Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some Lesssons Learned.

I am taking time to finish this blog quickly as I need to move to the railway station to see my parents off to home town. They spent about 4 weeks and I am glad that I could spend time with them, thankfully there was no travel.(Thanks to the falling greenback which is hitting budgets as never before).

I come back to couple of lessons this week.
1) Success does not always brings Happiness.
2) Horstman's saying: Tell the boss the truth, it shall set you free.

1)My Son participated in the Annual festival conducted by the Hindu Newspaper. His school "National Public School, Rajaji Nagar came second in the western music competition in which he was the lead singer. As luck would have it, there were 8 participants in the band which constituted the team. There were only 6 medals to be handed over to the winners and so my son and other guy missed out.( I guess they were slow to reach the stage I think). So my son was disappointed a lot and all the happiness that should be there after finishing 2nd out of 40 Schools participants, was missing. Of course, that gave me a chance to order a special pizza for him when he reached home. (I am against junk food) This also gave me a chance to explain to him some of the realities of life. We had about 25 Minute talk that night as we went for a walk. (I guess may be second or third time We had gone for a walk together). So I am glad this incident lead to him to learn that all success is not always happiness. I am planning to send a letter to the school as to what they can do about the medal. Lets see.

The second lesson, was Mark Horstman of Manager tool, jokingly mentions always, "Tell the boss the Truth, it shall set you free". I thought, that its just a statement in a proverbial context. When this happened to three friends of mine in different companies within 2 weeks, I was flabbergasted.(Was it coincidence, like 2 formula I crash in 2 days in 50 years) They took up on themselves to take up some issues that needs correction and pointed to their boss. The boss, duly saw to it that they are all set free, for whatever reasons.Two of them have some serious job search to do. One wont care as he was doing job as a hobby, being a millionaire. I feel that the power distance and openness in Indian context has a loooooong way to go. As the saying goes, "You can take Indian out of India, but you cant take India out of an Indian" is very true. I feel, Indian bosses are very intolerant to things being pointed out and ego massaging has to be done for you to go a long way. Thats why, I am personally glad that I am out of this of Indian boss connections. It all boils down to what background and culture and upbringing with which you have come. A Donkey can never be a Horse Right???. Ok, Enough of my venting my frustrations. (I have self censored many sentences, the Emotional intelligence, prevailed)

I came across interesting website Authors@google. This is video on talk of various authors who gave talk at GOOGLE. I watched Daniel Goleman on Social intelligence. Interesting topic.

Also saw interesting video on Stanley Bing on Type of bosses. (Crazy Bosses) Personally, I had been very lucky to work with great bosses in my 22 years so far who had influenced, supported, guided me all through my career. Out of 12 Bosses, I had in my career, only one (for a period 10 Months in late 90s) was a nightmare. Lets forget it.

I look forward to a great week with my Birthday this week.My Birth star as per Indian calendar was Yesterday.

Till Next week, take it easy and take care, live consciously.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Widgets, Manager Tools, Spirituality

I was just exploring the web yesterday to learn more about WIDGETS. I had no idea about what it was although heard the term used my many in conversations as well as in websites. So Yesterday I finally took the plunge to know about it and I was immediately addicted to it that I spend about 5 hours exploring and understanding better. This also gave a better sense of managing blog posts with the HTML edits etc.

The result was some of the Tools that are posted in the Left side of this blog like the clock, Linked in Blog. Although, I did post a site meter for tracking the visitors, It never occurred to me that this is a Widget. I am glad I did use them and I hope this of help to guys who come to explore the blog.

I am also delighted to see 200 visitors to my BLOG post in less than a month. Many hits may be accidental, but still it is a good hit. Thanks to all who bumped in. Let me see what I can do increase traffic here.

Pl read my comments on Mike and Marks post on Marketing Manager tools. I was amazed (or Appalled, I should say!!) that not a single website or Blog I visit,(95% significant of test of hypothesis) had any reference to the Manager tools podcast as site that they follow or track. They are number one in Business category in podcast alley. With more than 17,000 members, naturally they are retaining membership by sheer quality of information on Management that they dish out. They also avoid all kinds of advertisement in their website.(One of the Few site with more white space in the web page) And all this, they do it for free. The premium subscription is 15$ a month is pittance even in this part of the world. There is also a members only podcast for registered members. I am sure guys have heard of Horstman Law.

Its all down to FOCUS, BEHAVIOR, IMPACT(FBI). I hope this posts helps people to go the Manager tools website and take advantage to go forward in their career. I have posted the category of podcasts as a link.

I also was listening to the podcast on CMM on spirituality at workplace with Tricia Molloy. There some interesting information which I endorse after reading Jack Canfield and Listening to Earl Nightingale. Interestingly this week, I had a conversation with my American colleague (Indian by birth) that he feels the symbols of secularism is much more in America than in India, in the workplace, as as far he sees. I think personally I may agree with the lot of displays that go in the individual belief. Yes, I too post them in my work place and use it as a driving force. I know this is touch topic for some. But I just thought of posting this. On the same note here is a link to Vedic Hymns.

