Saturday, December 02, 2017

26/11, Midnight Line, Rooster Bar, Bra-ffiti!!

1)Turning 55 on Thursday (30/11) was a sombre affair.No celebrations or dinner. Usually dad calls that day to wish and chide me, especially last 3-4 years, டேய் கார்த்தி, என்னடா 52 வயசு ஆச்சு இன்னும் பொண்ணுக்கு கல்யாணம் பண்ணல நீ,52 வயசுல நான் தாத்தா ஆயாச்சு !!As though, she waits for my approval!! hahahh!! miss u dad! Children from different generation and thinking, insisted I cut a piece of cake, making a wish! I obliged!

2) People who come to see me in my room at Hyderabad,(This is kind of my permanent room at the resort)are usually stunned to see the position of TV. I have put practically near waste basket! It has been five years since I tuned TV. Only when in Bangalore,I watch 930am BBC news. Even that gone now!! Who would watch stupid shows!

26/11 like 9/11 and 7/7 is a watershed moment, while terrorists took the country as hostage for a few hours, it must be mentioned that that was the last major terror incident over the last 9 years. Today, I would be very much shocked and astonished if such event repeats in India or anywhere is developing world. Even major blasts would be a thing of the past. Odd incidents of "drive to kill"l may happen. Intelligence gathering, data crunching, facial recognition camera, collective participation of the agencies and global support to work to rout terror attacks are high on priority on all government list. Bush, Blair, Man Mohan Singh must be credited for working no nonsense measures which the successive governments worked putting aside the differences.

I finished "Midnight Line" #Jack Reacher book. Awesome book, Reacher works with a team and brings his team work, listening skills in to fore. Lee Child touches up on the key aspect high end drugs which acts as soothing agent for war veterans who undergo the trauma of Physical and emotional traumatic stress disorder. Reacher is back to his old way no women, no sex while in act, which makes it more likable. For, me work and sex dont mix! Never ever!! Yes,nothing like reading book from Pages!! I started but then due to travel moved to Playbook version! Good news was 1) Son ordered the book! 2) Daughter too turning to Reacher fan! She finished #1-Killing Floor,(The book which made me a Reacher fan, 2002 or so!). Only Lalitha left!! hahah! She and English crime fiction!! போங்கடா வெண்ணை!!! 

If Lee Child came with Thriller and problem solving, Grisham is in elements at his wit best and awesome crooked law students in "ROOSTER BAR" 3 law graduate students rip the Capitalistic world of USA apart exposes the loopholes, scam in the system. I must say, with me away from Twitter, Facebook etc, it had given me so much time to read books and I finished in 3 nights or so in Google playbooks. I enjoyed the book and I recommend, if you want some light hearted stuff on a very serious issue. Finishing that I am on "David Baldacci" "The End Game". Day time read is "HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS" by Brendon Burchard, A hands on practical guide, every 20+ person, entering critical aspects of life like Job, masters study, married life must read! 
Hahahhahah! I am never a boob watcher!never fascinates me, so when in IN BOX Bra' ffiti came as pdf, I watched the message than the background!! hehehh! Enjoy! 

I leave you with our teen days memory of things that we enjoyed would be hard to find in 2017! 

Ok, Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless
2/12/17, 1115am. 
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