Sunday, December 31, 2017

Take it easy! The Magic of not giving a FUCK! Akash Ambani!


It is all lighter vain! Just fun! Fuck Modi, FUCK India, Fuck World, Fuck Politics!! ahhah! Have a great time!! I don't wish Happy new year shit and all! Never believed that crap! In fact tonight, I will hit bed early around 2230 hrs!! Another matter, stupid buggers would be disturb my sleep at 12 Midnight bursting crackers! ASS HOLES!! It is another normal day! Sun Rises in East, sets in west!! So what's the big deal???? I am sure 100 guys would kill themselves tonight, drinking themselves to death on road accidents! God bless their soul in advance. Also would be the usual molestations,New year MY ASS !! hmmmmmmm!!!!! 

Powerful message:- Spend time with dear/near!! Love your job but not the company! The company wont give two fuck to let you go!!! Especially bastards who entered in  last 15-20 years!!! 

Fun China men, women, boys, girls !!! ahhahahhh!!!!

I totally agree!! Just let go things!! Give a fuck if it takes your fucking time, money and energy!! 

The Magic of Not Giving a FUCK  Sarah Knight 

hahah! If there is something I loathe as much as BJP /MODI, It is his Al Capone gang of Ambani and Adani Goons!! So I was not surprised when the Jr Ambani made this comic sickeningly stupid speech!! Money alone can not bring class!The Ambanis are always classic example of lipstick to pig. 
I leave with the couple of political videos!! Politicians taking class and make mayhem thus turning students stupid....... 
Finally, The TAMIL ONE How BJP can never even get deposit in one seat in TN/Kerala!! hahahhahh!! ENJOY!  வெளு பிஜேபி !!!! 
Take care, stay safe, God Bless.....

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Cyril Ramaphosa, Maz Jobrani!! Moica Lewinsky! Max Deutsch

1) Fridge message:- hahhah! Kids have put a word to Laltiha,Divorcing me at 25 yrs after Married life (2016 Jan) is easier than 30 yrs (2021) so decide soon!! I noticed now !! So much for my observation at home!! hehehehhe! விளங்கிடும் !!!

2) Niece from Bombay was here for a couple of days! She brought Theobroma pastries! One of my all time favourite, I make exceptions putting aside my medical advise.

Every country undergoes rut, decay, disaster, makes you wonder if it is heading for a failed state. South Africa was one such. Under Jacob Zuma, the most corrupt, stupid, megalomaniac, it has hit a nadir. With 763 cases against him, one can be sure he would be never brought to justice. In a sense, with his ex-wife set for possible election as president you can be sure he would have walked Scott free. Luckily, ANC delegates used common sense and have elected, Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC leader. Cyril is a man of outstanding repute,an awesome lawyer and person with great international stature. (Mandella preferred him to succeed, but politics is such!)  I hope he now speeds up his take to office soon rather than waiting until 2019. Here is Zuma struggling to count a number.  (Hahhahh Like MODI bugger calling Mrs as M R S !!) 

one more fuck up from Zuma (hahhah fake but bugger such)!!

Maz Jobrani, the Iranian American comedian, hits up on the American Stereotyping!! I agree!! Yes, middle east is very diverse, be it good or bad! Have a look! Awesome. 

Remember, Monica, Here is she out in 2015,  aged 41 then, overcoming Shame to speak about it ! Bullying etc!! I agree with her!! All this time, I was on her side!! To err is human and not to forget and move on is stupidity! Well done, Monica.

Self-described "obsessive learner" Max Deutsch challenged grandmaster Magnus Carlsen to a game of chess. What could possibly go wrong?  Yes, I came across this when I was watching "Moon Walking with Einstein" video! Guy is on learning curve, takes Magnus Carlsen in a game of chess! Awesome video from WSJ! 

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless

28/12/17 1045am. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Corrupt Inc, Boxing Day! Automatic prescription lens! Chirstmas back at WH!

