Sunday, January 04, 2009

Board of Directors, Easy, RSS, Downloads.

First of all a very happy new year 2009. I hope this year is filled with peace, joy, happiness and health.

I remember reading an article in fast company some time back on creating your own board of Directors to help and advise you check on personal growth. Jack Welch has also some thoughts on how the board of Directors should steer the company in his Welch way podcast. So I was kind of surprised with the way things have turned out in Satyam Episode in which the famous and educated(!!) turned a blind eye. I also agree that the role of board of Director role in an Indian way is a lot different here in Indian perspective. The ego and power distance ingrained in Indian culture is a long way off from the western culture course correction that can be taken!!.The whole corporate governance it appears is a kind of Hung go, Go the herd way. Wonder, this could be the turning point on so called Indian Corporate governance. Of course, here is the alternate perspective!.

Came across an interesting podcast with Umesh Ramakrishnan on the 800-CEO read blog on the book "There's no elevator to the top". The conversation covers the author's interaction with various leaders and lessons and learning. A worth listening!. I plan to purchase the book if it is available here in Bangalore.

I was listening to Wayne Turmel's work week podcast on Management issues the other blog for the first time. Wow, there were 70 podcasts out there and it is not linked to ITUES to auto download. So as I was wondering how to download the episodes in to my IPOD without clicking and download each episode, the FIREFOX extension download all manager came to my rescue. Bang. All episodes automatically downloaded in 20 Minutes.!!!.

I read the summary of leadership from inside out by Kevin Cashman. One take away for me is Don't take yourself too seriously. That is a big learning and implementation for me in 2009. Some times that is root cause to various issues.

I am sure all are saving time with links to RSS feeds to view your favourite pages collected in one page! I use google home page. It saves lot of time. I just wanted to be sure!!. The watching the net just mentioned this today in an email so wanted to pass it on.
Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live Consciously.

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