Saturday, July 15, 2017

Take it easy!


1) I am back from Hyderabad for 3 days here,travelling back Tuesday. As last two weeks were hectic, I have not read or come across interesting articles. So today's thoughts are more freewheeling.....

2) Anand landed in India this morning, should work a plan to Karaikudi to meet him, he would be here about 4 weeks..... As indicated in my blog post last week, Lalitha had organised an awesome Dinner for them at Radison Blu, SOHAR for their 25th wedding anniversary. 
Lalitha using this calculator for her XI grade, international board student coaching!! My head spins looking at it! Using, Forget it!! hahah!!

Today (15/7) is birth anniversary of Kamaraj. I am glad I have lived in his time and seen some of his good deeds in my school days in 70s. He was a man of action. The midday meal scheme at schools was his grand scheme of things. I cant imagine leaders who are so down to earth in generations to come!! 
Cousin was on east coast travel, he shared pictures of Balcony where Lincoln was assassinated and Holocaust museum pictures! So much world allowed things to happen!
Holocaust museum Shoes as last witness to saw the slaughter!!! 

Balcony (Lights on) Where Licoln was assassinated at Ford Theater!! 
**Never text and drive this video is awesome! But I see mobile (mis)use is going mad even while driving! As a fellow passenger, I have to put my foot down a few times!!

This video captures MODI Govt Governance.... hahahahah!!

I would come with some serious stuff Sunday!! Take it easy, take care


15/7/17 1515 Hrs.

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