Also came across interesting post on work life balance or is it choice.??

I am fully convinced the money I had spent for 3 year Economist subscription, is full value for money. The international news coverage is amazing so are the special reports that are out once a month. The other interesting aspect is the Obituary section, not a single person covered so far in the 5 months (22 issues) was a person, I knew lived. (Except for obituary on Mrs. Lyndon Johnson) such is the depth of coverage. I think the Sunday morning I spent completing the Economist is the time well spent.

Gary Slinger posts GTD info which are great.

Ok, Until next week, Take it easy and take care; Live consciously.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Podcasts in my IPOD.

I presume all had a great festive time. Things should get back to normal over the next 12 hrs, back to routine.
I have switched over to the new GMAIL version, which helps you to keep complete details and data of the contacts in the form of address book. So no more worries of the outlook or excel file missing or crashing. This is a great development. Ofcourse MS Windows email (Hotmail I believe offers 5 Gb of data storage).

I thought of sharing the Podcasts I collect in my IPOD. The Ipod is 80GB, so I guess no worry about space. I use ITUNES as a podcatcher. I havent covered the professional podcasts (Safety, health, environmental, FCPA, ISO systems to bore the general visitors, as has been the cast with the intention of the blog).
  1. Aesop Fable Podcast.
  2. Speed of Trust Radio
  3. Brain Sync Theater of mind
  4. Business Week Climbing Ladder
  5. Business Week The Welchway
  6. Career Opportunities.
  7. David Allen (GTD) podcast
  8. Digital Planet
  9. East meet west Podcast
  10. The Engaging Brand by Anna Farmery; One of my Best.
  11. Fireside chats with Lisa Haneberg. (Management craft website)
  12. Grammar Girls Podcast (Teaching English the right way)
  13. HBR Ideacast from Havard Business Review. This is also gray cell ticking.
  14. Insta Spanish lessons. (This is my long term plan to learn a foreign language)
  15. Jumping Monkeys Podcast
  16. Killer Innovation podcast
  17. Law of attraction tips Podcast
  18. Leadership Moment podcast
  19. Leadership Place Podcast
  20. Learn Spanish with Coffee Break
  21. Robin Sharma Podcast
  22. Project Management podcast
  23. The cranky middle Manager podcast; This also gives lot of insight tools for a middle manager and Wayne is great.
  24. Woodward on Management Talent is not enough. Wisdom from England Manager (Rugby world cup winning team)
  25. 21 Irrefutable laws of Leadership
I have not covered Mike and Mark's Manager tool, which I listen Monday to Saturday for my morning walk (0630 am to 0715am). Thats a routine and I have covered enough times. I am also running out of time, I have covered the most of the list. Its exhaustive listening, is it not!!??. Thats why, the sleeping time is less. Any way its all sleep when I hit the grave, As the saying goes.

Of course, Sunday morning are for completing the Economist. The world info at your finger tips.

Untill next week, Take it easy and take care; Live consciously.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Diwali Photos with parents. Chelsea

I thought of sharing this photo which I feel is a good indicator of Behaviors to execute at work and Succeed. We use this Honeywell to measure our success.

I could get the CHELSEA Home jersey for for my Son from Hargraves shop London Heathrow Shop which sells all English premier league TSHIRTS. My son, is excited about this. He is a die hard fan of Drogba

After 16 years, I could spend the Diwali festival with my parents who had come down from home town. They are visiting Bangalore after 2 years and could spend time with grown up grandchildren too. I am glad I could find time to spend with them.

Some of the photos taken during the Diwali celebrations.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

2 Years of Blogging, Site meter and A HAPPY DIWALI.

This week marks the 2 Years of Blogging. Wonder how the time flies. This is my 43rd BLOG post. Thats one every alternate week. I hope I would improve this and try to hit the 100th Blog post before the end of the year. It was during the DIWALI week in 2005 that I caught the fancy of Blogging. I am enjoying it.

I had installed the site meter in My blog to track the visitors, more out of curiosity. I am indeed delighted that since installing it on 22nd October, more than 110 visitors have hit this page. I guess many of them could have come through GOOGLE search power tool. I am also touched by comments posted in the blog post.

I am making this blog Short as there was a power outage at home complex since morning for more than 10 Hrs and the back up supply has almost exhausted. So I plan to do blogging over the DIWALI Holidays this week with more thoguhts.

Till then here is to wish you all a VERY HAPPY DIWALI and a prosperous HINDU NEW YEAR mostly for the Merchant community.For those married sisters celebrating BAHI BEEJ, Have a great time. As usual DEEPAVALI in south India is a day ahead of the North India. Looking forward to spend festive time with family and parents.

Till next time, take it easy and take care. Live consciously.


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