1) First Fog of the season is on today, delayed my walk by good 90 min to 8am. Windchill is also awesome good 4-5C below. 

2) Christmas without Plum Cake and Home Alone!! hahhah! No Chance!!! Last night 8pm, I switched TV for that, I was not disappointed. I think the 5th or 6th Xmas with Home Alone. Lalitha sits with me!!! 

I reproduce my Facebook post when a cartoon came in Whatsapp and I posted my thoughts.

Hahhahahhh! Awesome!! Corporates of Late all "PUTA MADRE" ehheheheh!! Bastordic ASSHOLES is right term to describe the rut that runs deep everywhere!! Thank god,I am out!! I would not have lasted a week in this strench/ rut/ leaderless /rudderless situation, I see, as well as I hear from fellow consultants !!
Also lacking is humility, collaboration, full of arrogance, huge ego, opinion on everything !! MAN!!! OH MAN!!!! Even PV Narashima Rao quote of "Decision of not taking a Decision is a decision" is absent! All timid, inept, incompetent, Incorrigible buggers all across!!! The willingness to learn is 0!!!
Personally, I see Pvt sector most corrupt, lack moral standards than government service especially in the last 20 yrs ever since the Y2K fuck up happened !!! The insecurity is phenomenal! Half the bastards would perform in bed only when asked by spouse; wont reach out or initiate even SEX !! hahahahahhahhah!
Good news the GEN X, millennial, born after 1990s will come and rip every incompetent fucker's ass and lot of ANAL Bleeding is bound to happen in coming years! So there is hope!!! I see a barrage similar to "SEXUAL Harassment deluge that you now see across American Inc" and change needs to happen.
Some instances you need to thank almighty that you were not born in that time window to be a timid ass holes !! Born in 1960s 70s is a huge boon to maintain our independent thinking, break rules, above all say FUCK YOU, "போடா தேவிடியா பயலே (My late grandfather's favourite term hahahhahaha) "to any one!! That a privilege! Thank GOD!!!!!
Boxing day, the day after Christmas used to be fun, relaxing, listening to Test Match from MCG! No Longer with game undergoing mess of change for worse. I guess it has been a good 10 years I had watched it on tv or listened to Audio. My First Boxing day test was 1975,Aus Vs West Indies. Gary Cosier debut and century!! Record Crowd of 85000+ which stood for 40 years!! But then!! I think the best Boxing day test was England win by 3 runs 1982! Thomson C Geoff Miller b Botham 21!! Alan Border Career revived and he never looked back! 

Great to see this video automatic prescription lens, I would assume no longer dilation etc. Wonder when this comes here?? 

I am glad "MERRY XMAS" back at White House! Happy Holidays!! hahahhah! FUCK IT MAN, that is politically correct one stupid buggers !!! 
Have a good day, Take it easy, take care, god bless
26/12/17 11am. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Catch me if you can! Mistress Dispeller, Fuck-sex-seduction, Origin.

1) Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends and well wishers across the planet. May God bless you and your family with love, happiness, peace. Above all stay Healthy. 

2) I was going through my old pictures,this was on my work desk for 12 years, 2000-2012, ( Internet came during 1999 to India) I still have all copies safely stored. The value system in those days were something to be cherished which is missing due to poor leadership, arrogance, ego across leaders at all levels as I see it. The drawing on extreme left top was Son's sketch 2000 when he was 5 years old. 

3) As a Die Hard Modi loather, BJP hater (I consider the party a bunch of Pigs) I cant express my joy at the drubbing the BLOW JOB PARTY (hahah) received at TN. I care a hoot about TN politics or for that matter politics as a whole but "BJP hitting shit" is a schadenfreude moment that can't be concealed. While may money might have flown more than water, the end justifies means. BJP must be decimated. I am glad the TN people have answered resoundingly, the back door penetration, BJP Bastards, Modi tried to influence across TN through the Governor etc. Mark this! BJP can never get foothold in South India. South Indians street smart,light years ahead of (the vernacular press circulation, 100 yrs old, 100 time more circulation) useless stupid cow belt dumb shit idiots. South folks know, giving one seat even to BJP means fraudulent activities like Arab and Camel story.

