Sunday, September 23, 2007



I thought I would touch up on the new phrase used as a means of Non violent form of protest used by the father of the nation. (The movie about this aspect is going on in the Television which the kids are watching)My personal belief in that this can happen only when the other person treats you with DIGNITY. I am sure Gandhi's way of non violence as a means to achieve the ends, would have worked only with the British, who have the habit of treating people with Respect. I wonder what would have been his fate if French, Russians or Italians ruled/ invaded India, I think Gandhi would have met the same fate as Omar Mukthar of Libya.

I am not for propagating violence to attain ends, but anything that is possessed without a fair price is never appreciated, I think, I guess Gandhi is partly responsible for making us a bit complacent. Our parents or education system never taught us the value of freedom which I see it as passion in other parts of the world in my travel.

So it needs two persons with the active interest to participate in the Dialog based on respect and transparency, without that its going to be failure.

Any way thats my loud thinking.

Came across some interesting websites:-

12 Podcasts for the creative class, these are podcasts besides Management. I have subscribed to some of them. Its good way to know about issues beyond work.

Kevin Eikinberry Blog has lot of useful Information. His latest book Remarkable Leadership is a different book is what I hear from reviews.

I listened to Podcast on Cranky Middle Manager with Erika Andersen as well as her Utube video, the phrase, Endoskeleton was a term I liked as the way managers need to be to make sure that the employees grow. The video Clip on her book Growing great employees in which the term used is here.

Also an interesting website on 43 Folders. There are good podcasts on managing emails. I have stared making my INBOX 0 at any time.

Looking forward to exciting final Monday night, which I am sure India will win. Also tracking closely the RUGBY world cup, glad to see Jonny Wilkinson hitting back to form.

Ok till next week, Take it easy and take care and Live consciously.


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