Friday, July 28, 2017

Dad Update 28/7 Back home!

Thanks to all the prayers, After 12 days in Hospital ICU, Dad is back home Thursday evening. He is in much better shape and is conscious /aware  of things happening around most of the time. Lalitha and Children visited Karaikudi last week to take stock. I am off to Karaikudi, Sunday for three days, with Lalitha to take final decision on shifting him to Bangalore or way forward after consulting Anand, Veni, Gayathri who all would be assembling to work a plan.

The critical aspect is to prevent infection,bed soar which can prove deadly than cancer spreading. We are doing everything possible on that front. Anand and others did a great job over last 10 days. A Nurse is around 24*7 at home, to support him for all the support/care. 

Thanks once again all. I am sure prayers do wonder!! 

28/7/17 1700 Hrs
Bonthapally, HYD Rural. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Dad Health update!

After 2 years remaining quiet, Secondaries have come back on Dad. The not so good news is spreading rather thick and fast for Dad over last 6 weeks. Anand who was back in Karaikudi for annual holidays felt something not right when dad not able to sit, move and talking a bit incoherent. He admitted him ICU at Karikudi hospital.

Our Urologist, who did the surgery for left kidney removal in 2015, has informed me, Monday, based on reports that Anand sent across that spread was always expected and he is too old to undertake chemotherapy. We would have to ensure clean living space and style and there are no bed soar or infections. Those would be hasten the end. As long as cancer spread is not in to liver, there are no quick end game. Of Course, pain is for him to bear and emotional trauma for people who serve him. 

Lalitha and kids may work a visit this weekend to see and judge for themselves my decision to move him here as facilities are better for good treatment and care. This would also be of emotional support to Mom as Anand would fly back in a couple of weeks. We may explore alternate medicine if it helps. I am open as always in life to anything. 

Please keep him in your prayers. I know it does wonders. Phone at Karaikudi is ringing non stop from relatives who have known the update. It is good to know that.

I will keep you updated. 


0730am, Bonthapally, Medak Dt. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kumbakonam school Fire, Macron3-0,ATM menace, World If!!!

1) Anand reached Karaikudi, Dad admitted in intensive care at local hospital this afternoon. While his vital signs /tests are all normal. We feel he needs attention and care which only a hospital can provide. Would keep folks updated. 
2) Radhu has formally taken over all Income Tax returns for the family, Aigaa, She makes all tax payable disappear like a magic!! If at my level she could do, imagine Millionaires etc how CA goons make tax disappear!! hhehehehheheh!!


I saw a twitter post today on the Kumbakonam fire tragedy that happened this date (16th July 2004) in which 94 children were killed. I had covered the same in my BLOG POST in 2008 ( I write blog from 2005) Such Incident must never repeat anywhere!! If Jayalalitha should rot in hell (not that she might not for other sins) it is for this reason alone, for school was run without any license approvals and no one bothered. I reproduce the heart wrenching poem written by then President APJ Kalam on the tragedy.
Prayer for departed children of Kumbakonam
Oh dear little ones! Oh dear little ones!
For you, parents had glorious dreams !
And you were all immersed in your own dreams
Yet, Agni engulfed you and all of those dreams
Taking you to Almighty's divine presence
Usually, departed old parents are buried by sons
Whereas, Kumbakonam, saw a sad scene!
Crying parents burying their little ones!!
Oh Almighty! show Your grace on those little ones
And keep them all in Thy Holiest Presence!!
Oh Almighty! bless those parents wilting in grief
To have the strength to bear this great loss
May Thy compassion and grace pervade all souls
And bring down the pain and wipe away the tears
Oh Almighty! show Your grace on those little ones.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Once again, Emmanuel Macron has outsmarted Trump 3-0 now, game set and match! All 3 times over last 2 months when Macron met Trump, he has just towered over Trump! hahahh! I am pretty sure Macron has better plans for France and with a super majority in parliamentary elections, he would be able to work his way. I am optimistic. 
If you go in to ATM to take cash,watch out, go with your cellphone, the man in Texas, was stuck inside for 3 hrs, no one took his note to rescue him seriously until a cop did!! !!! 
Economist has come with a superb collection of articles this week on "WORLD IF" I would spend time going thro that!!
Ok world, take care
16/7/17 1740 hrs. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Take it easy!


