Sunday, April 04, 2010


After ages it was back to business travel with the trip to Pune; Hectic week it was and it feels good; (Even Family felt that I needed to go out May be nuisance value increased!!).
As indicated in last post, My Manager Anthony Wareham was in India, I took the opportunity to see a bit of Bangalore with him.(Some places even first time for me after 10 years stay!!); We got to get a chance to go on a TUK TUK for 100metres on the Brigade Rd / MG ROAD to give him a sense of that.

The family got a chance to meet Anthony and he was kind enough to take time to visit our new home.(Well now 7 months!).
It was a disappointing experience with this JET CONNECT flight. No lounge use, no Food served it is a nightmare for a business traveler. The irony is that you don't know about the issue until you check in. NIGHTMARE...... Never expected travel industry to dive so low. Looks like they give USA Airlines a run for the money for lousy service in the name of no frills..... Tragedy.
Till next week; take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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