Thursday, October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs was a visionary who changed the World through Technology. Will be missed for ever. Rest in Peace.

I can sense how the world felt when JFK passed away, the feeling is same after 48 Years.
As a Apple IPAD/IPHONE/ IPOD user over the past 5 years I have personally changed as a PERSON. The IPOD helps & motivates me to walk 150 Minutes a day (Rain or shine) listening to audio books/ podcasts. When Son Scored a perfect GPA of 10.0 in his school exam and when i gifted him the IPHONE the glee/ satisfaction in his face is still fresh though happened 16 Months back. This week will be the First Anniversary of my IPAD which has given me access to read 100s of ebooks / Apps which is unimaginable. (My book collection exceeds around 200, Yes wife shouts for all the easy $ gone on credit card Itunes...).

When I saw Steve's Stanford video,  it helped me to let go anger, revenge, condescending attitude for people whom I dislike as well as being less judgemental of people (For worse!!). Also it dawned on me to thank god for helping me to wake up every day.

My Condolence email below sent to Apple."
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Steve will be remembered for his vision to make people life better thro technological innovation.

Also, his thoughts on living every day as last day of life gives perspective to put vengeance,hatred, procrastination away.. That is big take for me.

Apple will always be guided by his spirit.

His physical presence will be missed by all more so by his family. May god give courage to them to bear this loss.


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