How many of you remember the Steven Spielberg class movie "Catch me if you can" staring Hanks, DiCaprio. It grossed 1 Billion and even now you can't switch channel when you see snippet. Here is the man himself, "Frank Abagnale" whose life was filmed. Awesome speech and questions answered at Google. He also touches on future of cyber security and feels in 2 years password will be outdated and TRUSONA would come in to fore! 

Over the past 2-3 years, I have been reading quite a bit on Mistress Dispel in China. This week again,the topic has come in to focus once again. There are 33 ways to dispel a mistress and 100,000 cases have been dispelled. Cost of chasing away mistress! 60,000$/case, that is nothing when woman loses thanks to tough, complicated Chinese diverse laws. heheheh!!! "A mistress is a tumour, so the first thing to do is to get rid of the tumour"

hahhah! people crib that I use "FUCK" a lot! It is more context, don't believe me,watch this video. Rajneesh is in his elements! I a firm believer in his school of thoughts,"Sex solves every problem" Sexual energy is the highest energy to posses & utilise.  

It was interesting to watch below 2 videos on Sexual performance, and art of seduction. Amazing lessons!! I agree, Woman play a key role in sexual errands. Without their active/passive consent, no man can initiate the sexual transgressions! I totally agree, Men cheat to stay in the marriage and women cheat to get out of the marriage! Also Women need 50+ traits /skills to attract seduce men, Men need just 1 skill?? What's that??? "MONEY-Vitamin M" as I call it! Maureen McGrath video a must watch for all. 
Seema Anand on Seduction!

Thanksgiving books release this year has been awesome. Every book I read has been class! 
1) Jack Reacher- Midnight Line, practical issues facing USA on Soldiers returning from Afghan. Reacher in team effort.
2) David Baldacci- End Game, Will Robie/ Jessica Reel saga on rescuing Blue Man; crime in Rural interior America.
3) Jeffry Archer- Short Stories with practical modern day issues.
4) The best amongst the release is "DAN BROWN" latest book, "ORIGIN" after ages, I felt like I read a good book merges fact and fiction. Technology, Artificial Intelligence well blended with usual Brown's Code and symbols for the chase. Also, as I had roamed the length and breadth of Barcelona, I could visualise places in my mind. 

I leave you with this funny video!! ahhah! Women cheat a lot !! Poor men!!
Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless
25/12/17 1015am. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

I was right on Gujarat, 2G verdict ,Leadership 101, IC 814

1) I am back last night from Hyderabad, 6 months flew, done and dusted. 20+ days/ month is a tall order, much tougher than I thought. Anyway, I now look to a good break to relax and catch up! One of my favourite Andhra dish is Peseruttu! I had an opportunity to have the dish Friday night at sister's place. 

2) Delighted to see Son's first patent is filed in USA Patent office! Two more are on anvil. Kids go different speed! Good luck and God bless!

I am glad that my prediction on Gujarat results proved right. As back in October, I predicted BJP would return to power < 100 Seats. The Anti Modi current is very strong. Of course, Gujarati's, stupidly believe being HINDU is a big thing and see BJP as the Dumb Hindutvaa Champion. The Anti Muslim feeling there is something to be seen to believed. So No surprise that this is the result. For me,stupidly believing "BEING HINDU outside Pooja room is an act of Galactically stupidity". That would erode your logical thinking and common sense and think independently, the very essence of Hinduism(Disagree,Dissent, Divergence are key component being Hindu). More than "PAAS" (Patiddar) it is "Kapaas(Cotton કપાસ ) farmers in rural Gujarat and Sauhrastra got BJP decimated. I am glad I get every election results spot on, it is common sense talking to people get pulse. 
2014 UP MP seats!
I am also glad that the 2G verdict is out!! Glad that the BJP govt had egg on its face!! (May be their Holy COW dung, is the right word!! hahah!!!" மோடி மூதேவி மூஞ்சீல சாணி " How much I loathe that fraud Bastard?!! CBI like they call FBI as Fucking Bunch of Idiots! "Corrupt Bastards Incompetents"! I want Modi Govt to fail on everything! Country can go to dogs! Who cares?? Mallya is right? hehehehhehehh!!!! 
Modi's 3 years has eroded all pillars of democracy! Judiciary, Executive, Legislature, Press! I see no hope for this banana republic! Modi is Gen Zia-ul-Haq, of India who divides people on religion and stupidly believes fucking Hidutvaa is solution to India's problem. Dumb Indians believe him!!!  It is all downward spiral to a failed state in 30 years from now! I am glad I would be long gone!!

