Saturday, May 19, 2018


1) This week completes,10 years of Registering "Amritkala" It is Lalitha's sheer determination and guided missile concept. (It was another 12 months before we moved in)! The ups and downs these 120 months has been staggering!!!All, I can say the worst is over and enjoy the stay. Just months in to purchase, 2008, Global economic crisis shook my job (It gave awesome resilience) I must tell you!!

2) Doctors here said, Mom when she left for Muscat said, the clean air there would do wonders to her health!! Imagine Mom saying to me this week, (5 days after landing) that she has no cough, no breathlessness etc!! Goes to show how much contaminated our Environment is????

It would be grave injustice If I dont write about Karnataka outcome! My Face book posts have covered some.  The Myth that Bastards/Bakwas Jumla party is with difference is gone to cleaners!! They want to grab power at any cost for the booze, mining money that would be spinner for 2019 elections. As this article points out! 

Interesting to read this Economist Article on How SM overindulgence can lead to Mental issues! I totally agree!! Stay away from interaction as much, even then have lot of safeguards as to whom you want to engage with!!

3) Savage Mothers, hahahh! BOY!! Thank god I escaped my time!! I am sure some mothers wd be such!!

Gina Haspel confirmed First Female Director of CIA!! 54-45!! What was interesting was out of 22 Lady Senators, only 9 (7+2) voted for her!! 11 out of 13 Democratic Senators rejected her nomination! So Women won't rally around another woman for a cause! Hillary also another example. Very clear, we wont see a Female POTUS for soon!! It was astounding to see all Intelligence agency (CIA, FBI, NIA, NSA) rallied around her and called her the best person to lead the agency. 

hahahah!! I leave with some MEME!! BJP celebrated too soon!!

Till, next week, take it easy, take care.
God Bless Karnataka

Saturday, May 12, 2018


1) Mom flew out to #Muscat this week. Indigo was of great help in her transit at Bombay. But I am surprised now a days International bags are not through checked when she did at Hyderabad. Wonder why? 

2) Lalitha and I tried Metro on our way back post our annual health checks. It was seem less transit at Majestic. The crowd was massive even at 11am. While the time taken was same, it is a very cost effective way for travel. 

It is a Political earthquake in Malaysia. Who would have thought that the ruling party which governed the country for last 60 years lost out! Dr Mahathir was a major catalyst in the process thus becoming the oldest leader to govern a country at 92. The role played by Anwar Ibhrahim who is in prison to rally the opposition to unite is massive. Of course, the corruption was so much (4Bn$) that even Malays like stupid Indians put up with corrupt politicians felt enough is enough. It will be interesting how the opposition parties who are now in power, take the country forward as different groups have come together putting aside their differences to defeat the corrupt government. The ethnic divide Dr Mahathir created is too much of a rot/divisive, so wonder how they shall overcome? 

Donald Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have sort of pulled a coup. The meeting at Singapore on June 12th would be an event which world would watch with battered breath. To imagine such an event even 3 months would have been idiotic as people would say! I think Trump's aggressive stance worked and people realised he is not a guy to work politically correct stance. I wonder if Kim would give up his nuclear Arsenal for economic growth? Interesting times ahead! This meeting reminds me of Regan- Gorbachev summit of 1980s!! 

I am about to finish James Comey's book. One of non fiction /biography which goes at a speed of Fiction. Comey has given lucid account of working of FBI, Leadership qualities and justifying why he did what he did, which appears very convincing!! Another leader, who owes his success so much to his wife and women leader!! (Like me???? ahhahah). His account of Trump is not flattering, but not surprising, I agree Trump like Indian politician has developed an entitlement and works such results matter! 

Wow, 45 years back this happened at EUROVISION contest!! tonight you would find a winner at Portugal. The competition has spread many a miles and instant access. 

This is awesome video! U blame Muslims that they say Allah for everything !! hehehhe! Gujju's god worshipping is frightening!!

This video is going viral!! hahahahhH!! They have converted this to MODI as event happened in Nigeria.

