh. I hope to catch up with Social Media folks, time permitting.

I am aware that we are governed by Idiots of Ministers and ably supported by inept bureaucrats, IAS IPS officers! How else can you explain Rs. 10lacs (25,000$) being spent to cover river with thermocol sheets to prevent evaporation in summer!!! Don't believe me? Read this! (TAMIL
Minister inaugurating Thermocol sheets to cover River @ Madurai! 

I am amazed to read that Israel which has a hostile environment, has been working on Genetically modified bacteria system to detect mines and explosives. Looks too much unbelievable stuff! On the science front, next to fake news, be ready for fake voice appears real to leave hoax messages which can cause disaster in your voice mail etc!! Wonder where tech deception will end? 

It was intriguing to see this data on Score vs Anxiety matrix!! India is missing? I was joking that our kids would give anxiety to others as well as marks would be NEGATIVE for malpractices!! 
Competition score vs Anxiety 
With the French election1st round less than 24 hours away, the most unpredictable one in recent times,it is make or break for France/Europe. With 11 contenders in the fray, choosing the top 2 to go to Round 2 on May 8th is a hazardous guess. However, I am hopeful, that centrist Emmanuel Macron the 39 year old former civil servant and banker would be one of the two to make the cut. It was interesting to read Macron has married Bridgette,a woman 24 years elder to him. She was his teacher !!! Can't think of any popular figure doing that globally!!! 

Macron with his wife, 24 yrs older than him!!

Take it easy take care, Stay Safe.
22/4/17,1330 Hrs.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

118, Elevator, Turkey, 8 yr boy!!!!

1) When you are really hungry and look out for lot of good food, no better place than "RAJDHANI" Awesome dinner last night!! Boy wasn't I hungry, it was a loooooong day!! 

I wrote about the 117 year old woman yesterday in my blog! Today, the world's oldest person born in the 19th century died in the 21st century! Emmar Morano of Italy born 1899, died this week. What a life!! What a blessing?? 

I was listening during the morning walk on 50 Things that changed the world and made the modern economy as what it is! Today the topic was on elevators!! What a change it has brought about! Intriguing to hear China requires 360,000 Elevators every year!!! Here is the man who made all sky scrappers possible 1845 through safety catch device for elevators thus making it safe!

Elisha Otis

Today is referendum on constitutional change in Turkey. A crucial vote is taking place now with results expected by late night. Like, Modi, Orban, Putin, Recep Tyyap Erdogan, who started governance of AKP few years back, on a lot of promise is now marching Turkey towards Dictatorial and Islamic regime which can give sweeping power to the president and destroy the 97 year old secular Republic AttaTurk built! I hope Turks many of whom I have interacted in my business days, vote sensibly and defeat his ideas. Would they? 

I leave you with an awesome news of 8 yr boy driving car for 4 yr old sister to MacD!! No Traffic rules broken! Guy learnt driving from youtube!!  ahahha!!

Take care, stay safe, God bless

16/4/17 1145am.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

117, Dare to Die, Bernie Madoff,Freebees curse!

1) I am back in Twitter after 100 days absence, I was amazed to see in the 100 days I was away Twitter has added many features which filters info and keeps you away from trolls. While this is 7 years late, it is better late than never.

2) Radhu did a super job of setting things for the Tamil new year, Friday. She puts her mind, it is marvel! 

It was amazing to hear the experience of 117 year old lady! (She is same age as my late grandfather) World was very different. She says she used to see 1 car in entire district back then and she is puzzled by the traffic jams at Nairobi! 

Move Over Russian Roulette the art of taking one life!! Extreme selfie norms to take risk and be lose it is the norm in Russia!! 

Angela Nikolau, the Russian Daredevil Girl Who Climbs Most Dangerous Places to Take a Selfie

I am a huge Robert De Niro watcher, but my movie watching has taken a back seat with fewer than movie a year at most over the last dozen years( I think, 6 in 17 perhaps!). However, I am booking my time to watch the "WIZARD OF LIES" RDN, playing the role of Bernie Madoff! Got to watch how a man can manipulate 50BN$....?? 

I am leaving with Image that came in whatsapp, Freebees are making lazy as well as becoming expectations..... Sad part is this getting across the country!
Take it easy, take care, Stay Safe God bless!!!
15/4/17 0920am

Monday, April 03, 2017

#250, My Top ten Pick out of 249!!! First amongst Equals!

Housekeeping:- 1) CamScan a cool scanner app, Son showed me how to work that!!
                         2) Smart device cooler good phone app to reset overused background apps and cool phone.
As Indicated, this is my 250th BLOG POST. I started blogging NOV 2005 and was practically done with for good 4 years. I thought with Face book, Twitter peaking, that blog posts would vanish! How wrong I was? With lot of abuse, Hijacking by Political goons and their monkey followers, many sane people feel Blog posts are the way to go and is a right way to express without abusive trolls. 

