Sunday, September 16, 2007

Career Opportunities

Hi all,

Good to be back to after a week gap. I was kind of tied up with couple of career cross roads situation that kind of tied up to take some decisions. Now that I have made the decision, it is good feeling back to focus. Also the Hyderabad flyover collapse happened as I was getting ready to work on my blog last week.

I am just wondering as to how much Indian companies had turned around in their approach to management and cultural shift? I have lost the feel as its almost 16 years. I think they have come a long way in kind of managing the issues professionally. But the question is, Are people who are working in MNC for more than a decade or so, who are used to taking independent decisions and working in virtual environment, be ready to take the plunge to adjust themselves ???. I am not very sure. I have also been seeing couple of my friends/ ex-colleagues who moved out from a stable job in MNCs to work with Indian companies and have since been in a kind of job hopping over the past 4 years. Yes, of course, they have grown in their career position in terms of position, stature, titles, but the question over change always come to haunt putting family considerations as well as entering in to uncharted frontiers of working with the unknown? I would be interested to see comments.

I am wondering about the rains about the last 3 days here in Bangalore, and the damage it has caused including deaths. Wonder, when things are going to turn around. You really feel sad to hear stores of people being washed away or house collapse even when the rainfall is hardly a couple of inches. Wonder, what we can do from our side as a social measure?

I came across this websites which I hope will be of help to you.

Douglas Welch hosts very interesting podcast on career opportunities. Worth hearing. I found podcasts on reputation for honesty, empathy etc, very useful.

Jack and Suzy welch roll out a podcast every week on the Business week column called the Welch Way. I am getting to hear during my evening walk. (Morning walk is reserved for Manger tools). Very practical suggestions, straight forward. You may use Itunes to collect podcasts I guess.

Not sure, If I had given link to the Marcus Buckingham's website in my previous posting on his books. He is refreshingly different. I finished his books, First break all the rules, and Discover your strengths.

Ok, Take care and catch up next week. Enjoy the Ganesh festival. I had a good time yesterday. With my son growing up he has started performing the ritual at home this year.

Until then, Take it easy and Take care; Live Consciously.

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