Sunday, March 11, 2007

Patappa and Radha

This week I thought I will go back in Time.

My daughter Radha was offered a scholarship at the Presidential classroom program on Science, Technology and Public Policy at Washington DC during the last week of Feb 07. After program was completed she was to spend a weekend at Ravi's place. In order to explain the connection between us and Ravi, the family tree has to go up three generations to my great grand father Patappa. Then she understood, how we are related. That then provoked me to work the family tree tracing back 3 generations. I could finish the flow chart after 2 hrs of racking the brain.

Radha had a good time in the USA, she learned a lot, she was also excited to visit places in DC and New York. I think this would give her a different perspective of the world, people and herself.
She had been to Ground Zero of WTC, I visited WTC on May 11, 2001 exactly 6 months before it came down. I would try to scan the photo and upload here soon.
She also met my cousin Dhuruvan, whom we haven't seen for about 26 years.

I have not spent time on reading books, got to start that soon.
Take care, stay healthy and As Steve Pavalina says, "Live Consciously"

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