Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mahalaxmi, Engineers, Podcast Alley,South sea Bubble, Immunisation.

Saturday, I was away to Bombay(Mumbai as they call now, I am an old timer so still go around saying the old name) and had a chance to visit the famous Mahalaxmi temple only for the second time in my 23 year venture in to the city. I am a firm believer in the ongoing theory that this goddess of wealth keeps every one counting money and chase dreams.( Be it gotten in any form!!) and makes life goes on for every one. Ialso accept the myth that goes around that whoever has started his career in Bombay had never failed in life. Myself (1985) and my father (1960) are the personal proof.

I came across an interesting HBR article of the 1950s "The Engineer goes in to Management" written by Willian B Given. The article explains how engineers get stumped when they are given people or managerial roles and responsibilities which are alien to their technical abilities. 50 years on things are still the same. It also explains about the coaching as well as mentoring to turn them around.

So it is time to pay back to the efforts of all the pod casters by voting in the Podcast Alley's annual awards for the best podcast. You can vote every 24 Hrs, till 6th November, on the various category. I am doing this every day to show my sense of appreciation and gratitude to all those who put in lot of efforts to make us wiser or richer or feel good or to entertain us. You may vote here.

With all the financial meltdown happening and the insecurity that goes around it. It is not shocking to read the story of trouble in GE. Sometimes you wonder when the company loose focus to move from the proven core competence to make big gains thus the fall is also big and irrecoverable. I can only wish the mess cleans up soon and things get back to normal(Say in 12-15 months time). Till then it is going to be tough times!!. While I thought that the depression of 1930s was the starting point, I got link from my boss on the southsea bubble (Enron of England) of 1711 where this all started. Hmmm!!.
I guess we all need to be watchful so that the dreaded layoff's dont come!!. Yes every thing needs a contingency plan should things go wrong. I suggest give a listen to Manager tools podcast on Immunisation against layoffs as well as on Finance rules. (6 Month cash flow) When we see the email on cost reduction measures that float (before the inevitable/ unwanted layoff come) that are on!! involuntarily I went back to these podcast and gave a listen.

Ok, till next week, take it easy and take care. Stay Healthy and live consciously.

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