Sunday, November 11, 2007

Podcasts in my IPOD.

I presume all had a great festive time. Things should get back to normal over the next 12 hrs, back to routine.
I have switched over to the new GMAIL version, which helps you to keep complete details and data of the contacts in the form of address book. So no more worries of the outlook or excel file missing or crashing. This is a great development. Ofcourse MS Windows email (Hotmail I believe offers 5 Gb of data storage).

I thought of sharing the Podcasts I collect in my IPOD. The Ipod is 80GB, so I guess no worry about space. I use ITUNES as a podcatcher. I havent covered the professional podcasts (Safety, health, environmental, FCPA, ISO systems to bore the general visitors, as has been the cast with the intention of the blog).
  1. Aesop Fable Podcast.
  2. Speed of Trust Radio
  3. Brain Sync Theater of mind
  4. Business Week Climbing Ladder
  5. Business Week The Welchway
  6. Career Opportunities.
  7. David Allen (GTD) podcast
  8. Digital Planet
  9. East meet west Podcast
  10. The Engaging Brand by Anna Farmery; One of my Best.
  11. Fireside chats with Lisa Haneberg. (Management craft website)
  12. Grammar Girls Podcast (Teaching English the right way)
  13. HBR Ideacast from Havard Business Review. This is also gray cell ticking.
  14. Insta Spanish lessons. (This is my long term plan to learn a foreign language)
  15. Jumping Monkeys Podcast
  16. Killer Innovation podcast
  17. Law of attraction tips Podcast
  18. Leadership Moment podcast
  19. Leadership Place Podcast
  20. Learn Spanish with Coffee Break
  21. Robin Sharma Podcast
  22. Project Management podcast
  23. The cranky middle Manager podcast; This also gives lot of insight tools for a middle manager and Wayne is great.
  24. Woodward on Management Talent is not enough. Wisdom from England Manager (Rugby world cup winning team)
  25. 21 Irrefutable laws of Leadership
I have not covered Mike and Mark's Manager tool, which I listen Monday to Saturday for my morning walk (0630 am to 0715am). Thats a routine and I have covered enough times. I am also running out of time, I have covered the most of the list. Its exhaustive listening, is it not!!??. Thats why, the sleeping time is less. Any way its all sleep when I hit the grave, As the saying goes.

Of course, Sunday morning are for completing the Economist. The world info at your finger tips.

Untill next week, Take it easy and take care; Live consciously.
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