Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wasting food and NW 042

It is almost 3 weeks I am in to my new job and I know that there are people out reading this blog who are keen to know how I am doing as well as expecting me post some information on the blog site. I am settling down and I am on a new learning curve, Of course I am still busy with working on some of the peripherals of the job change like arranging for House, Car etc etc so that takes a bit of your time and energy as well as distract you from focusing intensely. But overall, I feel I am entering a new phase and for some time it is time to get know the best practices and inculcate them. I will touch up on this later.

I am touching up on couple of thoughts which I don't know how many of you may agree.

1) I have traveled around the world a bit to substantiate what I say, the amount of wastage we in India do while eating food is simply unacceptable, more so when the food comes subsidised or comes at much less the price. I have seen in plenty of cases where people just fill the plates with food which in normal case can feed two or three and just waste it. Moreover, if probed, the answer is "The quality is not good", so what else to do but to waste it. We thought it will be worth eating but later found that it is not Worth eating it. Do we ever appreciate the fact that some one else is paying for it or some times, the food you waste denies some body who would otherwise you have happily ate that. I wonder. Just because it comes at much less price, we tend to take it for granted. I have also seen the same people, when going to restaurant with family or paying for it in actual, tells the bearer to pack the left over to take home. What a contrast is that because He has paid Evey dime for it?
I also see this phenomenon, where some facility is given, where people tend to take maximum mileage/advantage of it, be it a creche for working mothers, or Internet usage in office, we tend to feel that we should extract maximum use of it, like leaving the child as soon as its opened and pick up the child at couple of minutes before closure. Just because the facility is there and we have paid some money so lets take full advantage of it.(Some times I feel parents dont even think how the child would feel to spend 12 Hrs away from parents) Same is the case in corporate sponsored events, the hotel is kind of ripped as though people had never been to a 3 or 5 star before, taking this and that from the room and not even leaving the folder or wash cloth and some fitting too that were never suppose to be taken, and let some else pay for it when found out. I have heard from my HR consultants / event managers friends who arranged or coordinated the events lamenting about it. Why is this attitude, I wonder. I am not at all talking about the Drinking tamasha that Indians do in international flights, it is too well known fact. I leave it not to describe. Why is this attitude.

2) I am personally not surprised at what Happened in flight,NW 042,I have traveled in NW 41/42, 5 times to USA, I take the same flight every time to US via Amsterdam from Bombay. The Northwest crew are one of the best, polite and most helpful I have seen. So they would have been alarmed by something extraordinary. Please don't mistake me that I am against any religion, My best friends are in Pakistan and I have visited Pakistan 10 times, i wouldn't have traveled there, If I felt otherwise or had some bias.(I always had the option of not going there)

I think,We always feel that the rules to adhered are for some one else. I had been a witness to couple of incidents in which Indian passengers being deported back to India from the destination airport for their rule breaking and misbehaviour with Air hostess. I feel that in the present situation, you need to be really watchful and follow the rules or else pay the penalty. How many times I have seen our guys inside the aircraft not switching off cellphone, moving around aircraft either about to take off or land,paying no heed to the instructions warning by crew. Sadly most of the Indians I guess, feel, you can get Scot free also in overseas like we do here by breaking the law or not paying attention. Unfortunately this is not the case. Please do not mistake me for one minute that I justify what has happened. I too have undergone intense check including intense physical search at least in one or two sectors during my travel to USA every time over the last 5 years when I am picked at Random, (Ask my boss, who was with me last time it happened twice in 2 days in Chicago and New Jersey 3 weeks back, I told him that I get Privilege status and I bypass the long waiting queue by going thro that check). My hand bags go thro the Explosive or dangerous goods scanner. I have also been surrounded by passport control in Germany, on the streets, thrice in one day and answered questions for 20 minutes before being let go. So I know what it feels to come under the scanner. But the thing is you must respect the law of the land and adhere to it at all costs. There are no 2 ways, and you have only hobson's choice. If you don't like it, Don't go West, it's as simple as that. To call it racial or any other way is senseless. I think the countries are doing what they feel is right and actions are justifying results. I agree with Tony Blair's statement that after 9/11 and 7/7 or 11/7 whatever, Human rights and Civil liberties will have new meaning and frame of reference.

By the way this week reflects the 11th anniversary of launch of MS- Windows 95, How far computer usage have come. I remember the use of windows in 1996 when I saw the power point presentation (in Astra Zenecca when I was working)with audio and was zapped.

