Sunday, October 19, 2008

G1, Great place to work, Social Intelligence, Dr Covey.

I had been asked the question on the font color RED on the blog. Why Red. Well, just to make the color contrast to point out the hyperlinks which go in to the document. Saw some blogs being done in Google Chrome!!. I am a die hard FIREFOX fan so would stick to it. Yes, I like Google chrome tried it and found it to be different. On the software side, kind of cool Firefox attachment called Hyperwords which can take you to the website without having to google it. Cool.!!. On the technical side, I complete the tech review of G1, the new phone on Wall Street Journal.

In view of the turmoil over the Jet Airways fiasco, I quickly did a scan to see what constitutes a great work place. I guess it is all to do with Respect, Dignity, Work life choice and Rewards and Recognition. Of course, I am off the strong view from an individual perspective, that an organization is as good as your boss. Nothing more, nothing less.!!.

I read with great interest the summary of the book Social Intelligence by Karl Albrecht. The concept of Linking Social intelligence to general intelligence, Emotional intelligence. He explains in great length the concept "SPACE"(Situational awareness, Presence,Authenticity, Clarity of expressions, Empathy) and good guide to work out.

Also listen to a short interview with Dr Covey on the Lives and legacy in Technorama podcast. I guess I don't have to mention about his life changing book 7 habits of Highly effective people and 8th Habit.

It is going to be kind of next 10 weeks to spend time with family with the implementation of cost saving initiatives. I look forward to spending quiet time with the nice fall setting in and enjoy the time.

Ok, till next week, take it easy and take care; live conciously.

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