Sunday, July 24, 2011

Streets of Malleswaram, Govt. Interactions......

Hot Hot vegetable slices dipped in chickpea batter and fried. (Pakora, Bajji)

3 person team working on the process.

Street book shop on footpath at Mallleswaram (Second hand books).

Saturday evening for me and my wife is the time to go around temple and do a bit of shopping in Malleswaram (5 to 730) Usually Saturday dinner is buy out/ take away from Hotels. So this week was no exception. We visit the Saibaba temple on Sampigae road and Mallikarjuna swamy temple and Gangamma Temple and then do the shopping before packing dinner.

While I avoid road side stall food/ eatables at any cost (Not a  good experience 25 years back in College hostel days at Coimbatore), the Pakora shop near Saibaba temple ( next to shantisagar hotel) is rarest odd exception I have made myself. They make hot, crisp stuff and hygiene is pretty decent.

The streets of Malleswaram are madly crowded for a Saturday evening, the bookshops(Photo above), the vegetable/ fruit vendor, etc... you name it, u will have a vendor for it........

Switching topic, I had done my Passport renewal as well as the UID (The 35Bn$ ambitious project by the GOVT of India, I am one of the skeptics for this project). The passport process took 7 Hrs due to various screening and finding every reason to push me out. The impression I got from my experience, the whole system is designed to work against common man; you need to be street smart to work a way out and calls for lot of argument. I just pity the common man who undergo this torture..... The UID process for the family was arranged by the bank where we have our account, the process took 25 min for the four of us. The waiting time was 2 hrs, the process is slow, there is time lag in web cam etc, the process involves finger printing, IRIS scan etc. It is a challenging task considering the size of people to be covered (1100 Million people)...

I came across DAN PINK's office hour Podcast (once a month dial in) caught up with 3 past podcast. Value for time spent. Also stumbled up on the ENDING THE GRIND Podcast on getting out of daily life routine to think a bit different.

Until next week, take it easy and take care and Live Consciously.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

UK Visit July, Lists.....

VIEW OF T5 from Galleries Lounge.

Inside South Galleries LOUNGE T5 nice place to re energise after 11 hr flight.

TAXI  Manchester Inside

THAI Restaurant Wilmslow Manchester , Good place to eat.

LEGEND Memorabillia Shop (Another Legend!!!).

Being Manchester City and United competetion in everything.

Peice of History Trafford center.

TRAFFORD CENTER at dusk it was 2210 Hrs even natural light.... A mystery for people from Equator...

1 Lit HOT CHOCLATE.... Costa at Manchester Airport...!!!.....

Superb Architechture.

Self Instructive, A lot of confusion for pedestrian coming from different world areas!!!....
Unknown people in the pictures are captured unintentionally. No intention to intrude on their privacy.......

Movie Review( 11 hr flights force to you to watch some movies to kill time, cant go on reading and work Laptop.... can you!!!)

1) Limitless---- Ultimate Science Fiction.
2) The next 3 days----> Worth the watch.
3) The Adjustment Bureau -------> I liked the movie, for the first time I had paid attention to a female star, Emily Blunt, Outperforms Matt Damon.
4) Unknown-----> Interesting mystery, Liam Neeson at his best.
5) Just go with it-----> Some Comedy.
6)Company Men.... Reflects ground level reality of corporate downsizing during recession and how people cope and find solution. 
7) Lincoln Lawyer--- A movie I had seen without reading the book, got to get hold of a copy.
1) One shot---->Reacher at his best. Cant believe that it is fiction. Yes, for that matter after 9/11 nothing is fiction, there is some real element/ intent gets coated with some imagination.
2) Avenger ----> Forsyth in elements, Yes, shades of Cobra can't help it.
3) The Deceiver----> Entire English MI 5 heroics.....McCready could be living somewhere in Devon green lands........
4)POWER PLAY----> Finder exposes the greed, fraud, dark alley of corporate greed/ governance........ A must read to know the evil/ dark side of Corporate leaders. Can see Enron, Worldcom happened.......

Non Fiction completed:-
1) Truth about Leadership ----> Kouzes... A must read for any body who is a Middle manager and wants to step up and stay there.
2) A whole new mind---DAN Pink shows why it is going to be all right brain wiring that is key. Abundance, Asia and Automation are pushers. Pink lists out 6 traits as enablers to get it. (Design, Story,Symphony, Empathy, Meaning,Play,

Amazed and appalled at people's ignorance on asking to do One on one,to be done once a month. It has to be weekly no question. (Once in 15 days; worst case) One on one is the key foundation of people management and a pillar. Get that right, with Feedback and Delegation (Coaching) you have the four part Triad of successful unsexy management to resolve issues. ( Thank you Manager tools!!).

Requesting all of you to have a look at "CRANKY MIDDLE MANAGER" Podcast. Wayne Turmel does a great job.  Nearing 300 episodes, (1 a week!). Please spread the word around. I am doing my small bit to help Wayne reach target of 30,000 downloads a month for his podcast.... He also runs online web presentations training thro Great web meeting.

Ok, Until next time, take it easy and take care; Live consciously and stay Healthy.


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