Friday, March 30, 2007


Mountain, Maiela, Chaiti Province, Italy (400 Kms from Rome)

National Altar, Rome.

Sign post at westend of Pacific, at Los Angles Port.

Rome Coloseum view

and Lalitha 2007, MARCH


Dr VBV Rajan, Ex-GM, BASF, Mangalore. Photo taken on 4th March 2007 at Los Angles, Crown Plaza, Redondo Beach.

Entrance to the Rome old city

Rome Famous Fountain.

This week I am uplinking some of the photos of my trip to Italy, France and USA. I also had a chance to meet Dr Rajan my Boss at BASF, Mangalore, Who has retired and settled in Seattle, USA. It was Dr Rajan, who developed the Managerial Skills in me during 1997-1999.

So I think the Semi Final line up will be Australia Vs Srilanka, and Newzealand Vs South Africa, I don't want to predict further.

Off to Shirdi for 4 days this weekend, we make this travel every year after children's exam.
Take care and live consciously.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

One night in Bangkok

I am glad that at the way things have shaped up this week for Indian cricket. I was always confident, that this time it would be a big challenge for India to go to the second round on its own merit and the same thing has happened. I always felt that the team is preoccupied with Ad contracts and other off activities. I am also some times shocked to see the players dashing for various events in between matches, and only 2 weeks back I saw the so called great batsman and so called Gilchrist, rushing to London for 24 Hrs between one day internationals and back. If this is the case god save Indian cricket. I always felt, that westindies lost the world cup in 1983 rather than India won it. So I am happy that the Indian cricket is on its knees. I hope the people learn from this and treat it as a game. No where in the world I had seen such a kind of frenzy.

Ok, I had been to Thailand many times, but never took time to mention that in my blog, may be its so close or common place. I had a the chance to explore the city this week, more so on the weekend for the Honeywell meeting and the weekend was used up for the team building purpose which covered finding exact shops and antiques besides exploring some of the areas. The open shopping market which houses 30,000 stalls and is thronged by 100,000 people at any given time.

Bangkok is a good place to do cheap shopping and there is more there just than the Night life bar and nude shows that go there. I haven't been to those places other than the first time in 2000 to see what its like (I personally feel that everything is to be seen once),but my personal opinion is that you must go there once to see it. There is more than nudity there for some of the tricks that girls perform there are seen to be believed and leaves you dazed.

The transportation system is one of the best I have seen in Asia with subway and sky way. The new international airport will give Narita, Dubai and Changi a run for the money. The Thai currency Bhatt is close to a Rupee (1.3) so you dont feel the pain of pairity.
The greatest fun is in shopping and you can do outrageous bargain on street shops and get away with the product for almost the prize you bargained.
So plan a visit to Bangkok, its good get away as mentioned in the song "One night in Bangkok is always better" by Murray Head.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Patappa and Radha

This week I thought I will go back in Time.

My daughter Radha was offered a scholarship at the Presidential classroom program on Science, Technology and Public Policy at Washington DC during the last week of Feb 07. After program was completed she was to spend a weekend at Ravi's place. In order to explain the connection between us and Ravi, the family tree has to go up three generations to my great grand father Patappa. Then she understood, how we are related. That then provoked me to work the family tree tracing back 3 generations. I could finish the flow chart after 2 hrs of racking the brain.

Radha had a good time in the USA, she learned a lot, she was also excited to visit places in DC and New York. I think this would give her a different perspective of the world, people and herself.
She had been to Ground Zero of WTC, I visited WTC on May 11, 2001 exactly 6 months before it came down. I would try to scan the photo and upload here soon.
She also met my cousin Dhuruvan, whom we haven't seen for about 26 years.

I have not spent time on reading books, got to start that soon.
Take care, stay healthy and As Steve Pavalina says, "Live Consciously"

Monday, March 05, 2007

Italy and France and the week of 25th Feb

Sorry No photos this edition, Hope to do that when back home.
Its been ages I had posted the info in Website. As I am sitting in the Los Angeles, Airport, British Airways Lounge waiting for the flight to take back to Bangalore, I thought I would put my thoughts thro the public computer.

Well, I had a great visit to Italy and France in the last week of January. I had been to Atessa, which is 300 Kms from Rome. The food, people were great, so was the passion for football. I also had a great time visiting Rome went thro Colosseum, Ancient ruins, Italian Parliament. I was very fortunate to have the company of Lio, the Guy who picked me all the way to Atessa and back to Rome. Lio was a Italian Canadian with a fluent English. So he was able to tell all the things about Italy. The Bread and Olive Oil are out of the world and I was drinking it in Mini cups soaking it with Bread.

France too was Fantastic, The weather yes at -5 deg was something new. But I got adjusted. The drive from Luxembourg to Epinal in France of 300 Kms was so straight, that if you shoot an arrow it would reach Epinal. I also a good tour of the city and food was reasonable.

The week of Feb 25th was great, I brought my Daughter to the USA for a 2 week Scholarship. She had received this sponsored by Honeywell. (
She had been to so many places in Washington, DC and met people like Buzz Aldrin, Senators etc. She learned a lot. There were 160 students from Age 14- 18, she was kind of the youngest.
This week also I got in touch with my cousin Dhuruvan, after 27 years, and he met my daughter in DC. I also got in touch with my classmate after 24 years over phone and plan to be the focal point. We studied together in Madurai. I also a good meeting professionally, the purpose for which I came to LA as well as had quick tour with walk on the Redando and Hermosa beaches.

So take care, Will post Photos and other thoughts soon. As I got to leave the Business lounge for security Check. The LAX airport is also a theme for the song, "LA International Airport" which I use to hum in College days.
Take care and Stay healthy.


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