Sunday, September 30, 2007

Great Fiction authors

It read with interest the HBR article on Joseph Finder, the fiction author who writes about issues in corporate world crime,cyber crime (There is also a video). I had heard of Joseph Finder about 2 years back but didn't find time to read his books as I had practically stopped reading fiction.

So I just thought that I would put my 10 best authors. It is difficult to put in any order. Would look for comments. I think cutting to 10 is difficult. I must say I am putting this list after almost reading 90-100% of their works.

Arthur Hailey. Final Diagnosis left with tear in the eye. Airport was master stroke.

Irving Wallace: Second Lady, The word, the Man, the Prize. Makes you wonder as real issues.
Alistair Maclean: All books glue you.
John Grisham: The Firn, the Partner, the Broker was great.

Ken Follett: Eye of the needle, The Iranian Hostage crisis(Dont remember the name).
Jeffrey Archer: Shall we tell the President. Kane and Abel.

Colin Forbes: Stone Leopard.OOPs, He is no more, Missed his death news.

Sydney Sheldon: Other side of midnight.

Desmond Bagley: High Citadel, Golden Keel

Fredrick Forsyth: Dogs of war, Day of the Jackal, Fourth protocol.

Earl Stanley Gardner: Big list.

James Hadley Chase.: Big list.

Mario Puzo, Harold Robbins would also make the cut. I haven't read any of Agatha Christie.

Fiction helps you to think some times beyond normal course of thinking.

I am reading the non fiction of John Grisham's Innocent Man. Should find time to finish it. Good book.

I am also glad that the Supreme court has come very heavily on the Bandh(Strike/ civil action) planned in Madras tomorrow. But the question is will the politicians learn?

OK till next time, take it easy and take care, Live Conciously.


1900 Hrs
OOPS I missed 3 great guys
David Baldacci and Lee Child. Robert Lubdlum, How silly of me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007



I thought I would touch up on the new phrase used as a means of Non violent form of protest used by the father of the nation. (The movie about this aspect is going on in the Television which the kids are watching)My personal belief in that this can happen only when the other person treats you with DIGNITY. I am sure Gandhi's way of non violence as a means to achieve the ends, would have worked only with the British, who have the habit of treating people with Respect. I wonder what would have been his fate if French, Russians or Italians ruled/ invaded India, I think Gandhi would have met the same fate as Omar Mukthar of Libya.

I am not for propagating violence to attain ends, but anything that is possessed without a fair price is never appreciated, I think, I guess Gandhi is partly responsible for making us a bit complacent. Our parents or education system never taught us the value of freedom which I see it as passion in other parts of the world in my travel.

So it needs two persons with the active interest to participate in the Dialog based on respect and transparency, without that its going to be failure.

Any way thats my loud thinking.

Came across some interesting websites:-

12 Podcasts for the creative class, these are podcasts besides Management. I have subscribed to some of them. Its good way to know about issues beyond work.

Kevin Eikinberry Blog has lot of useful Information. His latest book Remarkable Leadership is a different book is what I hear from reviews.

I listened to Podcast on Cranky Middle Manager with Erika Andersen as well as her Utube video, the phrase, Endoskeleton was a term I liked as the way managers need to be to make sure that the employees grow. The video Clip on her book Growing great employees in which the term used is here.

Also an interesting website on 43 Folders. There are good podcasts on managing emails. I have stared making my INBOX 0 at any time.

Looking forward to exciting final Monday night, which I am sure India will win. Also tracking closely the RUGBY world cup, glad to see Jonny Wilkinson hitting back to form.

Ok till next week, Take it easy and take care and Live consciously.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Career Opportunities

Hi all,

Good to be back to after a week gap. I was kind of tied up with couple of career cross roads situation that kind of tied up to take some decisions. Now that I have made the decision, it is good feeling back to focus. Also the Hyderabad flyover collapse happened as I was getting ready to work on my blog last week.