Here are some more MODI Memes! heheheh!! Veluh!!
Hahhahhahh! Dr Swamy is losing his sense off late!! But when you are with MODI everything wd go downhill !!! 

Modi serving food tea to Baghat Singh 1928 Lahore Jail hahah!! 

Take it easy, take care, god bless

Sunday, May 06, 2018


1) Cousin is getting married today at Madras,the last one of our gen to get int to wedlock.We couldn't make as it is not 1 year since dad passed away!She was 1 year during my marriage. Goes to show gap those days between first and last child (even in my case 12 years)......Gayathri is representing the family. 

2) This week marks the 25th Wedding day for my sister Gayathri, I was going through old pictures, got this!! She was caretaker for Radhu at Karaikudi 1992, and dad would beat her in trademark towel bashing (Roll towel and smash) if Radhu cries even a bit!! hahahhah!!!! என்ன திண்டாட்டம் திண்டாடி இருக்கார் அப்பா!! ஹஹஹஹ்ஹ்ஹஹ்!
3) I saw this photo in Sky news of baby Charlotte kissing Louis the new born prince, Nothing like the elder sister brother!! Radhu was so possessive of her brother!! hahahhah!!!
Shravan Radhu 1995!! Time flies!!!
This week Jet Airways completes 25 years of Flying in India. I remember my first flight in 1995 Hyderabad to Bombay ( I was living Ankleshwar incidentally May 1993 was my first flight so 25 years of flying). They set very high standards for flying and taking Jet flight domestic or international was pleasure to look forward. The workmen agitation ( I think 2005 or so) dented its image and it never got back the elite image. Even last week, in my 9W 477, toilet didn't function at ground!! India that is problem reaching top is easy but staying there is tough. Still great airliner to fly.
The great Ratan Tata father of Indian aviation coming out first flight 5th May 1993. 
I am so glad the Russians have taken to streets denouncing Thug Putin, this on 200th birth Anniversary of Karl Max. I wish them success and dethrone that Crook. Tall order but not impossible. I loathe communism and it has always brought evil and trouble. In a sense China denounced and moved on  ( Not to the extent of BJP they worse) 

I am not surprised that Trump organisation is engaged in rampant corrupt practises in INDIA! Lodha with whom Trump Inc is associated has all cases dropped. They prime sponsor to BJP and Goon Modi. 

“In India or other countries,” Painter said, “it seems to give the impression that if you do favors for the Trump business, you get favors from the U.S. government.”

I came across these intersting indexes!! India long way to go!! 

Personal income tax rate Sweden: 61% Japan: 56% Netherlands: 52% Israel: 50% Germany: 47% Australia: 45% China: 45% France: 45% UK: 45% Italy: 43% Norway: 38% US: 37% India: 35% Mexico: 35% Turkey: 35% Canada: 33% Indonesia: 30% Brazil: 27% Pakistan: 20% Russia: 13% Saudi: 0%

Interest rate. Argentina: 40% Iran: 18% Egypt: 16.75% Nigeria: 14% Turkey: 8% Mexico: 7.5% Russia: 7.25% Brazil: 6.5% Vietnam: 6.25% India: 6% Pakistan: 6% China: 4.35% Saudi: 2.25% US: 1.75% Australia: 1.5% S Korea: 1.5% Canada: 1.25% UK: 0.5% Eurozone: 0% Japan: -0.1%

Cities by total wealth. ($ trillion)
New York City: 3 London: 2.7 Tokyo: 2.5 San Francisco: 2.3 Beijing: 2.2 Shanghai: 2 Los Angeles: 1.4 Hong Kong: 1.3 Sydney: 1 Singapore: 1 Chicago: 0.98 Mumbai: 0.95 Toronto: 0.94 Frankfurt: 0.91 Paris: 0.86 (New World Wealth)

Total military spending between 1993 and 2016. ($ trillion) US: 11.2 China: 1.8 France: 1.2 UK: 1.1 Japan: 1.1 Germany: 0.94 Russia: 0.88 Saudi: 0.83 India: 0.65 Brazil: 0.45 Turkey: 0.29 Pakistan: 0.12 (SIPRI)

