Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dei Trump! Collaborate with enemy! 0 Hour! Men's day???

Housekeeping:- 1) Today (10th March) is Dad's 8th Month ceremony. As usual Lalitha was in her elements (I just wonder, what I would do without her!!),this time additional burden of finding a Priest as our regular priest is hospitalised. My Nephew (Gayathri's only son) Prashant is here to attend the event. (Prashant was in UK doing his studies when dad passed away in August). We 3 bearded men!!! ahhahah!! Like me, he stopped watching movies at 23, says how the fuck he wasted 21/2 hrs each time!!  ( I did at 25, 1989) hahahhah!!!

Me, Shravan, Prashant.
2) Air Asia experience this week to Hyderabad is pleasant experience. Good leather seats, Recline (!!) as well as hot food besides faster checkin for baggage's. ( I have decided to drop bag with the condition that it comes up first!! Happened both times!).... I think I may say Goodbye to Indigo forever soon.


Amazing, Awesome, Astonishing, Trump is just doing the impossible! Steel Aluminium tariff!! No one could have imagined, as if this is not enough, he just stunned the South Korean delegation with Oh, Yes arrange meeting!! WOW! This is just going beyond!! Trump is setting world on fire! Another matter people don't trust him and resign enmass from White House! All Said & done needle moving unlike மூதேவி மொகரக்கடை மோடி பரதேசி பய!! hahahah!!
In the flight,finished reading an awesome book "Collaborating with the enemy" Just mind blowing to bend your mind!! hahahhahah! For a HIGH "D" like me, who care a hoot generally for fellow human being with "I DONT HAVE MIND, YOU DONT MATTER" a few things to learn and enage! Awesome aspects.... 

1997, Pre 9/11 no cyber era, No Google, No High speed internet, Mobiles, Cameras,  How do you chase a terrorist you try to blow New York Wall Street Area!! Well Read "ZERO HOUR"! Finder in his best elements. I just could not put down!! 

Hhahah! What the fuck is Men's day? When is that! Here is the video!! 

Take it easy, take care, stay safe God Bless
10/3/18, 1700 Hrs. 

Friday, March 02, 2018

Lemon Tree, Moscow Club, Sir Everton Weekes, Karen Carpenter !!

1) Radhu and I are back from Hyderabad last night. It was great catching up with some of my workfolks over dinner. 3 hrs just flew!! 3 hrs later, the Telangana Govt put ban order of sale of liquor for 3 days on account of Holi!! hahhahahahh!!
Dinner at Lemon Tree Hyderabad. 
2) March airlines travel is all booked with Air Asia, I have decided to let go Indigo. Their inconsistent policy in implementing everything just irks me! I want predictability and consistency! Let's see! But in India u never know, anything other than Indian wife is a fucking shit!! ahhahahahhahah!!!
It was heartening to see "Lemon Tree" group of hotels which I have been patronising for over a decade, hires hearing impaired personnel as bearers across all its hotels in India!! I have never noticed this all my stay, ( or my inattention as usual) I was told of this during this trip. This is a great gesture by the management and should be commended. 

I stayed awake all night (5 days break, so ok) to finish Moscow Club by Joseph Finder! Any cold war plot is just amazing and page turner. This is no exception. I also finished reading Company Man and Killer Instinct! Finder magic story telling is evident. The plot in both books covers the dirty /dark underside of Corporate dog eating dog competition......

Sir Everton Weekes, who turned 93 this week (26/2) is now the 4th oldest living cricketer! The 3"W"s as Walcott, Worrel and Weekes domination of cricket in 50s was legendary. Wishing him to hit a century in life. God bless.

Today 2/3 is 68th Birth Anniversary of Karen Carpenter! It has been 35+ years since Karen departed this world. The music she dished out were mesmerising even today for her adored fans like me who grew up listening to her music through radio and infrequent. I wonder how crazy we would have been with all the digital /on demand access!! All her numbers are just joy to listen. I leave with my top 3, not in that order. Karen was also a master drummer!!! 
1) Jambalya

2) Please Mr Postman ( I can relate this to my courship days 1990 hahhah)

3) I will say Goodbye love! Listen to the Guitar in the end, just stunning!! 

Take care, god bless
2/3/18 915am 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mhd Shah Rukh Khan, Kadeeja, Mahdavia!

