Sunday, October 11, 2009

Overwhelmed, Leap, Portfolio,Charity

I am just pondering:-

1) Barrack Obama Nobel Prize, this was totally a bolt from the blue. I agree with the school of thought that the president is yet to deliver on results. Anyway, the decision is made as they say, past is history as is this year prize and we need to move on to await the Next Nobel Peace prize winner.

2) I was listening to Bahgavad Gita discourse by Swami Chinmayananda in my IPOD as I do every weekend 2 to 4pm. I was listening to the Chapter 11, in which Lord Krishna takes VISHWAROOPAM to show his full form to Arjuna. I am still to recover from the explanation and its manifestation. If hearing only makes me go in AWE, I just wonder what it must have been for the Mighty solider on the battle field.

I listened to Wayne Turmel on chat with Rick Smith on LEAP. It is a very thought provoking podcast. It covers three aspects as interface of Creativity, Excecution and Leadership. I undertook the test.

Came across, intersting info on the hedgeable award for worst investment fund award.

Also this article touched me on charity being done by N KRISHNAN at Madurai. He feeds about 1000 invalid/ mentally handicapped people in and Around the temple down. I am doing my best to contribute.

Looking forward to DIWALI celebrations less than a week away.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live consciously.
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