Government spending efficiency, 2018. (of 137 countries) 1. UAE 2. Singapore 3. US 6. Germany 7. Saudi 19. China 20. India 25. Indonesia 27. UK 29. Japan 45. Iran 47. Ethiopia 57. Russia 67. France 74. Spain 103. S Africa 120. Nigeria 121. Mexico 126. Italy 133. Brazil (WEF)

Innovation, 2018. 1. Switzerland 2. US 3. Israel 4. Finland 5. Germany 8. Japan 12. UK 17. France 18. S Korea 28. China 29. India 31. Indonesia 34. Italy 40. Saudi 49. Russia 60. Pakistan 66. Iran 69. Turkey 85. Brazil 86. Ethiopia 112. Nigeria 132. Venezuela (WEF)

I leave you with the 25th year of death of great racing driver this week!! Just can't beleive even now he is gone! 3 World championship!! 41 wins, 65 Poll position, More than that his risk taking just fearfully awesome. RIP !!! Ever linger!!!

Take care, stay safe

Monday, April 30, 2018

Fragility,State of men!Amber Rudd!Anxiety

1) Mother away to Hyderabad for a few days. My Son flew with her Sunday, as caretaker and back in 4 hr visit. His view of Hyderabad airport, #SHITHOLE as I keep saying!! Bangalore class act!  heheheheh!!
2) I am amazed at the crowd that turned up to see Manchester United Theater that was set up in Orion Mall. Class Team, Class Act!! Cantana, Beckham, Rooney, Van Perse etc etc!! No wonder !!! Also the richest club in world. I asked my son to identify all players in poster as I lost interest in the last half dozen years on sports as a whole. 

It was interesting to hear David Cameron talking about the next major issue /concern for the world! FRAGILITY!! too many things are going wrong in too many places (50% countries) !! This can en mass in to a great disaster!! (Conflict, corruption, Illegitimate govt, collapse of systems etc)
We can’t tackle global poverty or, indeed, improve our own security at home, unless we address the challenges caused by state fragility. The Commission aims to generate innovative ideas to help tackle state fragility and state failure, and I am delighted to be working with such a talented team of people.” – David Cameron, Chair

Following "me too" movement in which women rised Ruckus!! (Rightly or wrongly, I still feel most  women take the moral high standing only, when things do not go their way or want to take revenge on men) and justify everything they do in the name of Ambition! I strongly feel keeping a distance from women in general, for me 99% times it is "போங்கடி வெண்ணை,2 அடி  பின்னலா போய் " is the good way to go. (Yes, few trusted women rule 1% of everything causes 99% good or bad!!). So No surprise to hear state of in Nigeria, North Carolina and India in BBC Documentary!! I had written before, the #METOO movement has set back a female US President by good 30 years!!American Men will come out to vote with vengeance to keep women out of office!! 

This is why, I love western press! Once they go for kill they leave even no bone in decimation? !! Nixon etc etc!!!  Of course their politician of west are of high class dignity! here nangaa bugger(ess) hmmm!! our impotent press bastards hand in glove with judiciary, executive , legislature all rotten!! See Madras high court judgement on MLA disqualification! No hope!!
Good Image on Anxiety! People worry needlessly on everything!! If u control, why worry? If you can't control? Why worry too??? hmmm!!

BJP party with no clay between ears or legs!! heheheh

சிவில் சர்விஸ் தேர்வை சிவில் எஞ்சினியரிங் படித்தவர்கள் மட்டும் தானே எழுதனும், எதற்கு மெக்கானிக்கல் எஞ்சினியரிங் படித்தவர்களையும் எழுத அனுமதிக்கனும் -பிப்லாப் தேப், திரிபுரா முதல்வர்!
முட்டை போண்டால முட்டை இருக்கு, அப்ப மைசூர் போண்டால ஏன் மைசூர் இல்லேனு கேட்டா என்னை அடிக்க வர்றாங்கணே...
அடேய் கோமுட்டி தலையா, மாட்டு மூத்திரத்த குடிக்கற பயலுக்கு இம்புட்டு அறிவானு அவங்களுக்கு உம்மேல பொறாமைடா... 
hahahhahahh!!! INDEED!! AGREE
கணவர்கள் தவறு செய்யும்போது,