1) Today is the 13th death Anniversary of my Grandmother. Baani ( Banumathy) as she was called, lived an amazing life close to 90 years, calling shots to any one and every one! I cant recollect any one dare contradict her. I grew up listening to all the bed time stories and mythology. She would ask me, If I would cry at her corpse!! As luck would have it, the day she passed away out of nowhere in 2005, I was in Lahore, Pakistan and could not make it to funeral and fulfil her wish! hmmmm! The very reason, I moved to South India soon after Grandfather passed away in 1995 not to miss funerals! Something called destiny! 

Grandmom with Great Grandson -1994!!!
2) While Indigo does good job many times, I am getting frustrated at the service at HYD-BLR sector. The Flight 6E 357 is often inordinately delayed, yesterday it was 80 min late, adding insult to injury is it is Small Planet flight and I always pick up quarrel with Indigo staff at boarding gate over piece of baggage carried. They say only one piece allowed?? Seriously? Business traveller?? I am contemplating change of carrier from March travel plans!

Udaipur travel was a fabulous trip. While it was business trip with 9 to 6pm squeeze, I got some free time to go around the city. This was thanks to great Chauffeur, Mohammed ShahRukh Khan. Great driver and knows the city inside out. So If you are planning travel there Give him a call, I am sure you would not regret it.  You can contact him at  +91 80786 20347 or 7014815626. 

Mhd Shah Rukh Khan Chaffeur at Udaipur!! A fabulous driver and guide!
What more is needed to show India is continent of contrast then the recent Wink Song! Forget the movie part, the song which has gone ruptures with global review as well as causing some conterversy as it reflects the love Kadeeja had for prophet Mhd. This song is more than 45 years old and is a traditional song amongst Muslims in Northern Kerala sung during wedding. A hardcore Muslim from other parts of India may take offence, but not so in Kerala, TN which has its own sets of rules!

Here is old version which is 3 years Old. Mappila is term to Muslims in North Kerala (near Mangalore where I lived 1997-2000)

Manikya malaraya poovi,
(A girl like a pearl flower)
Mahathiyam ka khadeeja Beevi,
[Here highness khadeeja Beevi(RA)]
Makkayenna punya naatil,
Vilasidum Naari,
Vilasidum Naari,
(The woman who lived like a queen in the holy city of Mecca
Haathimunnabeye vilichu,
[She called khathim an Nabbiyyin Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)]
Kacha vadatheen ayachu,
(Sent as in charge of her trade expedition)
Kanda neram khalbinullil,
First sight of him ,Her Qalb (heart) desired him,
Kachavaradum Kayinj,
Muthrasoolulla vann,
(Blessed Rasoolullah (PBUH) came back after expedition)
Kaliyana aaalojanaikyaay
Beevi Thunij.. Beevi Thunij..
(To marry the Prophet was the Beevi desire)
Another Muslim driver, Another fabulos story, to hear from Syed Burhan my driver at Hyderabad. Actually "Syed" originates from branch of Islam which practices, Mahdavia. He actually said, very different from Shia and Sunni form Islam and practiced mostly in Hyderabad, Amdavad, Lucknow! His views very different and interesting discussions over two days! 
Take it easy, take care God bless

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Good Job #INDIGO!!

I am back home from Udaipur, I was away on business travel.

When I landed this morning at Bombay airport at 1030am via 6E 748, ( 20 min early) I casually walked to Indigo counter to check if there are earlier connection to Bangalore. (1240 pm there is one) to my surprise the Indigo staff were in animated conversation. When I asked what happened? They replied that my flight 6E 3177 scheduled for 1545 Hrs had been cancelled ( as were three more BLR flights for the day) due to congestion, Fog early morning at Bangalore and Dumb ass Idiot திருட்டு பய  Modi bugger visiting Bombay, thus causing air traffic congestion.

Being a global traveller, I calmly told them take me to Bangalore via any route!! Which was delight to them, so they tried Trivandrum, Cochin, Madras and then connecting to Bangalore. After few minutes I was given boarding pass for Bombay -Madras-Bangalore with me reaching home around 2200 hrs instead of 1800 Hrs. All flights were going full as were other airlines to which these guys tried reaching out for direct travel. 

The story didn't end there, after I finished sec check at at 130pm, I got a call from Indigo staff who helped me with the above arrangement, that the flight 3177 was restored and they have reissued my boarding pass and baggage tag !( I checked bag when I know it was a long haul to home) The female staff who helped me came to security gate and handed the new boarding pass which was above and beyond their call of duty.