1) I am back from Hyderabad for 3 days here,travelling back Tuesday. As last two weeks were hectic, I have not read or come across interesting articles. So today's thoughts are more freewheeling.....

2) Anand landed in India this morning, should work a plan to Karaikudi to meet him, he would be here about 4 weeks..... As indicated in my blog post last week, Lalitha had organised an awesome Dinner for them at Radison Blu, SOHAR for their 25th wedding anniversary. 
Lalitha using this calculator for her XI grade, international board student coaching!! My head spins looking at it! Using, Forget it!! hahah!!

Today (15/7) is birth anniversary of Kamaraj. I am glad I have lived in his time and seen some of his good deeds in my school days in 70s. He was a man of action. The midday meal scheme at schools was his grand scheme of things. I cant imagine leaders who are so down to earth in generations to come!! 
Cousin was on east coast travel, he shared pictures of Balcony where Lincoln was assassinated and Holocaust museum pictures! So much world allowed things to happen!
Holocaust museum Shoes as last witness to saw the slaughter!!! 

Balcony (Lights on) Where Licoln was assassinated at Ford Theater!! 
**Never text and drive this video is awesome! But I see mobile (mis)use is going mad even while driving! As a fellow passenger, I have to put my foot down a few times!!

This video captures MODI Govt Governance.... hahahahah!!

I would come with some serious stuff Sunday!! Take it easy, take care


15/7/17 1515 Hrs.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

25th Wedding Anniversary Anand & UMA! 20 Yr Financial crisis, Margrethe Vestager; Bradley Lowrey!!


1) Had an awesome beard trimming, this evening, done by a 13 year school kid here at Annavaram, Medak Dt, my camp for few days. This kid is in 9th grade and helping his father after school hours for the II Chair out there! He has profession at hand to go cool!! This place has a huge Indian Air force Academy!

2) Tomorrow 9th JULY, marks 25th Wedding Anniversary for Anand and Uma ( Uma is also My cousin). Time flies!! Wishing them the very best. I am sure Lalitha and kids (!!) would have worked some surprise.  Anand's marriage was first time I had seen live Masala DOSA counter! JAI MAAHEE caterers took catering to next level even back then!! 

This week marks the 20th Anniversary of ASIAN Financial crisis!! The Asian economy was shaken to the core, I distinctly recollect!! It gave so many lessons to the financial folks! but like drunkards they never learn! All repeat in 2008 across the world in USA! Indonesia was in mess and riots all around, I am glad they learnt lessons and moved on!! I am sure ASIA is better prepared for next crisis if and when it hits!!
Google has been hit hard by EU up to 2.7Bn $! The largest fine! I am reading that Android violations could be even more!! Makes Microsoft penalty for IE Windows bundle looks loose change which was considered humongous in those times. The EU ANTI TRUST Trade commissioner, Ms.Vestager, Who took up this case  is an awesome lady! 
Grief pouring in for the Youngest football fan Bradley Lowrey, 6 year old kid who died this week from cancer!! He was a Sunderland fan! Some events just makes you wonder about life as well as God's plans!! This one such!! I am told he scored a penalty kick in, beating Sunderland keeper! Well Done KID!!! RIP Bradley Lowrey!

OK, take it easy, take care stay Safe, God bless!

8th July 2017
2045 Hrs

Sunday, July 02, 2017

ASP, Canada & Hong Kong, Women Sports, Al Jazeera

Camp: Hyderabad.
1) Twitter and Face book bombarded with GST Bill copy of food. So I post mine today at Bangalore Airport. Last night we had awesome dinner for Lalitha's birthday but I didn't pay out!! So this is my first pay for GST!! 