தினமும் வீட்லயே சாப்ட்டு சாப்ட்டு போரடிச்சி, ஒருநாள் வெளில ஓட்டல்ல சாப்ட நெனக்கறது அப்டி என்ன பெரிய தப்பானு கேக்கறிங்களே,

இதுக்கு எதிர்வினையா,

ஒரே ஆளுக்கு வீட்ல சமைச்சி சமைச்சி போட்டு போரடிக்கு, வெளில யாருக்காச்சும் நாங்களும் சமைச்சி போடலாமானு மனைவிகள் நெனச்சா என்ன பண்ணுவிங்க?

-தோழர் அருள்மொழி!

#திராவிடம்2_0  hahahhahah! AGREE!!!!
Finally, as usual, Fraud மோ(ச)டி climbing 100% electrification, this is truth!! hahaha!!

1) Until 1950 , 0.5% of villages were electrified.
Between 1950-2014 ,. 97% villages were electrified.
2014 - 2018 remaining 3% villages were electrified.
Now let us thank Modiji for electrifying all the 100% villages which congress did nothing 

Until next time, take it easy, take care, god bless

Saturday, April 28, 2018


1)I quit the Whats app group of my school last night!! It was going nowhere,with people having an adverse opinion on anything I post / forwarded and tolerance of my classmates is at rock bottom. It is all about digesting what you don't agree! Sadly they seem to lack it!! I care a hoot, U reach out, I extend! if you don't! I go my way,! I always say " I can be an Island" who cares?? I never believed social media is way to reach out? I know of tens of instances guy with 1000s of followers /like had 0 people turning up on his funeral.

2) It was a trip to Dahej, this week, (2nd GUJ trip in 2 weeks after 11 months, like Italian bus  that comes in pair!!) It was a very short trip in an exhausting heat conditions. It gave me a chance to taste the nylon Khaman from favourite shop "Thakkurs". It was great sign of Gujarat hospitality as the business associate I met was previously unmet person and I just expressed my love for Khaman few hours before. He organised from the shop good 5 miles away....


 Tuli Banejee who is in a common whatsapp grup I am around shared this Facebook post / page. I totally agree with this picture.The country that is on rampage on Rape of female Child and Sodomy of male child must hang its head in shame. National map and pride and other things come later!! I am sure Hindu goons would proclaim that this is a provocative act by some Muslim guys defaming India!! Do you think Hindus like me lack so much common sense that we just blindly forward what we see/receive without applying logic/common sense. The very hallmark is to apply common sense and take a decision. hmmm! இது எல்லாம் அந்த கேன பயலுவலுக்கு எங்க புரிய போகுது? 

Who would have thought that even three months back that North South Korea leaders would sit across table and discuss on peace and Kim and Moon would travel across symbolic border in to other territory. Things happened so fast that it took while to comprehend. While much of it could be symbolic and world need to treat Kim's gesture with little more caution and wait/watch. Still, 27th April would go in history as a red letter day! I guess the new generation of leaders like Kim (30s) MBS (32) Emmanuel Macron (40) bring different perspective to thinking and take the world forward. I wish India finds some new leader in their 20s or 30s who can take the mantle and fight head on! Time to old கேன பயலுவ திருடன்ஸ் like Modi, BJP Pigs or Rahul etc. Country's system are in mess with Legislature, Executive, Press and judiciary rotten beyond redemption at this stage! A clean up would require good 10-15 years. I doubt but?? In a sense, we Crooked Indians deserve this.
It was glad, I stumbled on Colet Selwyn,Tamil Boy setting English music on fire in UK! What a voice and give a listen! Super Deep Bass voice!! He is a Biomedical Engineering Student.... Amazing talent! 
After 7 years, GMAIL has rediscovered itself, I like the new look, tools that have been added. This should really help improve productivity. 1.4 Billion people who use every day would benefit.