I am glad the core philosophy of Manager tools which is grooming effective manager is "Coaching, Feedback, Performance review, Delegation"is emphasised across organisations. Radhu attended four day session on leadership at Delhi from her corporate training-leadership program, and brought this desk top. Totally agree!

Today (24th Dec) is 18 years since IC 814 Hijack. Another Stupid Bachelor Bastard of a Prime Minister like Modi (This guy a Womaniser, that guy a Drunkard, Moraji Drank Urine, hahahhah! BJP=Bastards Jerk Porukki party) incompetence, ineptness, idiotic governance lead Hijackers putting country to ransom and getting away with it! In a larger sense, this and 9/11 brought a lot of improvements in Aviation Safety, of course, both countries paid a huge price. I am all for no negotiations with Hijacker! As a frequent flyer, If I am gone, so be it!Surrendering to hijackers is an act of cowardice!

Finally, today is birth anniversary of Mhd Rafi Saheb! Mom love his songs!! I am now stauch Anti Hindi/Anti Cow belt, guy! Still, here it is mom! The famous song she loves.

O Duniya Ke Rakhwale-- Mohammed Rafi 

Take care, stay safe, God Bless
Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

55 Events, Thoughts, Books, Articles that helped me to steer life.


This week, no Housekeeping announcements!

As I turned 55 this week, I was wondering, pondering on 55 articles/books/ thoughts/events that helped me to shape my life. I would try to post this in chronological order as much as possible. Memory can play tricks.
  1. 1971 War win over Pakistan,We lucky generation,never before,never again.
  2. 1975 Emergency, Mrs Gandhi's only mistake,these days bastards do 100s.
  3. 1976 "Well now my Pretty". My first crime fiction! JHC. Crime never pays.
  4. 1977 Stone for Danny Fisher and other Harold Robbins books, Reality of life including Sex. 
  5. 1977 PK Sridhar my schoolmate,introduced me to Carpenters!Addict to Karen,even after 30+ years of her passing away!Music of 70s 80s is divine.
  6. 1978, 10th grade,at last I took studies seriously!Still cant believe I passed History exam,51%,certain that was not my paper or god filled in 20 marks.
  7. 1980 College life Engineering "RAGGING" gave me courage, resilience! Kids miss this now. Believe me, it was extremely harsh, but bring it on!
  8. 1981 Botham's Ashes, Nothing is lost until everything is lost! Still works for me 36 years on and for me, I am sure even 36 years later! Eternal Optimist in me. 
  9. 1982 Stone Leopard, thriller, I must have read 10 times, Trust nothing!
  10. 1983 Hostel life!! Boy,Mom's cooking is good! Really,at last I started taking things in life seriously!  
  11. 1984 Smoking!! an awesome feeling, I can understand why that is the greatest addiction!?
  12. 1985 Landing in job, MBO----> Maaraa Maari between Ourselves (Fight!) my exposure to Peter Drucker books at Corporate.
  13. 1986 Power of Positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale, What you think is contagious and influences you a lot !! 
  14. 1987 Bhopal, Chernobyl, Sandoz fire,My focus to Safety environment career vindicated!My exposure to Trevor Kletz books for subject knowledge.
  15. 1989 Smoking,Chasing women(Not Girls,note!),movies,all disappeared one night!I still wonder how?? Do I regret??? hahahh! No way!! 
  16. 1990 Think and Grow Rich! Changed my life, I planned my life went as planned 95% even now. I gifted the book to my children, 2012, I wish I got the book at 18!
  17. 1990  Lalitha saying "YES" to me! Smart man+smart woman=Romance, still on 28 years.....
  18. 1991 Sandoz!Changed my career destination and confidence! We started breaking Rules. I don't think I ever worked at a better organisation,great colleagues, value system.
  19. 1993 First airline travel, at age 30, never Imagined even wildly, I would do a 1000 trips all included, across world!Some things are luck, u at right place, right time! (Radhu international trip age 14, Son 19!) 
  20. 1994 X Files----> Molder and Sculley! That is how, workplace relationship should be! Sex and work don't mix! PERIOD! 
  21. 1995 Grandfather's Death----> My first meeting of tragedy! Changed my outlook, within 12 months moved out of Gujarat, a place I thought I would settle forever.
  22. 1997 Dr Rajan, My Manager at BASF, I became a better Manager+ Family FIRST! 
  23. 1999 Japan visit, my addiction to Internet, 3 months down the line, Computer and Internet at home, my vision changed. Esply "OSHA" access for my professional growth.
  24. 1999 how to ace a job interview in must win times! Prepare prepare prepare! Speak the organisation's jargon!! Game changer! I wouldn't have done without Web.