This week also reflects on personal side completing 21 years of ending college life, I still remember the telegram(Email was unheard, let alone Gmail) from Dr MRB our professor from GCT, Coimbatore sent in 1985,with words" Passed, Pl come and collect Mark sheets" Some events are etched in mind is it not. While I am in touch with some of the classmates, the % is less than 15%. I think the next generation will have more contacts. Speaking of next generation, I have some thoughts, which I will share later.
Take care

Friday, August 11, 2006


There have been lot of responses to my Blog and People are generally Appreciative of the content. As I am preparing to spend a weekend at home, back from a week in Pune, I thought I would share some thoughts.

The Kingfisher trip this week to Pune and back was a kindof experience,it would Put Indian Airlines to feel great. When I phoned last Friday to telecheckin for the Saturday morning flight, the reply was no such PNR( I had confirmed ticket, I was wondering if I would sign in on Saturday with Honeywell, else Lalitha would say wait till the next auspicious day and I have learned the very very hard and tragic way, never to Ignore her on this, that's for another episode) then they called me after 2 hrs and said they have confirmed me and gave me the seat no 24F). I reached Airport Saturday, told 24 F while checking in and didnt bother to check the Boarding pass,(never did after Jet airways spoiled me well over 250 flights, and when I entered Aircraft, the Horror was Middle seat 8B.Hell of a time, I ordered coffee as Ididnt feel like having breakfast, as luck would have it, due to the turbulent weather conditions no coffee was served. (Cant blame them)

The worst to come and that was when I planned to return to Bangalore,last night. I reached the airport at 630pm for the 710 pm flight, they said technical delay at Ahmedabad and flight would leave at 8, and then 8 become 830, then 9,9.30,10,10.45, 1130 etc. At 945 pm I thought enough was enough and canceled the ticket and managed to get a seat for the Jet flight this morning.

The Station Manager was a poor guy, people mobbed him and he did his best, but he had no higher ups to turn to, looks like, as expected in crisis, all the bosses disappear, I guess. (He told us that his boss is Inside an aircraft, and not reachable !!!! can you beleive that) I am told the flight left Pune at 3pm this morning. I saw first hand, experience of mob hysteria, More men Coat and Suits screaming for attention, but you cant blame the passengers, Can you??This was my 3rd tist with Kingfisher (I have Hobson's choice for this odd route as Jet doesnt cover this sector that much) probably the last for some time to come. But the station manager was a great guy, handled very very well the situation.

I hope Kingfisher would have some learnings and would work plan B in future for such situation as they multiply their fleet. Their services are good and so are the aircrafts, But to win Jet Loyalists, business travelers like me, they need to go extra miles. I was comforted by their efforts that they did their best to accomadate as many passengers for the morning Jet Flight, but very few seats were there for grabs. I had a similar situation with Jet in Calcutta last year, when I had gone for an interview, I got a call that Flight was delayed 150 Minutes late, and thats it, The flight left Calcutta 150 minutes late, an aicraft was diverted and sent to Calcutta for this flight.

The silver lining in the whole episode was I got an upgrade to business class to accomadate more passengers.

By the way, it was great to see the Sun God on the flight back after 6 days, I was so thrilled to see him that I just stared straight back at him for a minutes and tears rolled down, I enjoyed it. It was pouring and pouring in Pune so much so that all my plans to meet my friends went in smoke.

I also bumped in to some of the BASF Mangalore plant guys in the hotel lobby unexpectedly, Met them after 7 years, some of them just look the same, some people dont grow old, I guess, unlike me.

Wanted to leave you with this sad story, How promising lives are cut short.,0006.htm

Will try to Blog before Independence day.
Take care and Have a good time

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hiroshima Bombing week

Before I go in to Hirsoshima,This week was kind of a hectic week, Back from US travel, then Business travel and windup + all the farewell Lunch and Dinner and culminating with me Signing in for Honeywell Saturday here in Pune. The auspicious day and time plays a huge part and influence, I guess.

The farewell messages were very touchy from the Monsanto colleagues, from the way it sounds, I did my best to put things around, and 7 years is a lot of time, in today's context to interact with people and to make an influence.

I received a wonderful parting memento from my Bangalore Lunch colleagues,(The Lunch Lamblasters I should call) we are 12 of us form the lunch team and discuss and examine where the world is heading and find solutions. (How much gets activated is another matter!!). They presented me with a wonderful gift and here it is the slot, the god of good beginning and the goddess of wealth and wisdom.

Overall, I guess I had a wonderful time out in Monsanto, it is a great and vibrant organization and people are supportive and leadership ready to listen to your business and personal needs and try to work out practical solutions. The incentive plan and stock options were delightful carrots. Yes, every organization can improve a bit , I will put my money on, clear Career succession planning for people, they would have created a kind of ideal work place.

Today is the 61 anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. I think this event changed the world for ever I guess.

Take care

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