The flight was delayed by an hour. I reached home now. ( 2 hrs earlier than 2200 hrs scheduled via Madras)

The Indigo staff did a super job. Yes they also acknowledged my coolness and suggestion to take me home somehow rather than hell bent on going direct.....

Few good people exist, yes as I told Indigo staff, everything in India including few Indigo staff are inconsistent. But Bombay team has always helped me when I reached out to them!! 
Good Job once again. 
18/2/18 2000 Hrs. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

RIP- Bevan Congdon!!!

News came at 4pm in ESPN on the passing away of  former cricket captain of New Zealand, Bevan Congdon, today, a day short of his 80th Birthday.

Bev, is most remembered for his fighting knock of 176 in the 4th Innings chasing 475 to win vs England at Trent Bridge, with Victor Pollard, he almost took them to heroic victory falling short by 38 runs or so. That was my first BBC test match special Audio commentary back in 1973. The next innings at Lords, he made 175 and took NZ for  a 300 run first innings lead only for England to escape with a draw.

His ultimate leadership moment came next year, when NZ beat Australia in ChristChurch in 1974 for their first test win over Australia. 

Congdon, Glen Turner, Victor Pollard with Richard Collinge formed the bed rock of New Zealand cricket which went to produce legends like Hadlee, Crowe, Coney!! His leadership made New Zealand to be a team to be respected and lot of individuals combine to deliver the results a hallmark of Team sport.

Rest in peace. 


45 Year wait over! When, Company Man,Miss you Karen!


1) I am back from Karaikudi last night (Late night Indigo; very unusual, 1 hr delay). Lalitha and I had been there to perform the 6th month rituals of Dad. Time just flies. Dad's first anniversary ritual dates are scheduled for 4,5,6 and 7th AUG 2018, it would arrive in a blink of an eye!!! 

2) On way back during stop over at Madurai last evening, this picture triggered memories. The painting is good 60 years old. Still maintained intact at my cousin's home. There used to be a 0 watt bulb ( mini) that would serve as night lamp during 1960s attached to this portrait and I as 6 year kid used to fall asleep staring at it......

1) As I am now totally away from Twitter, Facebook, as well as other Web interactions, I get plenty of time to read books as well as catch up on movies. So It was awesome moment this week. In 1973-75 Window, great movies like 1) Fear over the City, 2) Cold Sweat got released. The movie tickets would cost 1 Re. (Then US 15 cents), but it would be a dream to get that much pocket money,so the great movies were given a miss! So the joy was no bound when I got Youtube link to these movies this week. Thanks to Technology, I wont go to grave having missed such a class action movies and more so I have decided never to go to theatres and waste time, it is now my terms and I pull movie rather than entertainment being shoved down my throat.  

2) Finished reading DAN Pink's latest book "WHEN" an awesome read. How timing matters a lot! Also you can check your profile as to you are an owl or a lark. Awesome aspects of Premortem as opposed to post mortem. A must read guide to work timing! 

3) Want to know everything that is FUCKED UP with corporate life! Read Joseph Finder's "COMPANY MAN" a CEO struggle to steer the company! It is fiction, but you can bet your last cent that it is mix of all real incidents that happen at C suite. Finder is a master in exposing the ugly side of corporates. Paranoia was class act. The book gave me awesome company for the 8hr train ride to Karaikudi, Wednesday night!! hahahhah!!!! 
4) This week (4th Feb) marks the 35th Death Anniversary of Karen!! boy time flies!!!! I just can't beleive she is gone for so long!!

Take it easy, take care, God Bless
10/2/18; 1330 Hrs.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Fucked up Education! Awesome Rasgola,மாமி , BJP & Modi Pigs!!!

1) I was back home late night from Hyderabad, to tick in for the 28th Wedding day! I had only missed one year when I was away for a business critical meeting 2003! Family First always!! Nice shirt as gift from Lalitha! Out for Dinner tonight! (Hahhahha! Dad's favourite quote"பர்ஸ் மறந்து போய்ட்டேண்டா" to use tonight !!)!!! 
Nice flowers too from children with an awesome message! 

2) Hyderabad airport becoming one of lousiest, took me 25 min last evening to clear security check and adding to it is the rude CISF folks I have seen ever in Indian airports! It takes 25 seconds every time I check in at Bangalore Airport week after week. May be guys from other Airports should take lessons from BIAL.

