Sunday, December 24, 2017

I was right on Gujarat, 2G verdict ,Leadership 101, IC 814

1) I am back last night from Hyderabad, 6 months flew, done and dusted. 20+ days/ month is a tall order, much tougher than I thought. Anyway, I now look to a good break to relax and catch up! One of my favourite Andhra dish is Peseruttu! I had an opportunity to have the dish Friday night at sister's place. 

2) Delighted to see Son's first patent is filed in USA Patent office! Two more are on anvil. Kids go different speed! Good luck and God bless!

I am glad that my prediction on Gujarat results proved right. As back in October, I predicted BJP would return to power < 100 Seats. The Anti Modi current is very strong. Of course, Gujarati's, stupidly believe being HINDU is a big thing and see BJP as the Dumb Hindutvaa Champion. The Anti Muslim feeling there is something to be seen to believed. So No surprise that this is the result. For me,stupidly believing "BEING HINDU outside Pooja room is an act of Galactically stupidity". That would erode your logical thinking and common sense and think independently, the very essence of Hinduism(Disagree,Dissent, Divergence are key component being Hindu). More than "PAAS" (Patiddar) it is "Kapaas(Cotton કપાસ ) farmers in rural Gujarat and Sauhrastra got BJP decimated. I am glad I get every election results spot on, it is common sense talking to people get pulse. 
2014 UP MP seats!
I am also glad that the 2G verdict is out!! Glad that the BJP govt had egg on its face!! (May be their Holy COW dung, is the right word!! hahah!!!" மோடி மூதேவி மூஞ்சீல சாணி " How much I loathe that fraud Bastard?!! CBI like they call FBI as Fucking Bunch of Idiots! "Corrupt Bastards Incompetents"! I want Modi Govt to fail on everything! Country can go to dogs! Who cares?? Mallya is right? hehehehhehehh!!!! 
Modi's 3 years has eroded all pillars of democracy! Judiciary, Executive, Legislature, Press! I see no hope for this banana republic! Modi is Gen Zia-ul-Haq, of India who divides people on religion and stupidly believes fucking Hidutvaa is solution to India's problem. Dumb Indians believe him!!!  It is all downward spiral to a failed state in 30 years from now! I am glad I would be long gone!!

I am glad the core philosophy of Manager tools which is grooming effective manager is "Coaching, Feedback, Performance review, Delegation"is emphasised across organisations. Radhu attended four day session on leadership at Delhi from her corporate training-leadership program, and brought this desk top. Totally agree!

Today (24th Dec) is 18 years since IC 814 Hijack. Another Stupid Bachelor Bastard of a Prime Minister like Modi (This guy a Womaniser, that guy a Drunkard, Moraji Drank Urine, hahahhah! BJP=Bastards Jerk Porukki party) incompetence, ineptness, idiotic governance lead Hijackers putting country to ransom and getting away with it! In a larger sense, this and 9/11 brought a lot of improvements in Aviation Safety, of course, both countries paid a huge price. I am all for no negotiations with Hijacker! As a frequent flyer, If I am gone, so be it!Surrendering to hijackers is an act of cowardice!

Finally, today is birth anniversary of Mhd Rafi Saheb! Mom love his songs!! I am now stauch Anti Hindi/Anti Cow belt, guy! Still, here it is mom! The famous song she loves.

O Duniya Ke Rakhwale-- Mohammed Rafi 

Take care, stay safe, God Bless
Christmas Eve.

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