With me around in town for good 10 days, I plan to complete books by James Comey and David Baldacci. Baldacci's Amos Decker is cool charecter with 0 memory loss!! Comey also explain how losing his child made him a better leader!! Time flies, 9th May is around the corner the day Comey was fired!

Also is about looking to Manchester United Theatre and Sheraton discount on food possibly explored.

Take it easy, take care, god bless

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Road to Unfreedom,Barbara Bush,BroCode,35 years!!!

1) I was away on Business travel to Mehsana, GUJ this week. I was not aware that Sidhpur the place I visited, is where it is customary for son's to carryout rituals for the Departed Mother's soul. Ghaya is the one for Father. I should work the dad's some time later this year. Great trip to Gujarat after 10 months. Awesome food as usual. 

2) My visit to #HOSUR for 2 days, Saturday, took me to an awesome temple 20 Kms away, peaceful setting with greenery and flowing river!!  (Dakshina Tirupathy)  

I am reading Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder, an awesome book on Thug Putin's manipulation of Russian system and deception he brings in the name of "Eurasia -expansion of Russian federation". Putin,like MODI works only for TV entertainment for people, never mind the Fridge is empty and people are starving and living in a low self esteem. Modi, Putin wants people to live in the past legacy without caring for future. Modi is also dreaming of Akhanda Bharat.

This week saw the passing away of the Second First lady,who was wife to a president and also a mother to another #POTUS! Barbara Bush, 92, joins Abigail Adams in the rarest of rare list. Exactly 200 years after Abagail died in 1818. I recollect "Dubiya" covering in his book, how Barbara felt the engagement ring "41" presented was not a Sapphire but a blue stone!! hahah!!! Married for 73 years, well live life!

hahahhahhhahahah!! Brocode to rescue!! Man I tell you these men!!! I cant even Imagine or even in dream, Lalitha asking me where the heck I had been the night before??? போடி வெண்ணை would have been my answer!! 

Can't believe 35 years (This month) has flown in a flash! what an album!!! Masterly songs!!! I think I must have listened 1000s of times!! No wonder rated 13th best at 100 best all time favourite albums of the music world! Every breath you take would by itself be in top 10 all time single favourites.
Wrapped around your Finger

Every Breath you take!!!

King of pain 

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Podcasts,4years!400*,Multipliers,FUCK YOU!

1) Happy  விளம்பி புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் (The Tamil new year is Vilambi) Lalitha in her elements to arrange for morning worship. This year low key affair. 

2) I quickly checked the walking time/month! Average 75 Hrs over last 15 months!! That is 21/2 hrs a day. Not bad. I should push to 90 or so !! I guess possible in II Half when heat is less to sap you.

I started listening to podcasts in 2006 when I procured my 80 Gb Ipod and synced the podcast to ITUNES. Podcasting has come a long way over the last 12 years. ( I must have listened to good 25,000 episodes at 10 a day!) It was heartening to read that Podcast is now on road show with sold out performance. Amazing way to go!!  Continuing on podcasts, I stumbled up on "Coaching for leaders" by Dave Stachowiak. Also I look forward to commencement of Death in Ice valley BBC podcast of 47 year murder mystery! 

Child born after 4 years of death of parents, in CHINA!! Amazing story!! I wonder how far science/technology would go? 

This week also marks 14 years of  400 for Brain Lara, the only man to recover a World record in Cricket!! I savour the 375 in Antigua than 400!!! 
Lara 375 Antigua 

I am reading "MULTIPLIERS" an awesome book by Liz Wiseman, She describes characteristics of leaders who multiply abilities in their team vs Diminishers! Awesome book more so I could relate to 90% of my leaders over 27 years of my corporate life who were all multipliers. I owe my success to them.

I leave you with a secret, why Lalitha and I never went to movies not one in 28 years, this is how I would have told her to be with me in movie theatre!! heheheheh

On a sombre note, my heart goes out to the 8 year old girl and 16 yr teen! Where is this country heading? Shame on any one defends this in the name of party, religion! "FUCK YOU"

Take care, god bless, take it easy.



#321 Housekeeping:- 1) This week completes,10 years of Registering "Amritkala" It is Lalitha's sheer determination and guid...