3) I am glad India got ass whipped by South Africa. If few things are better than SEX, it is India got hammered in cricket. Over hyped bastards!! (If I hate anything more than ISIS / MODI, it is Indian Cricket hehhehheh) My Wager of India never winning in my life time in Australia and South Africa stands!! 85 years on holds good, not for another 85 years! By then, I would have long fucking gone!!! hehehehheheh!!! Indian cricketer asks a girl out; Girl - Your place or mine?
Indian cricketer - My place, if you want better performance! 
I keep reading articles that Indian education system is fucked up. Plenty of articles in International journals about poor quality students that India dishes out! 90% graduates who are unemployable. I have also experienced when done interviews. If this is a kind of environment in class then there is no hope. 

Rasogla 270 varities!! ahhahah! I should work a plan to make a visit to this shop!! 
Wonder is Lalitha different to South Indian Maami ???? hahahahhahh!!! Read on! 

Why South Indian Husbands remain  disciples of their wives. 

By Dr Perfect Iyer, MD

I will tell you my personal story as to why I remain a disciple to my wife. It is just for survival.

Her multitasking always amazed me, especially when it came to chemistry. It was 8 in the morning.

In the kitchen, my wife was checking the viscosity of the sambar, the solubility of chutney and the permeability of coffee, all at the same time.

The huge number of multisized, multilabel bottles and cans on the shelf in front of her, looked like a 17 th century alchemist lab with containers of different shapes and sizes labeled in Hebrew and Arabic. Hebrew and Arabic you can learn, but here it was a different challenge.

The ‘Horlicks’ bottle contained chili powder, 
The ‘Bournvita’ tin, salt, while the oats tin had turmeric. 
I won’t be surprised if the rat poison cover had pickles in it. But even without the blink of an eye she confidently opens a container labeled Britannia biscuit , puts a little masala powder in one of the cookers, and put it off. No watches to time, no weighing scale to go by.

But then suddenly, there was this call from the department of physics. 
The milkman has come with the milk. Even without a lactometer she predicted that the milk did not meet the required specific gravity to be deemed fit for human consumption, adult, pediatric and our pet cat included.

The simultaneous arrival of the old newspaperwalla needed supervision in weights and measures department, which she did with accuracy eligible to earn an ISO certification.

Within the next 20 minutes she noted that the particulate matter in the tap water was alarmingly high (to me it seemed usual) and made sure that no one used it for drinking.

By noon she discovered an unusual biologic phenomena of slowing of the movement of our goldfish in our jerry can sized aquarium and predicted that the prognosis and outcome was poor. With my postgraduate degree in medicine, I did not find the fish too abnormal but uttered an “yes yes”, more to avoid an argument than anything else. By evening 6 the goldfish died. She followed the exact norms of environmental safety in disposal of the mortal remains with necessary prayers; identifying that the cause for the mortality was the new brand of fish food, without an autopsy.

The arrival of the gardeners made her take critical decisions in the area of agriculture deciding on which manure would suit the mango tree better.

And the financial wizard happily manages to run the home with a fiscal deficit starting by the end of third week of every month.

It is said that management skills go beyond what you are taught in the B schools., However top grade they are, you need some special senses. I agree. Even if my salary check lies deep in my hospital coat pocket she smells it out by the time I park the car.

Phenomenal I say. Isn’t it. Surprising that with all these qualifications, a working day from 6 am till 11 pm, and on call 24 hours a day, Indian housewives are still considered unemployed and have no organized Trade Union.

Administering the department of Home, with two terrorizing kids is another matter I don’t want to discuss here, because, at least one of them is a young ‘Activist’.

Today is the era of re-designation, where the department heads have become Directors, Managers rechristened as Chairman and owners as CEOs.

Without call for a strike, we have decided to elevate and promote the good old, young at heart, all knowing housewife to a "Homemaker."

She is happy with it!

I have very little knowledge of chemistry, nature science, food and beverage or commerce or arts.

I remain faithful to my wife, and I cling to her just for survival.

Salute to all lovely women.

ahhahahhah! This is how BJP government headed by Modi governs!! heheheh!!! 
People are fools! 
Take it easy, take care, Stay safe, god bless
19/1/18. 12Noon. 

Dei Trump! Collaborate with enemy! 0 Hour! Men's day???

#308 Housekeeping:- 1) Today (10th March) is Dad's 8th Month ceremony. As usual Lalitha was in her elements (I just wonder, what I wou...