  25. 2000 "7 Habits of effective People" Ripper, Organised my life, work. I got as a gift/souvenir at the Conference at Monsanto. 
  26. 2000 I realised at 37,I need to give gift,even to wife on occasions!Female boss/colleagues,enhanced my view->'Woman are better managers "PERIOD! 
    Lalitha, Jolanta me, 2010 a good 4 years after I left Monsanto. 
  27. 2001 Presentation to 1000 Global audience,in massive St. Louis, Hyatt Ball Room, I figured then, I have flair, good at public speaking, presenter! Some day I should fuck myself off from the corporate Rut!! Happened 11 years later!! 
  28. 2001 hahahah!!! 9/11 happened, I @ Pakistan, I used very rough language, at some colleagues that night,they took it so cooly! Showed me, you don't have to react to everything; you can move on!! Have I toned down?? No way? Not me! That is my oxygen!!! 
  29. 2001 I read what I practised at Sandoz a decade back, "First Break all the rules, by Marcus Buckingham" 15 elements of great managing! Helped me a lot when to change jobs as well as quit job forever, when I see signs.
  30. 2001 Jack REACHER!"Naam Kaafi Hein If you want to know more,Google!
  31. 2001 First copy of Harvard Business Review, what a magazine to read. My thoughts, views changed!
  32. 2002 HBR exposure made me to take up qualifying in MBA-HR, Used international flying time to read course notes, write assignment!! My friends joked 9/11/2002, Another 9/11 happened that day, I got my MBA admissions.!! U have element of luck, all fits in!
  33. 2003 Stumbled up on JRD Tata's guiding principles! It hung on my work desk next 10 years. I still keep a copy.
  34. 2004 Jack Welch-->Straight from Gut--> Energy, Energiser, Edge, Execute.
  35. 2004 Broadband! I took Airtel, never regretted, Information no longer a power! How you use them is key! 
  36. 2004 Selling stocks & $$$ New York Stock Exchange!Awesome, I tell u!
  37. 2005 8th Habit---> Modelling& Path Finding, Aligning & Empowerment!! Beyond you, it is also helping others do better.
  38. 2005 I took to Blogging!! My first Blog post! I am back here active, after 4 year lull due to twitter! (2012-16) 
  39. 2005 Events lead to my romance with Lalitha strengthened to unbreakable bond! She the Jack Dawson of my life. 
  40. 2006 Success Principles-->Jack Canefield amazing book touches all life. Book I purchased attending Honeywell job interview. 
  41. 2006-12, Honeywell, We set world on fire as I say!! Everest conquered. Sandoz gave tech skills, Honeywell the"Swagger in me" 
  42. 2006 If I am allowed to take one article with me to heaven, This one, "Who has got the monkey" As such I am a natural type to delegate, this strengthened my case. 43 years on, I think world would rate this in top 50 articles ever written.
  43. 2007 Ipod!Life Changed What can I say!! Impulse purchase at Bangkok Airport.
  44. 2007 Manager Tools, Oh yeah!! Delegation, One on 1, Coaching, Performance review triad management. Mark and Mike helped me take decisions effortlessly where others would fear.
  45. 2008 Economist !! My print access to world, then to web and audio! If it is not published in Economist, WSJ, it does not matter..... 
  46. 2008 What got you here, Won't get you there! What a book! I can't still understand how Idiotic managers & leaders, micro manage???
  47. 2009 Boy Global Economic recession, shit hit the fan! Concept of Furlough! We pulled on! Gave me immense internal strength to face odd situations!
  48. 2010! IPAD, Main reason to buy, so not to disturb a sleeping Lalitha with lights on while I am a night owl. Quickest purchase of my life at Chicago.
  49. 2010 Manage your energy not time! What an article by Tony Schwartz! 
  50. 2011 What your leader expects of you! Larry Bossidy! Not that I need deep introspection, but this article confirmed I am in right track! 
  51. 2012 Million $ consulting, A book helped me to shape my consulting career!
  52. 2013 Apple Mac-> my Children's surprise gift for my 50th birthday! whole feel of computing changed! Some things feels good than sex!! 
  53. 2014 Smart phones, all in one, my Podcast, email, I wish I had this in 80s, we would have done much better job! Anyway!! 
  54. 2016 After much pestering of grown up children, agreed for 1 movie a year  Jack Reacher after decades, Even today,Son cribs, what principle Dad!! I said man, I am a Sagittarian!! கொக்குக்கு மதி ஒன்னு !!! 
  55. 2017 Joined GoodReads, posted all books I read! Memory Jogger??? 
Last!!!! 2017 Professional Blog!! Don't like what I post, EFF off!! hahahah!!! 
Take it easy, take care, God bless!!
1330 Hrs. 

