Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hiroshima Bombing week

Before I go in to Hirsoshima,This week was kind of a hectic week, Back from US travel, then Business travel and windup + all the farewell Lunch and Dinner and culminating with me Signing in for Honeywell Saturday here in Pune. The auspicious day and time plays a huge part and influence, I guess.

The farewell messages were very touchy from the Monsanto colleagues, from the way it sounds, I did my best to put things around, and 7 years is a lot of time, in today's context to interact with people and to make an influence.

I received a wonderful parting memento from my Bangalore Lunch colleagues,(The Lunch Lamblasters I should call) we are 12 of us form the lunch team and discuss and examine where the world is heading and find solutions. (How much gets activated is another matter!!). They presented me with a wonderful gift and here it is the slot, the god of good beginning and the goddess of wealth and wisdom.

Overall, I guess I had a wonderful time out in Monsanto, it is a great and vibrant organization and people are supportive and leadership ready to listen to your business and personal needs and try to work out practical solutions. The incentive plan and stock options were delightful carrots. Yes, every organization can improve a bit , I will put my money on, clear Career succession planning for people, they would have created a kind of ideal work place.

Today is the 61 anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. I think this event changed the world for ever I guess.

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