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Mahalaxmi, Engineers, Podcast Alley,South sea Bubble, Immunisation.

Saturday, I was away to Bombay(Mumbai as they call now, I am an old timer so still go around saying the old name) and had a chance to visit the famous Mahalaxmi temple only for the second time in my 23 year venture in to the city. I am a firm believer in the ongoing theory that this goddess of wealth keeps every one counting money and chase dreams.( Be it gotten in any form!!) and makes life goes on for every one. Ialso accept the myth that goes around that whoever has started his career in Bombay had never failed in life. Myself (1985) and my father (1960) are the personal proof.

I came across an interesting HBR article of the 1950s "The Engineer goes in to Management" written by Willian B Given. The article explains how engineers get stumped when they are given people or managerial roles and responsibilities which are alien to their technical abilities. 50 years on things are still the same. It also explains about the coaching as well as mentoring to turn them around.

So it is time to pay back to the efforts of all the pod casters by voting in the Podcast Alley's annual awards for the best podcast. You can vote every 24 Hrs, till 6th November, on the various category. I am doing this every day to show my sense of appreciation and gratitude to all those who put in lot of efforts to make us wiser or richer or feel good or to entertain us. You may vote here.

With all the financial meltdown happening and the insecurity that goes around it. It is not shocking to read the story of trouble in GE. Sometimes you wonder when the company loose focus to move from the proven core competence to make big gains thus the fall is also big and irrecoverable. I can only wish the mess cleans up soon and things get back to normal(Say in 12-15 months time). Till then it is going to be tough times!!. While I thought that the depression of 1930s was the starting point, I got link from my boss on the southsea bubble (Enron of England) of 1711 where this all started. Hmmm!!.
I guess we all need to be watchful so that the dreaded layoff's dont come!!. Yes every thing needs a contingency plan should things go wrong. I suggest give a listen to Manager tools podcast on Immunisation against layoffs as well as on Finance rules. (6 Month cash flow) When we see the email on cost reduction measures that float (before the inevitable/ unwanted layoff come) that are on!! involuntarily I went back to these podcast and gave a listen.

Ok, till next week, take it easy and take care. Stay Healthy and live consciously.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

G1, Great place to work, Social Intelligence, Dr Covey.

I had been asked the question on the font color RED on the blog. Why Red. Well, just to make the color contrast to point out the hyperlinks which go in to the document. Saw some blogs being done in Google Chrome!!. I am a die hard FIREFOX fan so would stick to it. Yes, I like Google chrome tried it and found it to be different. On the software side, kind of cool Firefox attachment called Hyperwords which can take you to the website without having to google it. Cool.!!. On the technical side, I complete the tech review of G1, the new phone on Wall Street Journal.

In view of the turmoil over the Jet Airways fiasco, I quickly did a scan to see what constitutes a great work place. I guess it is all to do with Respect, Dignity, Work life choice and Rewards and Recognition. Of course, I am off the strong view from an individual perspective, that an organization is as good as your boss. Nothing more, nothing less.!!.

I read with great interest the summary of the book Social Intelligence by Karl Albrecht. The concept of Linking Social intelligence to general intelligence, Emotional intelligence. He explains in great length the concept "SPACE"(Situational awareness, Presence,Authenticity, Clarity of expressions, Empathy) and good guide to work out.

Also listen to a short interview with Dr Covey on the Lives and legacy in Technorama podcast. I guess I don't have to mention about his life changing book 7 habits of Highly effective people and 8th Habit.

It is going to be kind of next 10 weeks to spend time with family with the implementation of cost saving initiatives. I look forward to spending quiet time with the nice fall setting in and enjoy the time.

Ok, till next week, take it easy and take care; live conciously.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vote, 1001 Nights

Good to be back to touch my laptop, The background was I took opportunity of Pooja holidays (5 days from Tuesday evening till Now) to stay away from my laptop and the Blackberry. Of course, Checked the personal email once a day on my son's computer in a flash. The children were also happy with one day, on the occasion of Saraswathi pooja,(Godess of education) when you are not required to study to offer her prayer and thanks.Yes, it was a good feeling to stay away completely switched off and spend quality time with family and try to restore some work life balance /choice.

Economist magazine offers you a chance to vote for your candidate in the AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. While, your vote may not be able to swing the fate of Barrack Obama or John McCain. It would be interesting to see how the world votes. India has vote value of 1500 delegates per vote against say California has 55 delegates. (China has 1600). I had been a follower of USA elections in since 1976 over radio (When I was in 9th grade and I am fascinated by the electoral college systems) when Jimmy Carter won. I go by canidates stature to support at every election. This time my flow is with Repbulicans. I would rather see a first women president (being a heartbeat away) in to the office. Obama, have to wait a while, I guess!!!. You may vote here.

I was also amazed with historical similarites in the age when there was no inter regional communication (say 500 years ago). I was reading Bagehot's comments in the economist, on the Arabian Night's 1001 Nights story of Schehezazade Princess to tell a story every night to remain alive, (Comaparing 1001 hrs to Brown). We too have a similar stories told by Betal (Spirit/ vampire) to king Vikram and it asks questions and he has to answer,else his head would blow in to 1000 peices. Looks like human thinking to spread message ( Communication) was the key to establish civilisations/ ethics, I guess.
I did spend time to listen to Brain Britton podcast on leadership gold. Practical aspects to leadership. Enjoy.
I also listened to Warren Bennis talking to Patricia Wheeler. Great Insight from a great man worth the 60 minutes!!. A Must listen.

It is Holiday season for the kids, so going out.
Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Career Crisis, Work place issues.

I am horrified by the couple of events that caught my attention.
The first was a suicide by a Nokia female worker in Bangalore due to workplace harassment which was both discriminating and sexual in nature. Any one who was thinking that issues are far apart from a closely knit Indian work culture are in for a rude shock. The work place is getting more aggressive and it is up to you to fight for and survive. A strange reality and people are to be ready for it. Why the harmony cant exist, I wonder.

I am also shocked to read a week back that a CEO of a Italian MNC was beaten to death by an agitated workers (Near Delhi) over industrial dispute. I am just wondering, are the ugly days of industrial disputes of 1970s associated with trade unions is back. I am also puzzled about the value of life?. Are there no chance for dialouge/ discussions to resolve the isssues. My thoughts are with both the vicim's family. Work place violence are the order of the day and we need to be tuned for it and work out.

Yes, there are some hopes, I was touched by Manager tools gesture to condut a 1 day workshop for career crisis counselling free of cost in Newyork city. MT had earlier given out its premium content on preparing for a crisis free. It goes to show people are out there who cares for others. Mark always mentions give give give and it is a great feeling to see words transfering in to action. I am MT premium content member and I feel proud to be part of this community.

The coming week is the culmination of Navaratri, the festival that goes for 9 nights. I look forward to the celebrations and wishing everyone a happy dasera. Enjoy the festive spirit. Its now time for festivities and gala with Diwali round the corner in 2 weeks.
I came across some intersting thoughts in blogposts. Marshall Goldsmith advice and Tim Sander's new book interview.

Till next week take it easy and take care;Live conciously.

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