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Pilot by Birth, India by pics, Seatbelt! Mathroobootham!



1) With me outvoted 4-1 by all ladies at home,first time,Radhu took Lalitha for a movie in our 27 years of married life! Usually,I take Lalitha to movies (Which are only 7# in 27 years) Of course, being a Julia Roberts movie, Lalitha loves watching JR movies (Erin Brokovich, Pretty woman etc which she watched on TV) I didn't make a hue and cry! It seems "WONDER" is an awesome movie about a story of boy with facial differences! IMDb rates movie 8.1! Awesome. As my A movie a year quota is done for 2017, with Dunkirk, I need to give this great movie a miss!

2) It was great evening with wearing new shirt kids presented, yesterday was my Birthday as per Indian Almanac, (I was born Karthik Month, Karthik Full moon, so named so)! as usual celebrations were given a miss at home. For a change Lalitha posed as was son who are both camera shy hahahha!! 

I got a whatsapp video of a 6 year boy Adam talking to Etihad Pilot, Samar, about all the Nitty-gritty of Flying! I dived deep to get the full story and boy! it was awesome and heart warming! The kid knows A to Z of flying! Being from Honeywell, I can relate to some of the terms of what he says! I am very sure he would captain a flight one day in future, God Willing!

Clyde Roe is my Monsanto colleague,spent some time here and was fascinated. He sends photos of India as he sees them as awesome. Even as an Indian,who come across 10s of photos a week, I am fascinated by things that are new to me! No wonder India is sub continent of contrast.There is nothing that is common, one bit, that unites us as Indians, more so a divisive, polarising, stupid, ass hole government of thugs governs us over last 3 years,still we co-exist as 1.3 Billion people?Some magic I guess!!

