Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feelings, Steelcage deathmatch, Careertools, Roomtoread.

I had received feedback on the performance review posted in my blog last week. Yes, it can be used as a tool by the middle managers to link the organization goals with individual goals with results and behaviors. Many managers miss this view.

I came across a very touching column in IHT which really expresses the view from the other perspective of secular Muslims. Having been to Pakistan more than dozen times during my Monsanto assignment, thus consider a second home. I cant help fully agree that you cant paint everything with the same brush as expressed by the author.It touched me somewhere, and I thought that I should share that feeling.

Kamla Bhatt does very lively, interesting radio shows on livemint. The talk with Sam Pitroda, Sridhar Vembu, Reid Hoffman. I enjoyed the show she did with Mitchell Baker of Firefox, the browser I adore. (My son chides me, Yes, I too like Google Chrome, but would take a while).

I found google profile which helps to find people on planet. I hope this extends to find the people from past to whom we were connected!!.

I was dumb stuck when I read an economist article recently that there are more than 30 Billion videos posted on Youtube and this would reach 1 trillion by 2013. I was way off the mark, I was thinking around 2 to 3 million!. What a resource, you just type and the video is out there!!. Ofcourse, I am pleasantly surprised that the search, that I didnt find first time comes up magically after a week or so!!. Some one is watching what is searched!!. Thank you.....

Manager tools have refurbished their website. They have also began a new series of podcast called Careertools (The same website). The steelcage death match podcast on Performance review in these downturn times is worth listening. Give it a try.

I was also amazed at the services done by roomtoread, started by John Wood (Ex- Microsoft) which works for children's education in a big way. Makes you wonder on the issues that are all out there to fight.

I leave with the passing away of Jorn Utzon the designer of Sydney Opera House. I remember the visit to this wonderful architecture back in 2004 during my Australian visit (of course also visited SCG, we grumbled at not seeing the visiting team dressing room) and I wondered who was the intellect to come out with such a great design!!. It is a pity he never saw the completed structure.May His soul rest in peace. Ofcourse! he is not world famous!! but such people create master piece and leave a legacy behind.

Till next week, take it easy and take care and live consciously.

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