Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mintzberg, Google , Obama, Dangle

I am back to blogging, I thought I could take a couple of weeks off, honestly even last week I was like a fish out of water, of course last Sunday(18th) was our wedding anniversary so the day was a kind of tight schedule to indulge in blogging.

I guess, I would stick to blogging Sunday evening and may be try to do more than once a week on some quick thoughts during the week. Lets see.

I always read Henry Mintzberg articles with admiration. I came across his article on Musings on Management quite a fascinating one. This 10 pointer are designed to stir everyone up who cares about Management. He always take the practical stance. I remember my early days in my career (late 1980s)when there were huge debate that whether MBA folks alone can bring the turnaround!!. Some answers!!!.
I must confess I am not a die hard fan of Microsoft, this blog is composed using Firefox. Even I felt pity when I read the mint article on how MS missed the innovation on paid search advertising to take one on Google. Well as we say in this part of the world, Destiny I guess!!!.

So on 20th January 09 at 2238 Indian time History was made in USA when Barack Obama (140 Million search in GOOGLE!!!)took oath to uphold the job next to god. As a staunch GOP supporter as well as a person with more of conservative views, I was disappointed that Mccain didnt make it. Any way at this time of the world crisis, you need to put your personal feelings behind and rally for a cause. So here is to wish him all the very best for the next 4 years.

Please give a listen to the latest podcast on career tools by Mike and Mark on DANGLE. It is one in which you are informally promised of a possible promotion etc after you join in a present position for which you are interviewed. Very practical insights, as usual from them!!.

I close this week with sincere prayers to the almighty for the recovery of 2 people who had made a deep impact in the tech world as well to entire India. Our Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh has undergone Heart surgery, Saturday. He is the architect for all the financial reforms post 1991 and is a gem amidst all the Black coal!!. The other is Steve Jobs, Man, what a change he has made to the TECH world!!. Here is to wish them all the speedy recovery and a one as fast as possible. We need you back to complete more of the unfinished tasks. (Disclosure- my political views are different!!).

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weeks off.

I will be away for blogging for a couple of weeks. Just to collect thoughts, ideas, to come out with better aspects.
Stay in touch.
Take it easy and take care; Live Consciously.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Linkedin, Best and worst Jobs, HBR, Google.

I was checking the linkedin sites over the weekend answering some of the open questions when I found some cool add on features worth adding in to your linkedin home page.
a) Reading list by Amazon, you can find out what people in your network are reading or the books you/ others would like to read. So a chance to know the books that are popular or a must read. Of course, there are other platforms like Shelfari which helps you to know the best books in network, but this helps over a sizable size network.
b) Boxnet you can share your work for edit/view/ comment or let your network people read some of the files. Good file sharing site.
c) Bloglink helps you connect all the blog pages of your network in one page to browse thro.
Good stuff on colloboration which is the key these days.!!!.

Came across intersting article in the Wall street journal on the best and worst of the jobs. Mathematicican is number 1 and Lumberjack at 200. The safety, rewards, scope are all covered. I was looking for Health and safety manager (my profession) was ranked at 89, Not bad!!!!

I was delighted to see in my snail mail, the Harvard business training programs offering in India from the Harvard Research centre here. This was a dream once to many Indians. The travel cost to attend programs will be a great saver. I hope I get a chance to participate in some program in future. But the great feeling is as they say Mountain has come to Mohammed.

I have installed new google themes of save the children, Action against hunger, Doctors without frontiers etc to my google home page tabs. They are great to remind you of the issues that exist in the world.

I look forward to celebrating the harverst festival of Pongal this week (Our thanksgiving). The summer officially starts here as the sun starts its journey back to tropic of cancer. This is also the month when the very old elderly wish they reach the heavenly abode.(As happened to my grandparents aged 97 and 90 on Jan 25th and Feb 3rd).

Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Board of Directors, Easy, RSS, Downloads.

First of all a very happy new year 2009. I hope this year is filled with peace, joy, happiness and health.

I remember reading an article in fast company some time back on creating your own board of Directors to help and advise you check on personal growth. Jack Welch has also some thoughts on how the board of Directors should steer the company in his Welch way podcast. So I was kind of surprised with the way things have turned out in Satyam Episode in which the famous and educated(!!) turned a blind eye. I also agree that the role of board of Director role in an Indian way is a lot different here in Indian perspective. The ego and power distance ingrained in Indian culture is a long way off from the western culture course correction that can be taken!!.The whole corporate governance it appears is a kind of Hung go, Go the herd way. Wonder, this could be the turning point on so called Indian Corporate governance. Of course, here is the alternate perspective!.

Came across an interesting podcast with Umesh Ramakrishnan on the 800-CEO read blog on the book "There's no elevator to the top". The conversation covers the author's interaction with various leaders and lessons and learning. A worth listening!. I plan to purchase the book if it is available here in Bangalore.

I was listening to Wayne Turmel's work week podcast on Management issues the other blog for the first time. Wow, there were 70 podcasts out there and it is not linked to ITUES to auto download. So as I was wondering how to download the episodes in to my IPOD without clicking and download each episode, the FIREFOX extension download all manager came to my rescue. Bang. All episodes automatically downloaded in 20 Minutes.!!!.

I read the summary of leadership from inside out by Kevin Cashman. One take away for me is Don't take yourself too seriously. That is a big learning and implementation for me in 2009. Some times that is root cause to various issues.

I am sure all are saving time with links to RSS feeds to view your favourite pages collected in one page! I use google home page. It saves lot of time. I just wanted to be sure!!. The watching the net just mentioned this today in an email so wanted to pass it on.
Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live Consciously.

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