I was shocked to read "THE HINDU" editorial on Road deaths. About 155,000 Indians die on road every year. That is almost equal to the whole population of City of Basle. ( My first port of call 1994, so strong love for the city too) But other end of spectrum is stupid ways INDIAN behave in not wearing Helmet or seat belts!! You invite trouble!! Please use for your family sake! 
Mathroobootham pens an awesome column in HINDU I don't  miss here is today's one on Stupid Digital Money!! ahhahah!!! 

Leave you with some images!! heheh!!

Take it easy, take care,stay safe, God Bless

Saturday, December 02, 2017

26/11, Midnight Line, Rooster Bar, Bra-ffiti!!

1)Turning 55 on Thursday (30/11) was a sombre affair.No celebrations or dinner. Usually dad calls that day to wish and chide me, especially last 3-4 years, டேய் கார்த்தி, என்னடா 52 வயசு ஆச்சு இன்னும் பொண்ணுக்கு கல்யாணம் பண்ணல நீ,52 வயசுல நான் தாத்தா ஆயாச்சு !!As though, she waits for my approval!! hahahh!! miss u dad! Children from different generation and thinking, insisted I cut a piece of cake, making a wish! I obliged!

2) People who come to see me in my room at Hyderabad,(This is kind of my permanent room at the resort)are usually stunned to see the position of TV. I have put practically near waste basket! It has been five years since I tuned TV. Only when in Bangalore,I watch 930am BBC news. Even that gone now!! Who would watch stupid shows!

26/11 like 9/11 and 7/7 is a watershed moment, while terrorists took the country as hostage for a few hours, it must be mentioned that that was the last major terror incident over the last 9 years. Today, I would be very much shocked and astonished if such event repeats in India or anywhere is developing world. Even major blasts would be a thing of the past. Odd incidents of "drive to kill"l may happen. Intelligence gathering, data crunching, facial recognition camera, collective participation of the agencies and global support to work to rout terror attacks are high on priority on all government list. Bush, Blair, Man Mohan Singh must be credited for working no nonsense measures which the successive governments worked putting aside the differences.

I finished "Midnight Line" #Jack Reacher book. Awesome book, Reacher works with a team and brings his team work, listening skills in to fore. Lee Child touches up on the key aspect high end drugs which acts as soothing agent for war veterans who undergo the trauma of Physical and emotional traumatic stress disorder. Reacher is back to his old way no women, no sex while in act, which makes it more likable. For, me work and sex dont mix! Never ever!! Yes,nothing like reading book from Pages!! I started but then due to travel moved to Playbook version! Good news was 1) Son ordered the book! 2) Daughter too turning to Reacher fan! She finished #1-Killing Floor,(The book which made me a Reacher fan, 2002 or so!). Only Lalitha left!! hahah! She and English crime fiction!! போங்கடா வெண்ணை!!! 

If Lee Child came with Thriller and problem solving, Grisham is in elements at his wit best and awesome crooked law students in "ROOSTER BAR" 3 law graduate students rip the Capitalistic world of USA apart exposes the loopholes, scam in the system. I must say, with me away from Twitter, Facebook etc, it had given me so much time to read books and I finished in 3 nights or so in Google playbooks. I enjoyed the book and I recommend, if you want some light hearted stuff on a very serious issue. Finishing that I am on "David Baldacci" "The End Game". Day time read is "HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS" by Brendon Burchard, A hands on practical guide, every 20+ person, entering critical aspects of life like Job, masters study, married life must read! 
Hahahhahah! I am never a boob watcher!never fascinates me, so when in IN BOX Bra' ffiti came as pdf, I watched the message than the background!! hehehh! Enjoy! 

I leave you with our teen days memory of things that we enjoyed would be hard to find in 2017! 

Ok, Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless
2/12/17, 1115am. 

John McCain.

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