Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wave,Online Hazard, 100 working, Slip, Sleep.....

I received yesterday morning the email invite for the Google wave, the collaboration tool and a communication tool from Google Inc. I must admit that I am pretty excited about it as it leads to explore on topics and people whom you would never have known. It looks good, let's see. The only hitch is there are only 20 Invitations to give away to connect to your wave. I hope the number increases as the system stabilizes.

I have heard people working till 70s, 80s that is all fine, here is a story of an Attorney in Texas coming in to office and working, guess his age!! Yes, 101.... Read on. At half his age, I am already feeling on some days that office is boring and what could be done differently to bring excitement in to work.
This is a shocker of a story in which a person who was doing online dating was killed.... I am sure many such incidents of fraud, cheat etc must be happening, but to kill some one for gain is horrendous!... Never thought that online could be such a hazard.

This is a classic case of slip between the cup and lip. Recently heard a interesting experience from a friend. After attending a job interview a job offer was received. Up on discussions, with not being very happy on terms and conditions and benefits and further negotiations, the company sent revised terms in which the cash component was much much less than initial offer as well as what is offered in present job. Both stuck to their guns and offer vanished!!!... Classic slip case.... So watch out.......

I leave you with the sad story of the passing away of the SAP India CEO aged 42 due to massive cardiac arrest this week. What kind of saddened me was his belief that 4 hours of sleep was enough to keep going. I recollect reading HBR article on sleep deficiency- a killer. Wonder if there are connections?...... May his soul rest in peace. I guess corporate needs to focus on this and do something as well as CEOs set an example. This is also a case for work life balance or choice.....

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Diwali 2009. Articles with Impact.

Glad to share snaps of the DIWALI Celebrations at Renaissance Park III. We had a great time at our home on this joyous occasion. This time it was a simple get together as less than 20 families have moved in. We hope others move in soon.....

I thought of listing 5 articles I read which has an impact on me.....

Managing Oneself Peter Drucker.

What great Managers do? Marcus Buckingham

Manage your energy not time. Tony Schwartz

Who has got the MONKEY
Lary Bossidy- Honeywell. (Allied Signal). A Job No CEO should Delegate

Process audit Michael Hammer.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Overwhelmed, Leap, Portfolio,Charity

I am just pondering:-

1) Barrack Obama Nobel Prize, this was totally a bolt from the blue. I agree with the school of thought that the president is yet to deliver on results. Anyway, the decision is made as they say, past is history as is this year prize and we need to move on to await the Next Nobel Peace prize winner.

2) I was listening to Bahgavad Gita discourse by Swami Chinmayananda in my IPOD as I do every weekend 2 to 4pm. I was listening to the Chapter 11, in which Lord Krishna takes VISHWAROOPAM to show his full form to Arjuna. I am still to recover from the explanation and its manifestation. If hearing only makes me go in AWE, I just wonder what it must have been for the Mighty solider on the battle field.

I listened to Wayne Turmel on chat with Rick Smith on LEAP. It is a very thought provoking podcast. It covers three aspects as interface of Creativity, Excecution and Leadership. I undertook the test.

Came across, intersting info on the hedgeable award for worst investment fund award.

Also this article touched me on charity being done by N KRISHNAN at Madurai. He feeds about 1000 invalid/ mentally handicapped people in and Around the temple down. I am doing my best to contribute.

Looking forward to DIWALI celebrations less than a week away.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live consciously.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ambulance, KS Mangalam, Subramaniam Siva, Roads.

Whenever any government is involved, I usually criticise them or find that the quality of service is pathetic or poor. For a change, I witnessed something positive and here how it goes. Last Wednesday, when traveling from Bangalore to Trichy by train, a fellow passenger who boarded the train at Mysore,complained of Symptoms that could possibly lead to paralytic stroke. The Passenger's family members informed the railway traveling ticket examiner, (TTE) who in turn, communicated the situation to the Bangalore city station and sought an Ambulance to be brought around to the Platform 6 (Which is crowded, congested more so being holiday season!!!) when the train reached Bangalore city station. This is how I saw Ambulance in the platform while waiting for the train to arrive. As soon as the train arrived, the Ambulance crew swung in to action and worked first aid and shifted the passenger to nearby hospital. The family decided to discontinue journey to be with him. I am not sure of the outcome, but this effort by Railway authorities is indeed commandable.

We went for our annual pilgrimage to our family deity at KariSuzntha mangalam( Means Temple surrounded by Elephants) which is 25Kms from Tirunelveli, corporation in South Tamilnadu. It was a memorable experience to spend a day in the midst of greenery, on the banks of the river Tamira bharani and away from daily chaotic life. I felt recharged and good to go on at high levels for some time. The weather was indeed surprisingly mild, (It has started raining since we left). The decoration done on the deities makes you wonder, that the people who do that may be blessed......

On the way back we spent a couple of hours at Lalitha's home town Trichy and for dinner we went to Hotel Sangam. There at the Chembian resturant, we were treated to melodious Flute music by Subramaniam Siva, a 3rd Year Engineering student from Coimbatore.( He is native of Trichy). The 45 Minutes, we spent were simply great. Again you need besides talent, skill and attitude, a special blessings from almighty to render such enthralling performance. The team was great.......
I am also attaching a video which My son shot thro his mobile. The song is Kurai onrum illai. (Lord I have no grievances, composed by Rajaji, the First Indian Governor General of Independent India). Take a listen.

I was also impressed with the road conditions in
Tamilnadu. Vast improvements with an average speed of 60 Km/hr. A far cry from days when 40 is superfast. Yes, that do bring the issue of severity being high when things do go wrong, like the near miss we had when our driver managed to avoid the state bus entering in to highway without a watching to his right!!....

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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