I am just wondering as to how much Indian companies had turned around in their approach to management and cultural shift? I have lost the feel as its almost 16 years. I think they have come a long way in kind of managing the issues professionally. But the question is, Are people who are working in MNC for more than a decade or so, who are used to taking independent decisions and working in virtual environment, be ready to take the plunge to adjust themselves ???. I am not very sure. I have also been seeing couple of my friends/ ex-colleagues who moved out from a stable job in MNCs to work with Indian companies and have since been in a kind of job hopping over the past 4 years. Yes, of course, they have grown in their career position in terms of position, stature, titles, but the question over change always come to haunt putting family considerations as well as entering in to uncharted frontiers of working with the unknown? I would be interested to see comments.

I am wondering about the rains about the last 3 days here in Bangalore, and the damage it has caused including deaths. Wonder, when things are going to turn around. You really feel sad to hear stores of people being washed away or house collapse even when the rainfall is hardly a couple of inches. Wonder, what we can do from our side as a social measure?

I came across this websites which I hope will be of help to you.

Douglas Welch hosts very interesting podcast on career opportunities. Worth hearing. I found podcasts on reputation for honesty, empathy etc, very useful.

Jack and Suzy welch roll out a podcast every week on the Business week column called the Welch Way. I am getting to hear during my evening walk. (Morning walk is reserved for Manger tools). Very practical suggestions, straight forward. You may use Itunes to collect podcasts I guess.

Not sure, If I had given link to the Marcus Buckingham's website in my previous posting on his books. He is refreshingly different. I finished his books, First break all the rules, and Discover your strengths.

Ok, Take care and catch up next week. Enjoy the Ganesh festival. I had a good time yesterday. With my son growing up he has started performing the ritual at home this year.

Until then, Take it easy and Take care; Live Consciously.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

RBD, Linkedin, Links.

I am sad to inform you the passing away of Rajesh B Desai, Production Manager, Unique Pharmaceuticals, Bharuch, Gujarat, last Monday due to massive cardiac Arrest. Rajesh was 57. Rajesh was my first customer, I had served his HSE needs for the Pharmaceutical formulations plants and we use to have various reviews. This was during 1986-91. Those days it was all learning curve, so the learning were through trial and error, so it needs lot of support from the line management and Rajesh did his best. I was stunned when the call came at 5am last Monday.

Of course, we had different view on cricket thoughts, as Rajesh was an ardent Indian team supporter and I never, never,(Except India plays Pakistan) and the common interest was to feel happy when Pakistan lost its matches against India. I remember Rajesh's famous saying after the first 1987, Cricket world cup semifinal when Australia beat Pakistan, that it doesn't matter who wins the world cup and he wont care even if India looses the II semifinal the next day. That did happen but he was not very unhappy. People like Rajesh, motivate and create and groom great managers.

Rajesh was also famous for coining the Phrase "MBO" (Maramari Between Ourselves, for the famous Drucker term Management by Objectives when it was introduced in Unique in 1986,
(Maramari means Fighting in Hindi). Famously, Rajesh practiced this for about a week even as far as dressed in Shoes (very unlike him, after attending the seminar in Hyderabad on MBO in 1986) and after a week it was back to open toe sandals. Such a friendly, caring person will be missed. I got a chance to talk to him, on July 16th this year, after 10 years, when he responded to my email. I will his cheerful loud voice with mix of English and Gujarai words. May his soul rest in peace.

Ok, I am glad my linkedin response has reached 200, its great to know people and share thoughts and ideas. This is a very useful networking tool.

Some of the web sites I came across:-
  1. Salary information on the various position in India. You can get an idea on what the salary is.
  2. Wendii posts excellent tips on career you may go through.
  3. Interesting article on Global Manager.
  4. Rediff Getahead Career Guide
  5. Personality test profile, you may try this(OCEAN TEST)
Getting ready to celebrate daughters birthday this week(3rd Sep)
Ok,till next week, take it easy and take care, Live consciously.

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