So in this post, I look back at my 249 posts and choose the top 10. I am sure that I put the time, effort,dig deep to post each one of them so all posts are equally favorite. But these 10, I can say are first amongst Equals.
  1. Family First, F**K the rest, always my core philosophy, works superb 45+ years! Rare business visit, Lalitha and Kids accompanied me. November 2005. Amritkala JUL 2009! 
  2. Exit Monsanto, Enter Honeywell, Aug 2006. Great 12 year International HSE corporate career & Global exposure. Pleasure to work with such team,colleagues.I can not think of a single instance, where my colleagues, team or my boss let down each other or failed on deliverable..... 
  3. All my overseas trips  were special in the 20 years,this one extra special hitting 190Km speed on drive between Frankfurt to Hamburg 2006. 
  4. My first flight,was at age of 30,(Long after marriage) and overseas visit at 32!hahha!Radhu managed her visits, a lot lot early at 14. Her US scholarship visit a key highlight and changed her outlook of life...... 
  5. Aug 2007, Baby India at 60, my 44 thoughts, ( I was 44 then), for me 1971 war greatest memory to cherish and carry.Would I even care to post adding 10 more, come Aug 2017, No chance!! Country has gone to dogs, especially in the last 3 years,beyond redemption!!
  6.  I rightly predicted OBAMA would land as POTUS , Jan 2008! His presidency mediocre, but Trump circus makes you feel he did a super job! 
  7. Spousal Jealousy; jealous of working spouse!! interesting!! 2009! I am aghast at people carrying relationship beyond workplace!! How the hell they do that, Man u got to be kidding ??? 
  8. 2010, Global Economic Crisis, my FURLOUGH days!! Man I tell you! That gave me the confidence to go my own! Its been tough sail, but OK! 
  9.  2011 Steve Jobs Death!! What an Impact!! My addiction to internet 1999, 10 years post in 2009!! 
  10. My 100th Post, Knowing my nature of not sticking to things other than Indian Wife, 50,100,150, 200, now 250!! some achivement!!! I plan and promise to post #500 before 2020!! 
I leave you with the picture that captivated me!! hahah!!! So true!! ( I have posted this in BLOG can't seem to find the link in 249!!) 

And the Video, that I almost died laughing even after 12 years!!! Those days  2005 when this floated, no BLOG to link videos!! Now I can!!!  hahahahhahahahhahahahhah!!!!HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! BOY!!!  #Deepavali_Petronas_Tamil !!!! 

Take care, stay Safe, GOD BLESS!
3/4/17. 1230pm! 

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Ram Mandir gayah बाढ़ mein!! Rich to drain Swamp, Ben Frencz! Dog Sniffs breast cancer, Hindu Goons???

1) Lalitha has updated her professional LINKEDIN profile to hit steam on her Math coaching. Please feel free to invite her to connect your professional network if you are a fellow teacher, Coach,parent looking for coaching etc.
2) My Next post would be 250th BLOG POST commissioned in NOV 2005,it has been dozen years. I plan to mark the magical number with the top pick of post I shared. I might work this out soon. World has even changed a lot in these dozen years, the 45 I remember just mind boggling.
3) My Professional HSE BLOG is taking great shape.It gives me good to chance to think and apply practical aspects of safety. Nearing 2000 Hits! So a shout out here for propagation. 

Looks like the only issue which the solution seem to have been arrived in spite of inept, inefficient, incompetent Modi government has found road block. I am not surprised that RAM MANDIR case is gone on go slow mode as it appears now. This was one of a very few hope/ reason I voted MODI government but knowing BJP buggers,I should have known better!! Their lobbying to influence thinking is next to nothing!! As Lalitha has a favourite saying" மேல் மாடி காலி" No Indian news media covered this!! Now the state government in UP more focused on baning mutton, chicken and who elopes with whom, u can forget development there too!! 
Hahhahah! COOL MEME !!! The lovers on bike in YOGI UP was super!!! 

It was interesting to see Richness of Trump Cabinet? Amazing to see a Man who ran campaign on draining the Washington swamp, has selected people whose net worth would beat top 50 poor countries!? I wonder how poor/Average /middle class Americans who voted Trump would feel? 

Stunning to hear a 98 year old gentleman speaking to BBC about his experience of being the public prosecutor at Nuremberg trials that hunted NAZI Killers!! I cant even comprehend how 22 Einsatzgruppen killing 1 Million people. What was also interesting was he played major part in rescue efforts in WW II and later took to law to hunt the criminals.
Ben Ferencz, Left! 

It was intriguing to say the least to read this article that Dogs can sniff Breast Cancer! Correlations going ballistic?? 

With just six months of training, a pair of German Shepherds became 100-percent accurate in their new role as breast cancer spotters, the Kdog team said. The technique is simple, non-invasive and cheap, and may revolutionise cancer detection
I leave you with the top most dangerous cities! Thankfully ASIA at low scale! Like Sanjayaa we are safe. Also count our lucky star,that, 7 years of Middle east Arab Spring uprising, with all hell holes created, we are in far far safer better place! Thank Almighty! But challenge is would this sustain,may be ok in our life time!! With Hindu fundamentalism on the rise, I am not sure my grandson who would be born, say 2022, wd feel so?? (I am strong believer that if a party like BJP goons got us freedom in 1947,the buggers would have terrozied us (like IS, AQ do now) to shove food through our anus and defecate thro mouth; -bastards)  Remember the secular open outlook Afghan,Iraq 45 years back that even I remember???

