Saturday, July 08, 2017

25th Wedding Anniversary Anand & UMA! 20 Yr Financial crisis, Margrethe Vestager; Bradley Lowrey!!


1) Had an awesome beard trimming, this evening, done by a 13 year school kid here at Annavaram, Medak Dt, my camp for few days. This kid is in 9th grade and helping his father after school hours for the II Chair out there! He has profession at hand to go cool!! This place has a huge Indian Air force Academy!

2) Tomorrow 9th JULY, marks 25th Wedding Anniversary for Anand and Uma ( Uma is also My cousin). Time flies!! Wishing them the very best. I am sure Lalitha and kids (!!) would have worked some surprise.  Anand's marriage was first time I had seen live Masala DOSA counter! JAI MAAHEE caterers took catering to next level even back then!! 

This week marks the 20th Anniversary of ASIAN Financial crisis!! The Asian economy was shaken to the core, I distinctly recollect!! It gave so many lessons to the financial folks! but like drunkards they never learn! All repeat in 2008 across the world in USA! Indonesia was in mess and riots all around, I am glad they learnt lessons and moved on!! I am sure ASIA is better prepared for next crisis if and when it hits!!
Google has been hit hard by EU up to 2.7Bn $! The largest fine! I am reading that Android violations could be even more!! Makes Microsoft penalty for IE Windows bundle looks loose change which was considered humongous in those times. The EU ANTI TRUST Trade commissioner, Ms.Vestager, Who took up this case  is an awesome lady! 
Grief pouring in for the Youngest football fan Bradley Lowrey, 6 year old kid who died this week from cancer!! He was a Sunderland fan! Some events just makes you wonder about life as well as God's plans!! This one such!! I am told he scored a penalty kick in, beating Sunderland keeper! Well Done KID!!! RIP Bradley Lowrey!

OK, take it easy, take care stay Safe, God bless!

8th July 2017
2045 Hrs

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