Monday, December 18, 2006

Hitting 190 KMPH

Just to let you know that the proverbial Wolf caught up with me after 12 years of international travel, I am talking about the Luggage lost in Transit in international travel.

This happened at Frankfurt airport on the transit via London. My only checked Bag was not loaded in the BA flight to Frankfurt, Sunday.

With all the hand baggage restriction, you can imagine that I didn't carry anything other than Laptop (that too charger was in the checked baggage to reduce weight, you are allowed only 7 Kgs), So it was a hell of a time over the last 48 Hrs.

That's life is it not. Fortunately I managed to buy all the spares that are needed to sustain self in Neunkirchen (closer to France) and yes the positive was a great shopping experience for all your needs and this was done in an Hour. My German colleagues were very helpful all throughout. I think British Airways also did a great job, I tracked the progress thro their website.

Some learning I guess.Let me see how I prepare a better Plan B for future travel.

I also had a very good 2 weeks trip in Germany, I spent the weekend in Frankfurt and it has changed a lot in 12years since I last visited. I also had a chance to travel on the Autobahn from Frankfurt to Hamburg and the distance of 512 Km was done in 4 Hr flat. At some places we hit 190 Kmph as there are no legal speed limits (See photo) That was fantastic experience. The car I traveled with my Colleague had also Global Positioning System (GPS) which just directs you where you want to go.(You just select destination), Its amazing where technology is going.

This trip was also a good learning for me as it gave broader safety perspective in to German legislation, requirements etc.

Take care and have a great great time and looking forward to Holidays.



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