Friday, July 21, 2017

Dad Health update!

After 2 years remaining quiet, Secondaries have come back on Dad. The not so good news is spreading rather thick and fast for Dad over last 6 weeks. Anand who was back in Karaikudi for annual holidays felt something not right when dad not able to sit, move and talking a bit incoherent. He admitted him ICU at Karikudi hospital.

Our Urologist, who did the surgery for left kidney removal in 2015, has informed me, Monday, based on reports that Anand sent across that spread was always expected and he is too old to undertake chemotherapy. We would have to ensure clean living space and style and there are no bed soar or infections. Those would be hasten the end. As long as cancer spread is not in to liver, there are no quick end game. Of Course, pain is for him to bear and emotional trauma for people who serve him. 

Lalitha and kids may work a visit this weekend to see and judge for themselves my decision to move him here as facilities are better for good treatment and care. This would also be of emotional support to Mom as Anand would fly back in a couple of weeks. We may explore alternate medicine if it helps. I am open as always in life to anything. 

Please keep him in your prayers. I know it does wonders. Phone at Karaikudi is ringing non stop from relatives who have known the update. It is good to know that.

I will keep you updated. 


0730am, Bonthapally, Medak Dt. 

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