Sunday, July 02, 2017

ASP, Canada & Hong Kong, Women Sports, Al Jazeera

Camp: Hyderabad.
1) Twitter and Face book bombarded with GST Bill copy of food. So I post mine today at Bangalore Airport. Last night we had awesome dinner for Lalitha's birthday but I didn't pay out!! So this is my first pay for GST!! 

2) I am very happy to note that the Indian safety degree for our professional qualification as Safety Engineer is now recognised as an equivalent to USA Safety certification known as ASP.( Associate Safety Professional) Of course USA offers a higher qualification called CSP (Certified Safety professional) which has no equivalent so far in India for folks to attempt. I always held a view even 20 years back in my global travel, that the Indian curriculum in this is of top notch. I am glad I am proved right although good 10-15 years late. Better late then never

1st July marks 150th year of formation of Canada as well as 20th year of Hong Kong hand over to China from Britain. Canada has always held its own identity despite the overwhelming presence of its neighbour down South. The liberal values, the open society, heterogeneity and diversity have always stood out. I recollect my Uncle choosing to do his higher studies in 1960s for the very reason as well as it Canada has some reputed academic institutions. Hong Kong is facing a unique challenge with powers be in a kind of Dammed if they do, doomed if they don't!! In a larger sense, Deng Xiaoping vision of one country, two systems, can be fully entrenched in HongKong should Chinese leaders push the agenda. Hong Kong is at cross roads, Let's see where it goes from here!!
With Wimbledon on, Women's Cricket world cup ongoing, I am astonished at the comparisons made between male and female players. I  roll my eyes in disbeleif!! Really??, each brings its own beauty, standards, performance criteria. Comparing them is absurd. Borg is Borg, Martina, Evert, Mary Decker Slaney etc are unique to themselves. Comparing to their male counterpart is great injustice to their talent!! It sound bizarre to me!!
Press, TV, Social Media need to exist in its own! However good, bad, ugly or propagating false news, as long as they are not posing security threat or blatantly supporting terrorist/anti national activities, they have a right to exist however unpalatable be it. That is why while I don't watch any Indian TV news channel and I dont support the witch hunt on NDTV ( it is good 4 years now since I saw Indian tv news) I am totally opposed to the stupid move by Saudi and allies putting pressure on Qatar to ban Al Jazeera just because it doesn't sing the tune the Saudi masters want. 

Right time to hit bed coming to 2300 Hrs, long week ahead here in Hyderabad Rural.
2300 Hrs.

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