Friday, March 30, 2007


Mountain, Maiela, Chaiti Province, Italy (400 Kms from Rome)

National Altar, Rome.

Sign post at westend of Pacific, at Los Angles Port.

Rome Coloseum view

and Lalitha 2007, MARCH


Dr VBV Rajan, Ex-GM, BASF, Mangalore. Photo taken on 4th March 2007 at Los Angles, Crown Plaza, Redondo Beach.

Entrance to the Rome old city

Rome Famous Fountain.

This week I am uplinking some of the photos of my trip to Italy, France and USA. I also had a chance to meet Dr Rajan my Boss at BASF, Mangalore, Who has retired and settled in Seattle, USA. It was Dr Rajan, who developed the Managerial Skills in me during 1997-1999.

So I think the Semi Final line up will be Australia Vs Srilanka, and Newzealand Vs South Africa, I don't want to predict further.

Off to Shirdi for 4 days this weekend, we make this travel every year after children's exam.
Take care and live consciously.
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