Ok, Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless!
2/4/17. 0900 Hrs. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

SIRI, Women, Puzo + Don Corleone 45 Yrs on!! Chinaman!

1) I have spruced up the blog page with new theme. U can also now subscribe to my blog in Email (See widget by the side). If you subscribe, I would send out great collection of books,articles,I have treasured over last 20 years,say once in 3 months, so that you don't feel I spam you!! This morning I had sent out such to my Safety BLOG subscribers!.
2) People wonder, why I use this color of text in my posts, (I also use this for all my default email communication). While I keep beard, modelling my boss 86-88, this font is picked up from my another Indian boss to whom I was administratively reporting. I felt this font/colour gives the impact!! So stuck to it over the last 15+++ years or so!!

OK, Man Technology going awesome, 4 year boy calls emergency saves mom's life. I have also read Amazon Echo being used for murder investigation. It was interesting to read that SIRI voice was a person
Karen, Jon, Susan (R) is voice many hears!! 
who failed singing audition and was told to read documents for hours!! 

Here is Susan, speaking about her SIRI experience,

It has been 57, years since the first woman leader took office!! Ever since it has been a uphill struggle for them. I was listening to BOSS FILES last night and it was mentioned that value women create at work is equal to GDP of CHINA!! Amazing stat that!! I also wonder is woman gender equality going anywhere??? I wonder where India stands?? 

This week Marks the 45th Year of the GODFATHER having arrived big time!!
 Can't believe can you?? so much impact! I was glad I read the book first back in 1979, before watching the movie in my teens to appreciate the movie! Mario Puzo, what an author to dish out such a class and Marlon Brando /Al Pacino/Robert Dual fit superb, to create flesh to the character!!

My best and ever lasting scene is from PART-II Robert De Nero- RENT Scene!! below, ahahahahhahhahahh! வெளு !!!! Having Italian American colleagues, the story they tell of real events just stuns you!!! Puzo didn't write FICTION!!! 

hahahah!! Many Indian cricket followers would have heard CHINAMAN first time yesterday!! Such a shallow following, I am seeing 10s of articles on what/ who / How Chinaman type of Bowling over the hoopla some kid in town!!(கேன பயலுவ) I go back 45 Years!

Here is the famous Delivery from Sir Gary!

Incidentally,25 years back today, Pakistan won the world cup! what a lucky jail escape at Adelaide and then won !! for me the world cup was this delivery memorable

Like Lee CHILD in 2002,
where I stumbled on Reacher, I found another great author in TOM WOOD!! English authors' fiction is pure Class! Tom's works around an Assassin called Victor,I am in to #1 halfway I find it very intriguing and a page turner with so many finer details of military intelligence! I am told so far 8 books are out or so!! 

Take care, stay safe, god bless! Subscribe to my blog.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shame, Hotel Rwanda,WMD, 60Years!!

Housekeeping:- Lalitha is getting calls from friends and relatives on my lull in Face book and Twitter!! hahahah!!! I am off 100 days. Back in April in Twitter and June in FB! I post my blog link and would respond to any professional posts (Safety etc in Face book) Glad to know people bother about me!!Makes feel good!! Thanks.

It is beyond shock to read that a Marati MP has trashed the Air India duty officer at Delhi airport!! No surprise in a larger sense! This comes at the same time as Tobias Ellwood,British MP, who is a war veteran, tried to save the life of Police constable stabbed by the terrorist! No wonder Churchill said, Indians cant govern and crooks of first order!! What a shame, disgrace to have such folks governing us!! God save this country! I am glad that the Airlines have taken a tough stand!!! (Bloody hell, Ted Kennedy was on no fly list!! so this idiot MP should be grounded for life) I hope they stick it it and don't yield!

Hotel Rwanda was a grim tragedy!!I am now glad a new chapter is worked with Cricket taking up the healing and reconciliation in this tribal strife torn country. Paul Kagame is a leader who has better plans for the country. I hope it works out......

hahahha! WMD = NO not Weapons of mass destruction!! Give a listen Awesome! Some women don't get recognised!! intriguing!! (WMD widespread, mysterious and destructive algorithms) 

I am astonished at the pessimistic outlook of Indian think tank over future of Europe! I agree BREXIT was jerk out of blue! But I am sure, the course correction has begun with expected course in Holland, (No one knew who was Dutch PM- Mark Rutte is until Geert Wilders came to limelight) I am very positive with all scandals breaking out over Russian meddling in US elections. France and Germany would use common sense and keep out the LePens and Deutsch, Right wing AfD away. I am positive Merkel would get 4th term like her mentor, Helmut Kohl did.

Take care, stay safe, god bless
26/3/17 1550 Hrs.

When Idiots Govern us?, Science Tech is Scarry?? Anxiety?? Emmanuel Macron!

Housekeeping:- 1) I would be on Business Travel, Sunday-Thursday, in Madras and Chandigarh. I hope to catch up with Social Media folks, ti...