2) I am very happy to note that the Indian safety degree for our professional qualification as Safety Engineer is now recognised as an equivalent to USA Safety certification known as ASP.( Associate Safety Professional) Of course USA offers a higher qualification called CSP (Certified Safety professional) which has no equivalent so far in India for folks to attempt. I always held a view even 20 years back in my global travel, that the Indian curriculum in this is of top notch. I am glad I am proved right although good 10-15 years late. Better late then never

1st July marks 150th year of formation of Canada as well as 20th year of Hong Kong hand over to China from Britain. Canada has always held its own identity despite the overwhelming presence of its neighbour down South. The liberal values, the open society, heterogeneity and diversity have always stood out. I recollect my Uncle choosing to do his higher studies in 1960s for the very reason as well as it Canada has some reputed academic institutions. Hong Kong is facing a unique challenge with powers be in a kind of Dammed if they do, doomed if they don't!! In a larger sense, Deng Xiaoping vision of one country, two systems, can be fully entrenched in HongKong should Chinese leaders push the agenda. Hong Kong is at cross roads, Let's see where it goes from here!!
With Wimbledon on, Women's Cricket world cup ongoing, I am astonished at the comparisons made between male and female players. I  roll my eyes in disbeleif!! Really??, each brings its own beauty, standards, performance criteria. Comparing them is absurd. Borg is Borg, Martina, Evert, Mary Decker Slaney etc are unique to themselves. Comparing to their male counterpart is great injustice to their talent!! It sound bizarre to me!!
Press, TV, Social Media need to exist in its own! However good, bad, ugly or propagating false news, as long as they are not posing security threat or blatantly supporting terrorist/anti national activities, they have a right to exist however unpalatable be it. That is why while I don't watch any Indian TV news channel and I dont support the witch hunt on NDTV ( it is good 4 years now since I saw Indian tv news) I am totally opposed to the stupid move by Saudi and allies putting pressure on Qatar to ban Al Jazeera just because it doesn't sing the tune the Saudi masters want. 

Right time to hit bed coming to 2300 Hrs, long week ahead here in Hyderabad Rural.
2300 Hrs.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Mental fitness, Wimbledon, Schumpeter (WTF??), Great Sex Tonight (GST)

1) Today, 1st July is Lalitha's birthday. My 28th year of celebrations with her.(hhhaa!! Which woman want to disclose her age, I tell you!!) Radha, Shravan join me in wishing her a great birthday.!! Just to say a BIG thank you for everything she has been doing for us. 

2) I had a great trip yesterday to Madras for the participation in the OSH India safety exhibition cum technical sessions. I shall be covering the technical details in my latest HSE blog later in the evening. It was indeed Awesome to see and eat IDLY fully dipped in Sambar as well as good to See JJ posters, ( Last time I felt, BJP Thugs and MODI goons have hijacked all poster) besides capture Ripon Building the greatest viceror ever. I recollect my history teacher 1973 telling "ரிப்பன் எங்கள் அப்பன்"

I am pained, saddened at the suicides that are happening in the environment around us. I am of the firm opinion that Life is God given and only he has the right to take in its normal course of  events that we carry on. As the saying goes, only two things certain, "Death and Taxes"!  Having seen a Suicide of a gentleman who was of great assist to our family during 1970s ( When I was 8 years old) I am always convinced that any issue in life in not worth taking owns life. I agree the spouse, the parents, work a person to that situation, and it can look all lost. It calls for mental toughness to work a way out. Taking ones own life is not an OPTION!!  As the saying goes, "The Going gets tough, the tough gets going" is the way to go" 

Wimbledon begins coming week. My 45th to follow the Tennis' top notch event going back to 1973 when ATP players boycotted Wimbledon. John Kodes won the title. Wimbledon is always about Borg, Connors, McEnroe as well as Evert and Graff. Of course, Martina and Monica Seles should be mentioned. The interest in sports has faded over the last 10-15 years. I recollect watching Andy Murray beating Federer for the title few years back was the last live edition I watched..... Of course, Wimbledon wont be complete without mentioning Arthur Ashe, 1975?? and my reaction?? Arthur Who???!!! 
Schumpeter has posted an awesome blog on mess that's happening in USA with business. He calls it Plan C-WTF(Not what the F**K, but WTF---> Winning, Tackling and Future) I dont ever recollect Economist dedicading a special report to a person and the mess he is creating!! While agree things are going helter skelter, I am positive Trump team may salvage things as they go forward.
I leave you with GST memes!! Boy what a mess at midnight?? I am told nothing is ready, come Monday morning Mayhem!! 
1) NaMo - 1 July se GST lagu hoga

People - VAT the f*ck!😤

My reaction when someone asks me the benefits of GST

Take it easy, take care, stay safe. God bless
1630 Hrs.

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